How do you deal with talking to someone that always overthinks while talking to you?

How do you deal with talking to someone that always overthinks while talking to you?
I dont know how to explain it. Its like he vocalizes multiple assumptions and corrects himself as if I got mad when I didnt even say anything.
He never has a simple answer.
Whenever anything is brought up he makes it personal and tries to make it into advice.
I hate it when people act like they know everything im thinking.
It makes me feel disrespected and unsure how to respond.

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Stop talking with that shut-in incel then.

Suck his dick. That'll shut his spit spewer.

I've never regretted not talking to such person.

Always regretted talking to them.


(Not worth a fuck if you are having to go through this either.)

Can you give an example of a conversation?

Are you sure he even wants to talk to you?
>He never has a simple answer.
Which means you're asking him questions.

Kind of idiotic to ask the man questions and then bitch about how he answers them. Don't ask?

Have you ever considered that you're being a sensitive little shit?
>Waaa he doesn't answer the questions I ask the way I want him to!

I say this because I am known to do the same things. The reason I vocalize multiple assumptions? Because I'm considering multiple possibilities, mentally testing them, and vocalizing the process.

People are *always* trying to talk to me and tell me their life's story. If any of those people ever pulled the shit you're pulling and complained about my answer, I would literally tell them to shut the fuck up and leave me alone with their bullshit then.

You don't have any friends, do you?

Have you ever considered that what you are doing breaks human communication and is confusing and alarming?

And this is why you faggots are always unhappy.
>Have you ever considered that what you are doing breaks human communication and is confusing and alarming?
This is the United States. If I don't want to talk to you, I don't give a fuck if that's confusing and alarming for you. Go the fuck away when I say go away.

Get laid, incel.

Simply tell him honestly it's disrespectful and annoying.
He sounds like he THINKS he's smart. Bring him back to earth.

Why are you attacking my sexuality? Weak ass bitch.
>Not everyone wants to talk to meeee waaaaaaaa

I know 2 people like this and they are not at all people I would want sexual encounters with
Because im forced to talk with him so when he talks to me im just being friendly and give short answers.
Thats very true. Both of these peoples think their "intellectuals".
>him: hiws it going user?
>me: good you?
>him: ehh im okay. Nah, im good, just staying positive. Me and mom might go to this restaurant later. i know you usually dont like going to those places because of like, anxiety, no sorry haha maybe not but I know most people I know your age think its chill- sorry haha not saying that you would definately like it -*sigh* honestly user I know that most people dont like, think like we do but you gotta just grow up when it comes to that. No, im sorry I didnt mean, like grow up, sorry haha but, your smart, you should make it.
Me: i dont think i have to grow up
Him: oh yeah totally I totally understand I meam i used to say that to myself too until i just like, realized things one day. Like trust me when your closer to my age and be more openminded your political views will change and

Yes he actually talks like that. And he seems to make everything about politics

He's trying to guess how you think. What you'll feel. But when he says something brash, like implying you have anxiety, he feels bad about potentially getting it wrong. So he tries to correct himself, but ends up getting slightly off topic with each correction, leading to eventual derailment of the conversation. The most common end topic of conversation is probably politics, because that's one of the few things he feels he actually understands.

This is actually a perfect explanation. I guess I should be more understanding.
I find it interesting that someone was able to verbalize it. Do you have experience with these kinds of people?

Goddamn he sounds obnoxious as hell. Fuck being more “understanding,” I would call him out on his bullshit. A social retard like him is not going to know what he’s doing is annoying and disrespectful unless he gets called out for it. You don’t have to be mean about it but damn why let this guy go through life thinking it’s okay to carry conversations like that?

Insecure. Probably did well in school, but lacks any sort of accomplishment afterwards. 'Smart', but not confident enough to be decisive - so won't make any definitive statement and let the consequences lie where they may.

It's also a sign of a lack of mental discipline. You see it often when people are speaking about something they are passionate about. If it is happening nearly every conversation, you can guess the person is quite comfortable with you too.

Fuck, talk about lack of discipline. Didn't even answer question.

-> You can't.

I think your best bet is to be more judgemental though. Redirect conversation to actionable outcomes - agreements about what you or him are going to do moving forward. Abruptly end conversation that is becoming too abstract. It's a waste of your time.

Is he a PSY 101 student?

Lack of mental discipline. That says a lot. When I have kids how do I make sure they are mentally disciplined so they dont end up like that?
Not currently because he graduated but I beleive he did take psychology courses and has a meme degree in english.

Okay yeah well either get him drunk to see if he is puting up a front to appear a certain way if it is his nature i know guys like this when i smoke weed i am this guy but i know i am anoying people when i sau shit like that. Try to keep it yes or no questions and if you know he about to go off interject with a question or a satement or and observation about your surrondings stop him before it starts when people cut me off i get the hint hopefully he should too if not. Let him know to ease up.

I overthink all the time and it's because my brain cannot handle the amount of stress it's giving itself

Inform him that he is overthinking and to calm down

Oh god I totally misunderstood and I'm sorry.

That's fucking horrible.

At that point, I think you're well within your rights to start making not so subtle points.
>i know you usually dont like going to those places because of like, anxiety, no sorry
I would interrupt right there - "Hey user, you talking about me like this makes me uncomfortable and I want you to stop talking to me now unless it's work related."

Harsh, I know, and I know it's scary to people to do stuff like that but modify it for yourself. Boundaries need to be drawn right now with this guy. He's an HR nightmare. Be polite but fuck the subtle shit.

That's normal for mature men.
Make him food, or offer to suck his dick.