From which storey of a building can you jump with It being fatal?

From which storey of a building can you jump with It being fatal?

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Just dive head first, faggot

Okay about 5 stories up 8 is best. Head first is good advice but anything less than 4 leaves a chance to mess it up. Btw if you jump down on to a highway your odds go up. Also take aspirin or another kind of blood thinner two reasons. First the blood thinner will help you bleed out quicker if you mess up. Second reason is aspirin will keep the heart in good shape in case it can be salvaged for donations. I never understood why poeple didnt commit suicides in hospitals to donate their organs. I mean just walk in say I am an organ donor and I have a DNR then shoot yourself in the head. Sure it is gruesome as shit and people in the hospital will freak out but hey attest someone could get some organs out of it. I do understand it may not be ethical but it makes sense. Anyways good luck OP.

Nice. Gonna get my donor card this weekend and do this.


tezt .

tezt . .

Please don't do this

why are you doing this... what about his mum
op.. don't you have a mother or someone who loves you
if you kill yourself your problems won't end they'll just transfer to someone else
please get help

Forget about storeys and tell me your story instead. Why do you want to die ? What's wrong ? If you told me you have untreatable bone cancer or something I'd tell you to go ahead and jump, but you most likely don't have cancer and you're just a lost soul who wasn't taught how to deal with pain. So tell me, what's wrong?

Out of all the reasons a person shouldn't kill himself, "mum" shouldn't be a top reason.


Yes it should. Your parents are probably the only people who will ever love you unconditionally. I would rather keep on living miserably for 50 years than hurt my mom.

lol. I don't understand why you had to be so mean but okay.
I mentioned his mother because I self inserted into his situation and thought that my mother would absolutely be destroyed if I were to do something like that. she will blame herself. people will start calling her a bad mum that didn't care enough even if it's not like that at all. I know not all mothers are caring like my mum bur it doesn't have to be mum it could be father or best friend or anyone who cares about you it's so selfish to kill one's self when these people are around. think of what will happen to them.

thats why you make it look like an accident
OP if u care about that u should make it look accidental

what are you saying, he shouldn't do it at all. as if lying is going to make it not hurt

Thanks for the aspirin advice, hadn't considered that

Don't do it. Don't strip yourself from life forever.

please.. you don't have to do this

Why do you want to kill yourself? Are you quite sure it can't be fixed? A lot of people who have jumped from heights and lived have said that as soon as they had jumped, they realized all their problems were fixable except the fact they just jumped off.


Please don't. Life is very precious and we only get once chance. I just wish I could convince my girlfriend..

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If you're in shape you could do 2 stories and if you land right just have some bruises.

After that, injuries for sure.

After 7 stories anything will be fatal, especially if it's concrete.

@ everyone okay he came to the advice boards for advice. He has made up his mind he is looking for advice. Dont try to dissuade him i disagree with sucide and understand that people will be hurt i have seen it happen however he wanted advice on how to kill himself by jumping. Those who survie this method say they fell instant reget usally but never the less this is the advice boards answer his question best you can if you manange to prevent his sucide good job but he has his mind made up so just let it be and suggest how to make it suceed to reduce pain. Dont encourge or discourage it is his decision.

Not op but how do you kys with wrist cutting? is it viable? i think of it as the least painful way, do you know how to do it properly?.

>least painful

man I have bad news for you

Well glad you asked i do actually. The way to do it is vertical slashes along the veins try to split them down the middle it is hard for doctors to stich them back up that way. Again gonna reccomend asprin or another blood thinner for quicker blood loss. Good luck. Btw not encouraging you just providing the info.

sup user, ghost here.

dont do it.

>Good luck. Btw not encouraging you just providing the info.
>Good luck
>not encouraging you

are you autistic?
don't listen to this user.

Thanks for the info, i read that using warm water can also help with the bleeding is that truth?

Also warm bath you may start to feel cold. And the warmth will get ypu blood flowing also a quick run before hand acompishes the same thing. Again good luck and i am not encouraging just giving the method.

What chemicals in the aspirins should i look for?.

I think all apsrin are blood thinners cause when you are having a stroke you are told to take two baby asprin. So i guess baby asprin but you can look up asprin that acts as blood thinner. Btw if you become a ghost dont haunt me i feel bad for saying all this shit but in order to help things end quickly i am advising how to do this.

Dont worry im most thankful for letting me know, wisdom should be shared, if am a ghost il just chill watching anime in some neets house or something.

you are giving bad advice to someone over the internet, you should feel bad.
>help things end quickly
clearly this person doesn't even understand what blood thinners do.. do you really think it's going to be a quick process? cutting your arm open is painful and you will more than likely panic.. you keep saying that you are not encouraging them but you are. you really shouldn't be giving information to people like this, they are probably underage and depressed. op seek mental help before you do some stupid shit.

K but at least wait till the last code geass anime movie comes out in may. I would reccomend the whole series but it is 50 epsiodes long and most dont have the time for it so the recap films will do. But check out the original if you got the time.

5 or up I would think. The higher you can get the better though. You don't want to jump from too low a story and have to spend the rest of your life as a cripple instead. Ideally you want to be up at least 10 stories should kill you easy especially if you jump head first like diving into a pool. This will give you a better chance to literally break your neck giving you a better chance to die.