How do you date women that are 9's and 10's and not constantly freak out about them cheating on you?

How do you date women that are 9's and 10's and not constantly freak out about them cheating on you?

They're hot as all crap and are constantly (and I mean constantly) getting hit on and ogled. At least some of the guys that hit on them are going to be more attractive/succesful/seductive than you. So how do you get secure enough to not worry about it?

Do you just not gaf if the relationship even works out or not? Do you forcibly have to have some sort of open relationship deal? Do you just have to make peace with the fact she'll probably cheat on you once or twice? Anyone else in a relationship with a 10/10 and constantly worry about this sort of shit? How did you deal with it?

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I have a zero tolerance policy. If she cheats I'm gone forever and it's her loss. If you can't trust her to not spread her legs to someone more physically attractive than you then she's either a complete whore you shouldn't be involved with or you have trust issues of your own to resolve.

The hottest girl I've gotten is a 7, but I'd imagine the key is just to have an abundance mindset. Like if she can't my worth and sleeps with some chode then fuck her. There's a thousand other girls just like her that I can be with and just cut her off right away if you find out she's cheating

Not just someone more attractive but someone that, on paper at least, is objectively better. Richer, more charming, more cultured. There's 7 billion people in the world, half have a dick and 95% of those would like at least a night with her.

It's just math. All people are capable of cheating. It's why monogamy is hard. She would just have it harder because a lot of 1st class dick would love to have a go at her pussy.

Either trust them until you can't or by not initiating a proper relationship and just having sex with them. I don't see any other practical solution.

>or by not initiating a proper relationship and just having sex with them
Is this why so many very attractive women are such cunts? No one actually wants a relationship with them, they just want to bust their nut?

it doesnt matter
if she fucks up or bails, you just go get another one

Bro if pic related is your 9 or 10 you should have no problem. That's way far from what most people consider a 9 or 10, just good makeup and an exposing top.

you don't. you don't get into a relationship with someone who you perceive to be out of your league. hooking up is one thing but relationships are for building and connecting and sharing and compromise and you can't do that with someone you don't feel you 'ought' to be with.

Either that or because they have their defences up and don't want to talk to anyone.

t. virgin

Why on earth do guys think just because you are good looking you are always looking for someone better/cheat!?!? I'm not an ahole, I wouldn't get with you if I was looking for more.

Most men, especially men who don't view themselves as desirable or cannot command much attention, don't understand what life is like for a hot woman.

First you have puberty, which is generally traumatic. Nobody wants to fuck a 12 year old boy with a persistent boner, but from the moment they start to sprout breasts they've got weird old guys creeping on them. Maybe they get drunk on the power, but more likely they just get scared until they're old enough to be more in control of it.

After that they go through life with the physical equivalent of being a middle aged man with serious money: they're never quite sure who actually gives a shit about them and who just wants a piece. Sure, they can throw that power around, but its alienating. Unlike a man with money, theres the ever-present threat of someone just taking.

That means you get a lot of hot women who are also hard. They're mean, they've learned how to wield their looks like a weapon, they've gotten very good at marshaling the social power attractiveness has given them, but its a lie. Most of them are still the scared 12 year old girl who doesn't know what to do about the 40 year old men who want to fuck them. They're not a man trying to get notches on the bedpost, they're looking for something else.

That something else is the key to keeping a woman like that. If you're the kind of person they can be vulnerable around, if you're someone they're comfortable enough to get weird with, if you're able to hit that sweet spot of safe but still fuckable, and if they know they'll lose you if they stray, you'll keep them. The problem is that you can't be in that sweet spot if you're afraid. Theres not enough room in a relationship for that.

this is the realest shit I've read on adv in a long time

>Why on earth do guys think just because you are good looking you are always looking for someone better/cheat
It's not that you're looking its that we know who else is looking for you and how big their bag of tricks are.

Girls get hit on no matter how attractive they are. My ex was nowhere near a 9/10, more like a 5/10 and she still had guys dming her and trying to fuck her. If you find her at all attractive then other men will too. You're not even safe with a landwhale because there are guys into that. You're always going to have to deal with the possibility of your girl fucking another guy.

>My ex was nowhere near a 9/10, more like a 5/10 and she still had guys dming her and trying to fuck her. If you find her at all attractive then other men will too.
The difference is that all the men that are worth it will exclusively hit on 9s and 10s.

There's always gonna be a dude who you think is better than you who's gonna hit on your girl, my dude.

>The difference is that all the men that are worth it will exclusively hit on 9s and 10s

Do you remember how you felt the first time you saw a panhandler? Maybe they had a dog, or a sign, or maybe they were just some broken down old stew bum, but you felt something. Now imagine you run into one at every red light, every corner, at the door to every store. At a certain point you're not even bothering to see them as human, you don't even give them a chance to ramp up to sob story about needing $5.81 to get a bus ticket back to Wichita or buy that box of Pampers. You've got shit to do and they're an imposition.

An attractive woman is pretty much always being approached. Its numbing. It doesn't really matter if the guy looks like Idris Elba or Colonel Sanders when its the 50th time someone has tried to fuck you since 8am and you're just trying to get a sandwich into you on your lunch hour before you get back to work for four more hours of your boss trying to get into you.

All that tension? All that control you resent so much? Its just easier to save it for the guy at home who you know will treat you like a human being after you ask him to choke you out while his cock is in your ass.

damm this user gets it.
this is it. this is my life.

I think OP is more concerned about the quality of the men hitting on his girl than the girl getting hit on which to be honest is a fair point. I mean yeah, My gf is about a 6 and also gets hit on constantly. But I don't have much to fear from the cashier making $25K a year or the waiter pulling tips. At least not on our relationships existential level. At most she might fool around once or twice. It doesn't matter how charismatic he is, she isn't going to leave me for a 40 yr old man that can't even get his shit together long enough to go to school. Not that I think she would cheat on me at all, just if she did...I know her that well at least.

For hot women though, I mean really hot women? They can legitimately pull millionaires and billionaires in. If OP's pic was loyal, trustworthy, developed her head and was charming on top of it? Elon Musk would be trying to wine and dine her and turn her into his side girl or maybe even dump his wife for her. It's no joke that legitimately good men who are good at getting girls will be shooting for her at all times. So in that situation, I can get feeling a little insecure.

>good makeup
>those eyebrows

Mate you just need to get a hold of yourself. I get you're afraid that your 9/10 will cheat on you but you just have to solidify your stance with her. If you feel she's wavering, then take her on a romantic date. Keep telling her you love her, but not too often as to sound clingy. Switch up the roles every once in a while; do the laundry, clean the dishes, make food. Remind her who would truly look out for her at the end of the day. If the time comes where you get married, then that only means you two are at your strongest. Just don't fuck it up by saying insecure shit to her and accusing her of cheating on you because she was out an hour past her normal time.

Is Op's pic actually that hot or am I just low test? Like ya she's definitely hot but a 9/10? She's just a fat chick who learned how to do makeup

Leave her alone. So what if some women want to use their makeup to look like a fifty year old Greek man?

meant for

High value men still pickup quick, easy women when they feel like it, even slam pigs if the mood takes them.
I'm not saying I am one, I know I'm not. But I've seen it too many times to pretend like it doesn't happen.

I hate women

She's actually an 8 because she's a useless cunt and a bitch irl, but actually pretty hot.

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If you're jealous/insecure she's going to leave you anyway, so your question is moot

Either sack up or don't bother


this is good shit my dude

I'm still not seeing it. She's got an average face without makeup and her waist to hip ratio is abysmal.

10's are purely subjective anyway.

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Because most men are pussies or have more bark than bite. My girl and I get looks because she’s obviously better looking, but they’re intimidated by me too so the only real problem comes from drunks.

She's a shortstack. You have to be into them in order to be into her.

for once it's nice to see a post like this

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Clearly OP likes them thick and painted.

Here, we see another problem with the basic assumptions of the thread. The number system isn't completely meaningless, but its loose enough that it might as well be. This guy's "9 or 10" is someone else's 8 and your 5. While you two are arguing about whether you're looking at a fat girl who learned makeup or the fucking Venus Anadyomene you're missing that she's probably past the cut off where most guys she has met have been trying to fuck her most of the time. Its like arguing the difference between 100 million dollars and a billion dollars, it doesn't matter because its more than you could spend in a lifetime.

You're so up your own asses about relative value and beta this and Chad that that you miss the relevant factors. You want to keep a girl who you think is hot? Understand how hot girls who can do monogamy think and understand how to spot those that can't. Otherwise you're going to be fretting about your height or your dick size while some Danny Devito looking motherfucker is closing the deal on a 20 something to bring home to his wife.

I haven't fapped in two weeks and that bitch got my precum flowing.

I remember not fapping for a month

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I think nothing on planet Earth vexes me more than how seldom people will heed this advice and how quickly it will get buried in this thread, holy fucking shit

I am capping that post for fucking sure

Whatever, this kind of post isn't looking for advice, its looking for pity with a side of validation. Getting laid isn't hard, all this insecure bullshit is just mental illness looking for an external excuse.

Well dude, you have to acknowledge that insecurity, like a lot of things, has a cause. And quite honestly with social media and the internet, we live in a society that has produced the most insecurity in history.
I mean look at social media once and don't tell me you feel some degree of insecurity even if you're not the type to be made insecure so easily. You just can't

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At this point in my life, no, not really. I'm a good bit older than most of the folks here and I've spent my time on the couch.

I can acknowledge where that insecurity likely comes from, but its still misplaced. Posts like this are people looking for advice based on a view of the world that isn't just inaccurate, its so rooted in things that aren't relevant that its difficult to even figure out where the wrong begins.

Sure, maybe social media accelerates it, but honestly I think that acceleration comes more from confirmation than comparison. You didn't have clusters of incels in the before time, either they were shut ins who lived lives of quiet desperation or they had enough normal peers that they couldn't help but see that their bullshit was abnormal. Its like that across the board. We've allowed people to share their delusions to the point that they become goddamn political movements.

Incels really aren't the issue, I would say it's more that richfags can show off more and more and with how shit the economy is plus social media showing rich, successful folks being seen by poor people who can't reach those goals kind produces so much envy which leads to insecurity.
Seriously though it's not just dudes who can't get laid (well because honestly I'm one of them but I have deeper issues than lack of sex in my life) But overall we live in times where economic mobility is near nonexistent. It's either you got it or don't

Incels are an extreme example, but its the same shit. Sure, a lack of economic mobility is a huge problem, but thats not the fundamental insecurity we're talking about here. We're talking about people who feel like they just aren't good enough, no amount of money is going to fix that.

We have a society where almost everyone was told they can do anything by parents who had everything easy. Now we're finding out that we can't and we're convinced the game is rigged. We're not used to failure, we're definitely not used to struggle or perseverance. We're not even used to work because the few times we bring ourselves to do it we're so deep in the shit and set goals so unreasonable that we inevitably fail. Most folks rise above it, eventually. Some don't.

I've got to stop coming here. Everytime I read a thread on dating, relationships, or attraction it just adds one more layer of difficulty to something I've already struggled with for most of my life.

I also feel like with affirmative action and shit, it really does piss me off whenever I hear "you're not entitled to this or that" pretty much everything is all double standards. And whats worse now is that there is hardly any way to live comfortably (not in luxury, but at least never having to live paycheck to paycheck) and everything now is under a fucking bullshit barrier. This is why I hate college so much because I feel like 80% of the jobs that quote on quote require that shit can be done instead by training specifically in the field and getting the right certifications for it. I'm a pilot so I have to bust my ass to get a ATPL and with my 46 hours, me and my parents have already put in over $9000 and even then, when I do get the ATPL, it doesn't mean jack shit because of "muh degree" So yes, some meathead idiot who got a full ride because his ape brain can only throw balls and got some bullshit degree to stay in the sportsball program is more important than a man who put in blood and money to really get into the skill he wanted but he didn't have that fucking paper

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holy shit...

Tough shit. I was born with mild cerebral palsy and I shoulder pressed 370 for 8 reps today. Not everyone's hand is the same. Being mad about it just fucks you up.

Because your fellow women often do that shit, maybe not you, but a lot of them do. God bless you if your are really this way, we need more loyal women like you

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>370 for 8 reps

>muh disease
>muh lifts
Dude, I workout too, but you have to realize that there is a thing called risk, and financial risks are not something you want to fuck around with. Paying over $9000 (no pun intended) in flight training is not the same as lifting a piece of metal. You're not even healthy enough to fly so you don't know shit

I've got a nice little string of letters after my name that came with a lot of risk. Thats life. Its not fair, but it is what it is. Crying about it won't make things better, it won't even help you overcome it, it just puts you back on your ass like the guys in here crying about their impending wizardry. Nine grand in flight training isn't nothing (its also significantly less than grad school), but complaining about how hard your life is is for baristas and cable news hosts.

So women are only good for their looks? Just as I suspected
>can't understand what an easy life is like
Kek just kek

The species moves forward through men competing with each other

Women are reproductive facilities for the most successful men (socially, genetically, whatever)

I know.

>Why on earth do guys think just because you are good looking you are always looking for someone better/cheat!?!?

because your purpose on this earth is to drive human evolution and evolution works by women selecting the best males. human would never got this far in evolution if all males got to reproduce.

Not meant for me but i needed to hear this thank you!

>how dare you talk about your issues with how fucked the job market is
kill yourself you diseased freak

whatever patrice o'neal had to say about it

Basically, all women are replaceable and you should be happy about the fact you have a woman that could go out and fuck any guy of her choice. As pretty as the girl is, you're giving her your time, and she has to know she can lose that.

>Women are the gatekeepers of Sex
>Men are the gatekeepers of Commitment

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That means black men are the best males

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By that logic, black men would only be the best in extremely harsh environments (muscles) where there is moderate to extreme sunlight(melanin amount in skin).

this is the real shit right here

>tl;dr just be a shy beta chad
Oh wow who would've thought?

pic is 7.5 at best. OP has low standards

1) That girl is wearing a fuckton of makeup, she has enough foundation to be a goddamn china doll, her eyebrows have been fucked with like Richard Nixon tape
2) You're still objectifying your partner if you think people just pick someone to fit in a category. Think about bisexuals. They aren't choosing a guy or girl. They're choosing a person, a soul. Even being heterosexual, you're choosing a unique soul. You know your time is better spent with that one unique soul than with one different person each time. Do you know how much that sucks? Hookup culture is like starting a new minecraft file each night, really only getting to the point of having a shitty cabin and starting over in the rain all over again. Some people want a palace.

Good looking and loyal girls exist, you spaz. With one, you don't have to worry about such things. If you do, it's on you - you are not ready to enter a relationship yet.
Go out and build more trust in people.

What's with the flood of Jow Forums whiners today?

From a girl's perspective, this is such an issue. I'll admit I'm not in my prime anymore like I was when I was 18 and below, but I definitely tended to date guys less attractive than me (not really on purpose). I'm still with the same guy that I met when I was at peak attractiveness, and he definitely had assumptions and insecurities that I was cheating on him left and right. I have never cheated on anyone that I have ever dated, but I still tried my best to make him feel comfortable in our relationship.

With that being said, attractive or not, if she cheats on you, fuck it and move on. She obviously didn't care about you or see long-lasting potential if she betrayed you like that. Ugly girls cheat too, so there's really no way to gauge the likeliness of being cheated on based off of your girl's looks.

>but I definitely tended to date guys less attractive than me
By female standards or male standards? Female standards say only 7% of men are attractive.

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I usually pick up mentally ill girls. That way you can play on their fears and make sure that they don't cheat, since they are replaceable. On top of that, if you start monitoring their meds, making sure that they take them, you'll be in a defacto position of power and they'll adore you, since all the crazy girls have daddy issues.

Kinda hard to say. I find a lot of men attractive, more than my girl friends. I would say more from the standard of both of my guy and girl friends telling me they're unattractive lol

Yeah, only today, though.

>whatever patrice o'neal had to say about it
That fat motherfucker died too soon; I feel like he would have had even more wisdom to share with the world.

because there is old biker t shirt
has a picture of a hot chick on it with the caption
>>looks good dont she?
>>behind every hot chick there is a guy tired of putting up with her shit!

words to live by...

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it; you're an autist. She might be a 10 TO YOU. But people can't be distilled down to numbers. Second of all, anyone that thinks like this is low test. You ever see those hot women with junkies or whatever? It's because those men have given them enough/invested enough into the relationship so that the girl is devoted to them and the guy is a '10/10' TO HER and they know they have nothing to worry about.

To summarise, confidence.

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Females are more selective but since every woman has different tastes in men, every man is attractive to some. That meme graph is used by incels to jump to conclusions in their desperate attempt to keep their beliefs over facts.

this picture got posted yesterday and i asked for sauce and i wasn't given it
fuck people that don't give sauce

I know that this is a troll, but ewwwwww, ew, ew, ew. Kill your disgusting self


lol, even a 3 will cheat on you buddy, they're all the same

That's why you need to get yourself an ugly hoe

The guys who never have to worry about being in a relationship are always the ones paranoid about cheating. It's so funny.

>You ever see those hot women with junkies or whatever?

Your fear of cheating comes from your insecurities about yourself. Value yourself and don’t assume girls will just cheat on you. Most people are faithful and well intentioned. And if she does cheat it’s a reflection of her poor character and not you IF you put your best foot forward in the relationship.

Absolutely this. Or they drive a woman tomxhest through resentment, anger, and neediness. Love in such a way that your partner is free to choose you

Indeed. They always mention a million times how the most important quality in a girl is that she is loyal. As if that were something rare.

I'm also giving You's because this user deserves it

This made my ex insecure. Everyone wants and enjoyed to be beautiful and wanted, but at a certain point you start to doubt your self-worth. That little favour you got? Must be your looks. That job you landed? Looks, not smarts, not effort. Boss would keep pushing her forward at social events and it was obvious it was because she was pretty because otherwise she was socially autistic and would sperg out the moment she opened her mouth. Men would tell her to 'smile' and when she did smile politely, they would take it as flirting.
Bottom line, she started dressing sloppy, not taking care of herself just to go unnoticed on the street and in her daily life. Hard time making friends, girls don't like it when you're the pretty one in the group unless you provide them real benefits (say you're rich or have lots of guy friends to introduce them to), guys pretend to be interested in her only to fuck her

I had that sweet spot. Lost it as soon as I went banana because I thought someone was taking her away from me. I got into a competition "mentality" and failed miserably.

This is the realest shit ive read in a long time

Thanks dude. I really needed to hear this. I appreciate you posting this wisdom.

Elon Musk doesn't date non-blondes

>ton of makeup
>nasty drawn eyebrows
>meh hair
Cmon OP, I had more beautiful exes and I'm a loser.

this is the only solid advice, ever.

Elon is a swedaboo.

So you assume I'd fall for it? Pffftt