How do i meet outcast girls?

how do i meet outcast girls?

I find outcast girls so cute. They dress slightly bad, their haircuts are so bland, but they are so cute. Im sure they gotta have different personalities than normal people. I see them at my college, but im not gonna cold approach. I dont even know how much id get along with them.

So where could i meet them? I do shit on and i never met girls like this (mostly only men)

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STEM classes

Those girls aren't actually outcasts. They're swiping Tinder every night too, and getting fucked on the regular.

I am a girl like that and I've never used tinder.
I met my boyfriend on Jow Forums.

im a senior in college who done a dual degree in EE and physics -- theres only 1 girl in my physics courses (who has a bf, and isnt an outcast), and 2 girls in EE courses (they werent outcasts either, quite hot tho desu).


>I met my boyfriend on Jow Forums

Literally how does this happen? How do you go from totally anonymous communication on Jow Forums to suddenly knowing who someone you posted with is, and then dating them?

I feel like the only guys who meet GFs on this god forsaken site must be some special breed of internet chad who has magical abilities to attract women through the screen

Last bit made me kek

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You exchange a throwaway email?
I don't know. I just told him I was having fun talking to him (he has a great sense of humour and he's very bright), and asked him if he wanted to stay in touch.
We exchanged throwaway emails, and then just kept writing to each other for a bit.
Then skype. Then I told him I was a girl. Then more skype. Then videochats. Then flying to each other. Then moving in together.

He's really the love of my life.

A rule of thumb is not rigid. There are exceptions. Are you saying most of those girls are like you? That they're common and something these guys should hold out for?

I rather think it would be better for them to have that ideal smashed horribly in their faces so they can recover and finally start chasing after regular women so that they can get laid and get a gf at some point.

Not who you are replying to, but I met my girlfriend on /SOC/.

I posted in a BDSM thread and left a throwaway Kik account. She hit me up and things took off from there. Been about 1.5 years together.

I met my husband through here back in 2010, mine was because we shared a hobby in a video game and had a long chat through a thread, decided to exchange a way to communicate off site and found out we had a lot in common and things just developed from there especially when they found out I was female a year and a half of chatting through steam chat. Its not likely, but it's possible.

I think that most of these girls aren't on tinder, no.

And I think they're allowed to have crushes on whoever they wanted, you're not their mom.

allowed to, but this board is a testament to their choices.

Never seen someone post their email on /v/ and I've been there since 2011, I'm curious as to what you were initially discussing

You're making it sound like if you're not down to fuck the most basic bitch ever you'll never get laid.
It's great to want to be with someone you're compatible with.

>Tfw no hobo gf

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I still don't understand how this happens. I hear people like you tell these stories all the time but I have literally never seen anyone exchange contact details on Jow Forums outside of /soc/, and I'm pretty sure anyone who did try to do so would be mocked.

It's just so discouraging knowing that I've been alone forever and never had a date or a GF, while there are anons even on this site full of awkward virgins who are somehow such massive chads they can actually seduce women on an imageboard

Kek, I see plenty of people doing it.
If you chat with someone for a while (my boyfriend and I exchanged 26 posts before exchanging emails, I still have the thread bookmarked), and you're the only two bumping the thread, it's pretty standard to just move the conversation elsewhere so you don't clog the board with your chatting.
You might get randos mailing you, but in the end it's always pretty easy to spot the real user based off the way they write.

It has nothing to do with being a Chad or "seducing" women.

Go on /soc/. It's literally made for meetups. I posted my shit and forgot about it. Received some messages a few days later. Turns out we had a lot in common and I didn't completely sperg out about it and now we're together. Gotta put yourself out there homie.

Im doing a maths degree and most of the girls here are normies. theres one girl like this, I think her names amelia. she dresses like a 13 yeal old from the mid 2000s and always has this smug autistic smile. shes cute af but Im too autistic to talk to her. even tho in terms of looks Im way ahead of her, I have a shitty autistic personality

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It happens, you just need to lurk moar. Emails aren't the only way to exchange a way to communicate as well. They literally had friend code exchange threads, steam groups, ect where anons would gather and socialize outside of Jow Forums all the time back in my day. I have no idea if this is still a thing though, haven't been there in awhile.


Do I need to post the rest?

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Literally whos from Twitter with 6 followers and no checkmark are, and I say this not lightly, a significantly worse source of life advice than random anonymous strangers on Jow Forums, any board, including /b/.

Just go on /soc/ and exchange Skype/Discord. I’ve met up with a dozen people from Jow Forums, half of them being women. Just don’t be a creep or an orbiter, and you’ll find that a lot of people will like you for who you are.
Post all you’d like, my favorite poster :^)

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What is this person getting at? I would love a girl like this.

I really really really like these.
I really really really like you.

I think it’s a joke, cowboy.

I'm mostly using this as a template for OP. Replace "nerdyism" with "Potential Outcast cringe behaviors"

I guess but it's rather detailed and she made a bit too many posts for a joke...
Oh, that makes sense

Too many posts for a joke? It’s free to make posts, Pocahontas. It looks like a multi-parter :^0 Let’s consider Poe’s Law, though. It’s anyone’s guess, Brotendo.
Maybe OP just wants to meet someone who understands him, babygirl. Maybe I’m just being too empathetic. He might just want some qt to stroke his ego, though.

>That reply
TF is wrong with you

Yeah, but OP's also gonna get to understand that there is likely some profoundly obscure reason as to why she is an outcast in the first place and also come to terms with that himself.