First date

Had a first date that was going pretty well. Or at least I thought it was.

As I was about to walk her back to the station, she asked where I lived. Long story short we ended up fucking.

Am I right in feeling this only happened because she found me handsome/attractive but pretty much meh personality wise and saw no future worth holding out for?

Guess its worth adding that I've had a lot of sexual partners but only 1 relationship, which some other Jow Forumsisers told me was a sign of a trash personality.

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Very epic my dude

I am sorry but how does "where you live" and up in fucking. I think that part might hold some secrets of why you are seen as shallow.

This looks like a bait thread to you?

Because when she asked, I said nearby and said she was welcome to come over if she wanted. She did and yeah, we ended up making out and I checked to see if she'd stop me escalating. She never did, so we fucked.

Well fuck. Apparently I have a trash personality.


Let me guess, this is not the first time sth like this happens? Did she pick the date location or you?

I picked it.

Usually by the 2nd date, latest, girls will go, "I don't know if I'm ready for this," this being something serious. Then we'll fuck and sometimes its a one time thing or a brief fwb arrangement.

So you arranged a situation where it is convenient for them to come to your house. Do you see how it can be interpreted that this is your "method" and they are just another number?

You signal that you do this kind of thing all the time. That the girl is not special, if they had the idea you were shallow, thise would just reinforce that.

Next time put yourself in a situation where things haveto go slow, let there be suspense for a few dates and dont be a man-whore. And see what happens

Trips of truth. Sucks to blow it like this, I really like this girl so far.

Glad to be of help (if you cant do teach, am i right?) , ask another date and this time pick something that will not lead to sex, at least not easily.

Some sort of cute romantic shit, definitely not close to your house though..

I did allude to another date at the end of the first, before we went back to mine.

It's part of why I can admit my personality is pretty trash, I have no idea where I'd take her.

Oh come on man it is easy, somewhat depends on your funds though.

High end would a nice dinner in the city centre, not tuxedo class, but not jeans either.

A concert might work, but not really. But something artsy likea gallery or sth if she is interested.

Low end would be sth stupid like the zoo, this one is internationally childish to prove that you dont see her as just a number. I didnt suggest a picnic here on purpose since it migbt imply you want some nature action.

I know these are generic advice, but unless i know more about you these are what i can give..

I'd probably go with a movie, we talked about films a lot on the date. Not much room for talking.

couldnt take a concert as a date desu

If she fucks you on the first date easy as this she fucks everybody on the first date easy as this. She wanted to fuck and why she asked if you lived nearby. Even if you had not fucked her it wouldn't matter. If a woman doesn't fuck you right away she thinks you're a keeper. You aren't special but for your dick OP.

I didnt suggest a movie for the reason you wont talk that much. And she might assume you will make some moves during the presentation.

This is exactly what I was going through my mind.

It might not be that you have a "trash" personality, but just a non normie-friendly personality.

I'm the same, have had loads of sexual partners and one relationship.

I can put on the facade of being a charming, slightly odd but otherwise normal guy which allows me to fuck them.

Once I start telling them the shit that's actually on my mind they run a mile.

You are luckier than me lol, they dont have sex with and do run away when i speak my mind.

Yeah, I did mention I was a fan of conspiracy theories but I tried to make clear it was cause I found them fun.

I know, been there.

I also fucked a lot of married women and they do the pursuing and creating the opportunity. I never took any of them serious and its never inflated my ego. They wanted to fuck and it would be me or some other guy.