Taller people are more likely to get hired and promoted over shorter equally or more qualified people

>taller people are more likely to get hired and promoted over shorter equally or more qualified people
>More attractive people are more like to get promoted and hired over less attracted and equally or more qualified people
Remind me how we live in a meritocracy?

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Being tall has more merit than being short.

How so?

When faced with facts of course Jow Forums is silent

Don't worry about odds they are mostly BS anyways. Are you part of the group that is rejected for being short or not? You can never tell so who gives a fuck just keep trying to get a job user it may take a while but you can do it.

Why do you believe in this bullshit? To give you excuses to not try and shut yourself in the basement?

I don't want to believe this stuff but it's hard to argue with studies done by professional researchers

You want to believe it. You want to be told it's impossible for you to succeed. You want to have an excuse to not try.

All wrong. Stop pretending to know me. There are days when I have hope and I believe in myself, but these facts are irrefutable

If you are short and loud and funny you stand a chance but desu it doesn't make a difference.

Bitch, nobody said life was fair. You gonna cry about not being born to a billionaire too? Be grateful you weren't aborted, that already makes you luckier than a lot of fetuses. If you're gonna be insecure about anything, be insecure about your intelligence. That's going to have a much bigger effect on your life than how tall you are. The richest people in the world are ugly asf but masters at jewish business tricks.

Why doesn't it make a difference?
But are they really?
And I'm already insecure about my intelligence

Mark Zuckerberg looks like an alien. Jeff Bezos is a bald manlet with a wonky eye. Jack Ma looks like crazy frog. All these dudes are ugly af and rich af and I doubt they spend their free time reading studies and analyzing how disadvantaged they are. Psychology is a retarded field. Humans are too complex and diverse to make widespread assumptions about individuals based on a single criteria like height.

You keep denying the truth. Why do you go out of your way to find questionable "studies" for the sole purpose of being able to tell yourself that it's impossible for you to succeed? You are literally looking for excuses to not try. Nothing else.

Well it’s not like those studies are invalid or anything, the halo effect is a thing
OP, while you may not have all the advantages the world is a big place, you don’t need both of those to land a job or whatever. I’m not going to deny that the playing field is unfair, but that doesn’t make things hopeless. Fuck all these lanklets and handsome fuckers, they won’t get it, but you’re going to succeed regardless

Google "successful people who are short" and find another excuse

This is what you did.
>Waaah I need an excuse to not try
>Oh! Here it says that black people have it harder. I'll use that!
>Wait, shit. I'm not black. Need another excuse.
>Searching... Searching...
>Hey! Here it says tall men do better.
>Great! I'm not tall! That will be my excuse!

You are nothing but a pathetic whiner. If you were tall you would just whine about something else and use another excuse. You'd say you are ugly or something.

Did not mean to reply to but OP.

I’m not OP you retard, you didn’t even read my post, you just angrily flailed on the keyboard to mine

Taller people slept more and ate a healthy alimentation the same for attractive people.
Good kids are rewarded in this worod

Sleep more and eat healthy then
It’s a start

Dude the statistical effect is so negligible you're impacting your life and potential a fuck tonne more by being a whiney little bitch.

No people are just extremely tired of this shit.
This is worse than "do girls like (arbitrary thing some girls will like and some won't)?".