Wife thinks all white names are basic and complains whenever she hears one...

Wife thinks all white names are basic and complains whenever she hears one. Constantly spouting rap lyrics and ghetto slurs if that's what you'd call it. Always interested whenever I meet a new friend who is black, just wanting to know more general info than she dies with others. All of her friend group who she is closest too exclusively date black guys.

I'm not saying its a problem to have friends who are different or like different cultures but I can't help but feel like I'm seeing signs of a fetish here which is troubling.

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I guess I really didn't ask for advice there. I guess what I'm asking is. Is it harmless and I'm looking too far into things or are these red flags? Also who to bring that up without seeming weird?


Thank you, you've been very helpful

You're probably seeing a white girl that grew up extremely poor and doesn't want to accept her own identity.

She grew up pretty damn rich, nothing crazy but far from wanting.

I grew up poor as fuck and am not even completely white although you'd never know it to look at me and I don't go around telling people(part native). I noticed all this in her and tried to teach her legends I was told as a kid, told her about rituals I wanted to do with our children, and showed her/ explained things such as dreamcatchers and sweetgrass and their uses. To try to get her to see some of whatever she is looking for in me and she didn't seem nearly as interested. Don't get me wrong she listened, but just didn't seem as involved.

So part of me feels like its not entirely an OMG different culture thing.

Mate it sounds like your wife wants the bbc. How is the sex between you two?

Fine. We have sex a few times per week and she cums several times each go.

One thing I have complained about is that often during foreplay I'll get her near orgasm with my hands and she won't even touch my junk. Sometimes I'll do everything for her and she won't even rub my dick outside the pants.

She says its because she doesn't think of it and I believe her because she goes along with anything I suggest. (Starts rubbing when I pull her arm, starts sucking when I push her head, takes off panties when I lay her down)

So I don't think anything is wrong in bed

Oh, so she's just probably grown up on porn and is actually fetishizing bbc and gaping as rebellion from parents. Rip, OP.

>she doesn't do anything unless you explicitly tell her to do it or you force her
Yep, that's fetishizing bull play. Do whatever you want to her, she's a rag doll for sex.

Tell your wife to stop it with her nigger fetish it's unattractive and trashy and guys can smell it a mile away.

Tell her exactly that, every single time it comes up. That shit shouldn't be tolerated OP. Women need to know that they're flushing their genes down the toilet.

I don't mean to poison the well, I'm asking for advice on the closest person to me for a reason, I'm lost as fuck so please take this with a grain of salt.

She is very obese and I overlooked this because I used to be 300+ pounds myself and am now 180 and more muscular than most. Not to brag, but we do look like a mismached couple.

Also she had a lot of insecurity issues, the only guy she had been with before me was 10+ years older than her and she had a one night stand just to lose her virginity, she lied to me about this up until a week before the wedding saying I was the only one. She has also been failing her part time community college classes while having no job or responsibilities. We do often argue over this due to the fact that I left the university which I made excellent grades at while working full time to support her.

I love her I really do and besides motivation and confidence she is perfect. But I often wonder if that desparity could be causing this? Like way of getting back?

I absolutely should not tell her exactly that.

If she says something crazy like "I just want that fucking BBC" then yeah maybe.

But it is absolutely not justified based on that I know and would cause a mess in my marriage

I guess maybe the best option is to ask her directly?

But how would that even go? Maybe advice on that instead. Something that gets to the point without being instigating

>sexually inexperienced for the most part
still lineing up
>insecurities possibly being turned into a degredation fetish
still there
>fat and lazy
Yeah this is not good for the relationship either way.
How much money is fatty worth if she makes it past her parents?

>still lining up
>still there

I don't understand what these mean.

If you meant what she's worth if she makes it past her parents by inheritance I have no idea. If I had to guess a little over 1-2 hundred thousand but I'm not too concerned about that

Leave the bitch

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A simple girlfriend and honestly I would but with a wife I kinda need more and to be honest I'm near that point.

I'm not there but I'm close and just want to be sure I won't regret this for life

With her fetishizing bbc.
Is putting up with her worth a house and dealing with her fetish?

A house?

And I know she probably is but I just want to be sure before I end something so major and don't know how to do that.

ditch the bitch. if she think about another dude
she gonna fuck or has fucked another another dude.

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I'm really not trying to be dense guys but she has definitely fucked another dude. That's not my problem and she had been with only me since.

So, from what I understand, she's an obese, lying, lazy, retarded, bbc-hungry bitch. Why exactly are you with her?

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Guys please don't let this thread did I need help bad

I've wondered that too honestly. And honestly I think its because she was very careful to let all that on little by little and not be too obvious with the introduction if that makes any sense.

Now I'm committed as fuck with what I felt like was zero way out but maybe I just need to take that plunge and leave her.

Fuck I messed up, several people warned me about her too. Damn

I guess also I read into the whole no relationship is perfect and everything good requires work thing honestly. Its hard to draw that line

it means she gone black and wants to go back...

Honestly i would just leave, too much to handle if i was you

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well put and true. OP is an idiot not to have known about this before putting a ring on her.

>Constantly spouting rap lyrics and ghetto slurs if that's what you'd call it.
Read some Bell Curve and beat her in a rap battle.

Not a bad idea

How in the fuck am I an idiot to have not known? I didn't know about this guy until recently any its not like I immediately asked for a description or picture of her previous one night stand. I thought she just liked talking different like every other young person these days

OP, how do you know it isn't just that she's one of those anti-white SJWs who loves "diverse cultures?" That doesn't necessarily mean she' craving a BBC, that just means she's a brainwashed liberal.

Neither of us ever really talk political shit, that seems like something that would've come up if it were the case because its not like we avoid the subject it just doesn't come up.

She likes the whole strong woman trope a lot but what female doesn't and I think that just helps with her confidence more than an idealistic thing.

That's pretty much where I'm at. Im going to think about it until the weekend and just drop the news then if that's what I decide.

There's so many other things wrong that I really won't even need to mention this and even if it weren't how she feels I think leaving might be for the best.

She lied to me about her grades so much and I've wasted SO much time trying to teach her how to be a good student. We don't have much money and she lied to me about her dieting when she wanted to do that and let me buy her expensive cheat meals to help encourage her while also sneaking out and buying more food in addition to more of my wasted effort. She doesn't work and yet still its a surprise to come home and find any chores done around the house. She never wants to help people like I do. We use different envelopes for our budgets and she actually got mad at me once because I started a new one to save for our future child, she was mad because it didn't go into our vacation fund. WTF kind of woman does that?

Honest question, have you thought about sharing your wife with a black guy? It will probably help her get it out of her system and improve your marriage. Could be fun watching too

A lot of obese women fuck black dudes, and personally I think it's a racism thing. Even with these women being obese, they still see a normal black man as beneath them, and likewise there is normal black men that have no problem fucking an obese white women because hey, it's still a white woman.

I'm guessing her friends are obese too right?

1-200k is about the value of an american house.

This bait could be better.