I'm 39 turning 40. How do I cope with still being a virgin? I still live at my parents and haven't finished my driving license yet. Is their still hope for me to find love and live a normal life?

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My co-workers husband is the most pathetic person I've ever met and volunteers at a charity so he doesn't need to say he's unemployed to people, and he still found love. Anything is possible

John T.?

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Buy hookers and/or take strippers to the VIP room, because you're fucked.

Are you a wizard?

How old are you? I don't want to date women my age though, I want a 20 year old minimum. I heard older women have harder time conceving and I really want children someday. Do you think I have a chance at scoring younger women? Women sometimes look at me so I guess I'm attractive.

Feel too ashamed and it's illegal here.

Who is john t?

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Why would a woman at her prime date a man who has literally nothing to offer?

He's a guy in the exact same situation you described and I've always suspected him of being a virgin.

What country are you from?

wow. thanks

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^ This, even I as a above average looking 20 year old have problems dating because I'm working a minimum wage job and live with my parents what makes you think they are going to go with a 40 year old that can't even drive?

The only possible way you could be in a relationship with a woman under the age of 30 and isn't horrendously ugly is if you became filthy rich and she was a gold digger.

I'm from Austria. Yea maybe there is hope. I thought about getting myself a Thai bride as It's getting really hard now that I'm older, and I don't have that much money. Only a few thousands saved up from my Warehouse job

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Before your wondering how come soo low networth. I feel for the Jow Forums crypto meme in 2016 and invested like my 50k I had saved up, came crashing all in 2018. Surprised I haven't roped myself yet.

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Not exactly a meme, if what you say is true and you did actually buy in 2016 even at the height when it was euro if you used your brain you would have sold well before 2018 and have a nice 500k if you had sold at when it reached 10k

I mean, just be objective user.
I'm already past my prime and am dating a guy who is handsome, rich, has a great personality and has his shit together (house, car, no debt, etc).
Why would a girl who has even more value than me on the dating market settle for someone who has nearly zero value?

You can find love, but not a top tier babe.

Wut. Prostitution is very much legal in Austria.

1000 euro*

Heres a crazy Idea: Get a job, Move out, work on your problems leave 4channel you lazy bum.

What were you doing in your teens and twenties that prevented you from losing your virginity user?

See you again at 50 OP,

Judging by your posts, general attitude and unrealistic expectations of being with a girl under the age of 30 it's to say we'll be seeing another thread 10 years from now about how you're chasing two hobbits for the one ring to rule them all

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It's safe to say*

I have a job. work in a warehouse. I have anxiety to move out my parents, I'm just used to it now to live here and I enjoy their company and they enjoy having me here

I played video games.mostly, quite years ago though as.i don't find enjoyment in it anymore. now I just browse Jow Forums and occasional go for walks in the night, I am anxious when I'm in public alot

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