Be me

>150 IQ
>Austistic (officially diagnosed)
>Savant (Phenomenal memory skills)
>24 years old
>Already have two degrees (One in Law)
>Never worked a day in my life
>Living off neet bucks
>Spending every day rotting playing vidya and watching anime

How do I escape my hikikomori type lifestyle?
I can't function in the real world at all from a social point of view. What can be done?

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There are professionals that can help you learn how to behave.
I work with autistic children, personally, but I know psychiatrist and psychologists who work with adults and have success with them.

Stop playing video gays for a month or so and see if your life improves. If you can't even go a week without than your undoubtedly addicted and should consider treatment.

I have seen many mental health professionals but after 22 I decided to go rogue. My anxiety was so bad that I couldn't even attend appointments anymore. I almost have not left the house since graduating.

I was also born very prematurely and doctors often tell me that it has had an impact on my social functioning as an adult and that it may have even contributed to my autism.

I'm not even half the person I should have been. I feel like I will never achieve my true potential and just end up killing myself in a few more years.

If your IQ was actually that high, then solving problems like this would be trivial. It would be like asking a normal person how to tie shoes, it's not even a problem.

That's what it means to be incredibly smart.

I'm not super smart, I'm not even close to the genius line. I was scored in the 94% a few years ago. And even with my intellect, I became rich. I solved problems surrounding motivation, life, language, girls, jobs... and it was all EASY for me. Simply because I'm smart.

So if you're actually 150 then this stuff would be BEYOND EASY for you. Give yourself a reality check. In reality, you're a loser telling folks on the internet that you're a disabled genius living off the dole. You're just a man rotting away in a flat somewhere.

If you really are so smart, then I can offer two places to start:
Think and Grow rich, by Napoleon hill
and the lectures on youtube by Julian Blanc

>I solved problems surrounding motivation, life, language, girls, jobs... and it was all EASY for me. Simply because I'm smart.
That's great for you, but for me my intelligence hasn't helped. Your theory must be wrong, either that or I'm simply an outlier.

>In reality, you're a loser telling folks on the internet that you're a disabled genius living off the dole. You're just a man rotting away in a flat somewhere.
Everything I say is true damn it. I wish it wasn't but it is. I have nothing to brag about. In my eyes I'm cursed.

U don’t know much about autism, do you tripfag?

This hits very close to home for many reasons.
You should go see a therapist, and seriously think about getting anxiety medication. That, together with consistent therapy, can really help you get better steadily and improve other areas of your life.

And don't think in terms of what is expected of you. It doesn't really matter.
Take small, consistent, frequent steps to improve your condition. Can be something as small as going out for a walk every day, or as big as therapy.
Your "potential" doesn't exist. You'll never achieve anything if you focus on that and not on what you can do, today, to be a better person tomorrow.

I understand it is enormously hard but it can be done.

>Your theory must be wrong
It's not. If you are that smart, then you are leaps and bounds ahead of me. Literally all you'd have to do is sit and think about it for a moment, then you'd know how to solve all your problems.

>Everything I say is true damn it.
Then sit on your bed quietly for 60 minutes and think about every single problem in your life, create a huge chain of "why", and get to the bottom of everything. Then draft multiple ways of solving everything. Then choose the easiest and most efficient.

It's what I did when I was 19 and it worked. If you are an order of magnitude smarter than I am, it should be even more effective and dramatic for you. You will go so much farther than I have.

I have autism.

In my past it was crippling but I've learned to solve most of it now.

You're thinking about intelligence in a vacuum.
If someone has mental issues, especially the kind of anxiety that autism can cause in extremely smart people, it is not easy to overcome problems even as trivial as these.
It might even be worse because you overthink and triple guess everything, don't trust anyone to help you, and just rot because you can't chose rationally which action is best for you.

>It might even be worse because you overthink and triple guess everything
Not if you're smart. If you're smart then you'll be able to solve that. Smart people can turn their weaknesses into strengths. OP doesn't need you to make excuses for his bad choices. He's smart enough to bear the weight of his terrible decisions.

Again, you're thinking of intelligence in a vacuum.
It doesn't matter how smart you are, if you have crippling anxiety you will overthink everything and double guess things to a disgusting degree.
Actually I'd say it's even more common to overthink when you're very smart, smart people often tend to doubt themselves and their understanding of things more than people of average intelligence, and they think of more possible outcomes for their actions.

I’ve met people like OP before, don’t be such a bitch. He’s got a high IQ but no motivation or has been sucked into this comfortable little hole he’s made
See a professional, start going out for walks by yourself so you’re not tempted

Prove it.
>>Already have two degrees (One in Law)
Everyone has two degrees at 24.

Get a job. There are plenty of opportunities in law for a pure researcher who doesn't have to interact much with others.

Well then you're not very smart then are you?

That's like saying a pile of sand is an iphone. Just because it doesn't have the lab tools necessary to make microchips, doesn't mean it's not an iphone. No, no, no! Wink, wink, wink!

No, smart people don't have these problems. For clarity I'm not talking about your neighborhood "smart guy" that everyone knows, but actual geniuses. Actual geniuses, the super rare kind that don't talk to normal beings, absolutely do not have these problems.

>don’t be such a bitch.
These are concerns of normal people, not intelligent people.

From here on I'm not going to entertain normal people. You guys prove over and over again why intelligent people cannot speak freely around you.

Literally this is why I'm a communist. It's because normal people have this weird incompatible relationship with higher beings.

I already explained this to you 3 times, I start doubting you're smart in any way.
You can be gifted cognitively and have mental issues. Actually, it makes you more likely to have mental issues. There are plenty of studies that show that.
Being smart doesn't fix anxiety, depression or anything like that. It might make it more hard for you to, to some degree. Trusting a professional who is not as smart as you can be challenging, not following what your head says when you know you're extremely smart can be very hard. It's a complicated process.

My husband is an actual genius, the super rare kind. He's the reason why I work with Asperger children - because his emotional and social development were so bad when we met that it motivated me to get trained to help him.
Smart people do have these problems. This specific kind of problem is probably unique to them. You're just ignorant.

>I already explained this to you 3 times
>Being smart doesn't fix anxiety
And I've said
"Yes it does"
Three times

Wow I'm cured, thanks bro. Kys.

Aren’t you a pedophile?

There is literally tons of research that shows how people with high IQ are much more likely to develop anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, to kill themselves.
Again, you're just ignorant.

>le "if you were so smart meme"
wanna know how i know you're not smart?

One of those "geniuses" you are talking about here.
You are absolutely correct, you can control your emotions with talent+hard work, but it's unhelpful to inform people that don't demonstrate both to you.

Please consider the literal forum you are speaking in, we're here to help people.

>hey guys I’m smart but can’t solve my problems
>ask a Chinese cartoon board for help


Fuck off Pedo Butter

You can have a 300 IQ and still be stupid, let me give you advice from an actual genius:

What if the truly smart were not those who read lots of books but those who could read their own heart and soul?

So yeah if your emotionally stupid you are going to stay stupid weak forever, I can take you IQ and wipe my ass whit it.

I have also read what you said here and I am sorry to tell you are not smart sweetie.

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>let me give you advice from an actual genius
>roleplaying as L
>literally tripfagging as L
safely disregarded

you totally got this wrong hahaha, this just proves it, I rest my case.

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I understand, thank you.

This is no doubt the wrong place to be asking for genuine advice OP. you do need help and you definitely shouldn't listen to the tripfags who are too up their own asses to even comprehend other peoples problems.

You came just in time :D

sorry i can't decipher your bullshit behind all the advanced bullshit algos you're encrypting these posts with.

Now you are getting angry, you are just proving my point even more, a real genius would never get mad over an anonymous post

>IQ 150, kek

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not op, genius


He's literally a genius...

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I never said I was a genius, the quotes I placed there was from a genius, you misunderstand that, you think way too much with your emotions

i don't see it

still not convinced, genius

god you are so stupid lol, is over for you hahaha

i'm having a hard time naming that image your buddy posted. should i save it as:

"loser handbook.jpg"
"pocket guide to losers.jpg"


do whatever you want buddy...

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alright i went with with second one. how many more anime boy doodles do you have by the way?

>alright i went with with second one
good job i guess?
>how many more anime boy doodles do you have by the way?
More than you can count

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>post post

ok hahaha calm down bro

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do you feel in charge?

I don't feel, I know I am in charge, is fun, you should try it too :D

You do know that L was never a hikiko right?

he had a well established job and would frequently go outside, its just that he didnt like to

lol you tagged op, well nevermind I guess is to be expected from someone like you

Anyway: I am not a loser if you are implying that I just spend most of my free time on Jow Forums, I like to help people here. In fact, I want to improve my self so much that I will be able to help as many as people as I can, and I am starting with you, isn't that awesome :)

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>You do know that L was never a hikiko right?
also you are wrong here too, the writer made some extra pages about L that it t was cut from a manga, in it you can see that L was hikiko, well I am not, the reason I actually have this name is because I like L's ideology and personality( and no that doesn't mean I am copying anime character, I am I, I have my own destiny, and besides is just anime lol), I am actually not even a big fan of anime, I read way more books than I watched anime.


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Go to the gym. Get a hobby that requires dedication to see results. You have to start building up the discipline you never needed as a child and it is impossible to do it at a job.
t. Same situation but looking way up after a few years

this is what happens when parents take too much care of you, you stay a child, for example, look at ask him, he became a real man, stood on his own 2 legs, relying on none but himself, this is how you become a man.

Learn to code xd

>150iq but still cant comprehend basic social interaction even sub 80iq "people" understand perfectly

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Is there anyone not autistic on this fucking website

That's EQ measure, numb nuts

Basically allways assume autism in every thread on here.

You really don't understand knowledge and mind power, I grew up on the streets etc hard life but amazing grades. What happened is the more I learned the more paranoid and anxious I got, I know all the ways to combat anxiety I don't have social anxiety just I'm paranoid of being robbed again or shot, I graduated in 11th grade I was so well but i needed to find a better balance i guess

not at all, if you were smart, you would move a long time ago from there, the guy that you are criticizing actually moved away from his parent when he was only 18, I'm sorry sweetie you just think you are smart because you isolated yourself from so many people.