Hey dudes
>be femanon
>be at college
>be junior
>program is pretty much 50/50 guys/girls
>spend most of my time in a mixed group for studying n' shit
>have a few groups on campus that I spend a lot of time at
>unattracted to guys I'd consider my intellectual equals
>only turned on by drunk guys at the bars and the athletes who are here for free because they are fit
I don't want to be like this. I want to be able to connect with my partner beyond great sex. I haven't had a stable relationship for a while now because of this. The guys I'm attracted to give great sex but aren't good for relationships (I tried to make some work) but intellectual guys don't do anything for me except provide good conversations (which don't get me turned on).
How long do I have to wait before I find a guy who can do both? Is there a way I can condition myself to become more attracted to certain guys? I'm starting to feel lonely and casual sex is lame.
Advise, please

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Lol, you are a casual thot.

And the solution is obvious, get proper alpha dudes. Smart dudes who are

Honestly you sound a bit immature with that. Maybe as you get older your tastes will develop as they do in other ways. But then again maybe not.

Shit, accidentally posted without it being done.

Are fit*. You just have to stop sleeping with idiots and maybe just wait for somebody decent. You sleeping around will make it harder btw, since the decent ones you like wont go for thots.

as actual advice, the suggestion isthis. always see the dump side of the jocks first, focus on that. knowingly turn yourself off on them.

>sleeping around
You fucked yourself over. It will be a lot harder now to find the type of guy you want

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I understand that good guys don't like sluts (which is sort of why I've stopped for a while) but *why* don't guys? Wouldn't they prefer someone with experience? Or someone who knows what they want? I think that would make relationships a lot easier

*or a girl who knows what she wants
Sorry for the ambiguity

No it’s just inately unatractive to men to have sex with lots of other men. It’s weird that you don’t get why.

I guess, but that's why I'm asking

Lets start and i will try to not get into default incel rhetoric.

>higher chance of disease
I mean if you have sex with a ton of different people you simple increase the chance of catching sth

>bad judgment of character
Even you said you dont like those guys character, so this means you might not be keeping good company. Or bad at picking friends, a lack of good judgement

>if you didnt stick any of the numerous guys before why will you stick with him?
You ddidnt /werent able to keep a relationship with those guys. Why should a good one invest time on a relationship with you (as in why should he risk)?

You can get all the experience you want with one partner, there ae resources all over online to learn from.

Look all above listed are simple stuff that doesnt even get into personal preference. They can show lack of character and resolution. Do you understand?

I do love sluts if they are so in the relationship. If the girl has a past of too much sleeping around though, it's a big turnoff for me if I'm looking for a stable relationship. I think it's kind of the same for girls though, at least in my experience

>Le iNteLCkChUaL wAhMaN
>why wouldn't a good guy want my sloppy cum 5ths
Maybe you're not as smart and mature as you think. Smart guys would be looking for something more long term something you show yourself incapable of by sleeping around and not pair bonding. Also they could not be genuinely interested in what you have to say but still entertain themselves by engaging with you. You don't really sound like you really want a "smart" guy you just want the benefits of being with one which really just validates incels unfortunately


OP is a dumb thot

If I gave you the option for two sodas which would you prefer: the one that's never been opened or the one that's had seven penises in it?

This is obvious bait meant to grab tiny brain incels attention and further propagate the shittiness of this board

Goddamn it adv when did you turn so fucking shit. This is why you can't have nice things

I need to get off this site

Those make sense. I hope I haven't completely ruined my chances of finding a good guy.
I don't even like sex per se. I just wanted to feel loved/wanted/not alone. I mean, it feels great and hopefully whatever man is willing to settle for me can provide good sex too, but I more so want love
I know "intellectual" is a loaded word. I don't want to say I'm smart, but that the guys that turn me on talk about sports, fucking, and being sleazy. I want someone who will talk about things that interest me/relate to my degree or are equally interesting in their own field.
I realize I'm immature and empty which is why I stopped... mostly.
I'm not sure why you'd make that last statement but if it's a binary choice between "smart" or "fit" I don't think I could make that choice

>this could not possibly be a real thing
Wtf is wrong with cucks?

You certainly did damage your chances of finding a good guy though. Stop sleeping around.

If possible look for decent dudes who werent around/aware of you sleeping around.

Also everybody wants to be loved , come on now.

And if you cant decide between a hypothetical binary between smart and fit, you really need to mature up and decide, fast!

You don't stop being a thot thought, never, once a thot always a thot.

I don't expect an incel to have good reading comprehension or social skills so of course you'd think this is real, it checks off your entire cuckland fantasy checklist

Since op doesn't need advice I'll give it to you: clean your room and go outside

That's why most ladies eventually pick the intellectual for the relationship and the athletes for the fucking. Otherwise you could try dating a few more of the brickheads until it 'clicks' that they're horribly dull, therefore decreasing their sex appeal altogether. Good luck.

So this type of thing has never happened, nor ever could happen? Good to know

No, dude. Women never sleep around in college, they will always love you, and don't select based on physical traits sometimes. That guy is right: this is bait because it has never happened before

>durr hurr muh sex with clunky oaf Jow Forumstard that yells at me and treats me bad
I will never understand people like you, OP. How tf do you think "the sex is good" excuses his potential as a husband or a father? Not to mention financial stability bc drunkards are all poor af. You must have low life ambitions if you care more about being "not alone" than finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, assuming you don't expect to die before you turn 30. You care more about the now than the future and that's why everyone is calling you out on your immaturity.

Bitch, not every convo needs to be a turn-on. I'd rather have a husband that cares about me and provides a good, loving home whose convos put me to sleep than the most """interesting""" meathead Chad Thundercock that will give me a solid ONS and then proceed to screech and physically abuse me if I pursue a relationship with him. In fact, I'd literally rather be alone if every option I had was meathead asswipe because that shit is fucking awful and I've seen what it's done to friends and family alike. It ruins lives. Long term relationships are work and take work to foster. When you understand that you'll realize that sitting through a "turn-off conversation" is better than getting shoved down a staircase for not using the "right" tone of voice.

tl;dr Grow the fuck up, ho.

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Damn, where can i find girls like you?

You're turned on by their meat headed sleaziness, but hate it when they open their mouths. Ive been there too, but it sounds like you're disregarding everything but sexual attraction. Compatibility doesnt have to be instantaneous. You might give someone a chance and end up liking them more as you get to know them.

Totally get it OP. Went through this myself so a few things.

You're still young so don't put so much pressure on yourself about this. But to put it bluntly I have only known one guy that was brilliant and just the thought of him turned me on sexually. I mean, my desire for him was so distracting I couldn't form complete sentences and so exhausted after we had sex the last thing I wanted was to talk.

My point; it nearly impossible to find that one guy that is both but as you get older it becomes difficult to have sex with stupid guys. I'm thinking of this one guy, the sex was awesome, but he was an idiot and I was embarrassed to be seen with him.

Have fun now with no apologies for wanting passion the real world creeps up on you soon enough.

>Chad Thundercock
No woman uses this term boy.

OP, the best part about being a slut is that you don't have to tell anyone your past if you don't want to. I'm a huge thot and have had 30+ partners and my fiance doesn't know nor cares to know so who gives a fuck.

Honestly first time ever that I see a girl in /adv getting this. I've been explaining it on this board for ages and every time got "muh freedom" responses.
We do not want to know. Same as with cheating, if you manage to keep it a secret, it never happened. If you don't then you are a filthy whore that deserves no respect and should die alone crying in bed.

Oh boy. Part of not knowing is men not trying to dig and dig to discover something in my past or monitor my every move in an effort to catch me doing something. How about if you don't want to know don't ask or pry.

So I was kind of in your position except I stayed a virgin because I had low libido and get incredibly attached to people didn't want to settle and get hurt.

I'm going to say something different from other people in this thread that you should consider. The school I was at was pretty prestigious and academically rigorous. As a result, only Chads with daddy's money and sports scholarships and very nerdy smart sperglords got in. The college environment is not really a good place to find the kind, dependable, responsible guys anymore, also the gender ratio at schools sucks. You need to pursue hobbies and interests that you want to learn more about and you might find a likeminded guy who fits the "not retarded but also attractive" bill. That is how I met my boyfriend, I decided to try learning how to play DnD online and one of the people in the group I instantly clicked with. A year later we agreed to date and we've been going for two years now.

My other suggestion is lower your standards. You don't need to be the hottest guy in the room to be attractive or the smartest guy in the room to be smart. And there are qualities more important than both of those things, like responsibility and kindness and just your ability to have fun and pass time together. As long as he's hot enough to find beauty in and smart enough to hold interesting conversation, you're lucky.

I stay away from sluts, any piercings tattos are red flags

i rather put in extra work for a relationship with someone worth it then date easy going sluts aka tinder

And this is why I can't form lasting relationships with women

You sound like a dumb, immature bitch. If this is what colleges are producing, the west really is fucked

nobody wants to be someone's 50th try. your time and emotional energy are valuable