I'm 29, is it weird for me to date or sleep with 18-19 year olds?

I'm 29, is it weird for me to date or sleep with 18-19 year olds?

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18-19 still behave the same until about 25-26 when life has finally slowed them down and made them think a little bit.

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You good. These girls love to dabble with older men a few times even theyre teens

Who cares, when you'll be on your deathbed I guarantee you that you won't be thinking about whether some irrelevant old single mothers thought that you are a weirdo. But chances are high you'll regret not taking young pussy because you were too much of a bitch.

Women and subservient normie men will say yes.

But why the fuck do you care? Do it anyway.

Do it.
t. 30 yo with 19 yo gf
They are still sweet and perky, I don't mean just the titties. Pussy smells like flowers and they're optimism is refreshing. Go for it. Now.

No. It's quite common. In fact, it can be particularly easy and no strings attached.

Around the time I turned 30 it started to become considerably easier to smash girls of all ages, including 18 - 19.


this this this this thiiiiis thiisiisissi.

Coming from an old man here. All of those people judging you? Unless you grow up and die on the same corner like Compton, those people won't mean jack. shit. when you're 80.

You'll always remember those 19 year olds you banged out back to back to back though.

>I'm 29, is it weird for me to date or sleep with 18-19 year olds?

>Who cares, when you'll be on your deathbed I guarantee you that you won't be thinking about whether some irrelevant old single mothers thought that you are a weirdo.
This. As long as it's legal and you feel like doing it (and you can pull it off), i'd say go for it.

I will say you should go about this with the purpose of having some fun, not with the purpose of finding a long term relationship. The majority of women you meet in the 18-19 age range are not emotionally mature enough to be in a healthy relationship.

date? yeah, i wouldnt. 18-21 is basically 'highschool: power unleashed'

couple years ago i dated a 19 year old, i was 23. still regret it to this day.

All of you are fucking faggot closet pedos for catching girls fresh out of school. Unironically kys at nearest possible convenience.

Stay mad while we continue to wet our dicks with barely legal gash.

What the fuck is up with the daily threads on this exact topic? Who is the shill who keeps repeatedly posting these that are always specifically about the concept of late 20s/early 30s dudes dating teenagers?

Sometimes I'm convinced this board is just the same sub-100 anons samefagging into oblivion

Found the roastie kek

You can be sixty and be with an eighteen year old. They only judge because they're jelly.

Here we have exhibit A: Angry wall-nearing slizz.

The formula is:
Minimum age = (your age / 2) + 7

The starting age for you is 21.
So its frowned uppon by me and my cientific formula I took it out from my ass.
But hey, do it anyway, I would.

This. I'm in my 30s and getting girls has never been easier. Girls from ages 18 to 30 are all available and plentiful.

>I'm 29, is it weird for me to date or sleep with 18-19 year olds?
Yeah, its pretty weird. Not because the age gap is physically too much but because I'm 29 and talking to a teenager is physically painful. I can't imagine how fucked in the head you would have to be in order to sit down with a teenager and have a fulfilling conversation. Even 21 year old girls are exhausting. We're just on two wildly different maturity levels. It would honestly be embarrassing for me to bring this girl around my friends and experience everyone's judgmental glares while she sits around talking about this awesome house party she just went to last weekend. She doesn't have any life experience so I can't imagine what her and I would talk about or how she would at all enhance my life. The whole thing just seems bizarre.

You're 29. You should have had another girl your own age and a kid of your own by now. Grow up. I hope you have a daughter and she gets fucked by a weirdo ten years older than her one day.


Imagine doing what you "should".

How fucking depressing would your life be.

How so>? What changed?

People's life paths are different

What you should do is merely societal pressure. But you're right biologically, if you're a woman there are considerable benefits in birthing early as opposed to later in life.

I got better looking and less babyfaced. I also stopped giving the slightest shit and developed insane confidence.

Cool im looking forward to be in my 30's to actually be stable and go on trips and stuff.

Thanks you made mee optimisitc

Toasty roastie kek. What a life

Well the confidence was something that developed through my 20s from going and living in loads of different countries, life experience and stuff.

Imagine actually bragging/fantasizing about fucking 18 year olds when you're 30. Fucking weird and creepy.

depends on how emotionally stable they are. if they don't have their shit together yet i wouldn't invest too much emotion into it. they shed boyfriends like snake skin once they do.

> I also stopped giving the slightest shit

I think you missed this bit.

No, its just that you seem to think its easy to fuck 18 year old girls because of your 'insane confidence' instead of them just being naive children

I mean, its natural drive, men like younger bodies biologically

The fact that you can connect to an 18-19 year old physically and emotionally despite your age says much about your emotional maturity.

>18 years olds are retarded and completely unable to think for themselves
M8, most people are fully cognizant by 15 or so. What comes after is merely a culmination of facts or specific knowledge. While I'm not saying to lower the age of consent, to remove all agency from 18 year-olds seems pretty disrespectful

Proof? I personally prefer middle-aged women who are ex-strippers/prostitutes. You know, the kind of girls who have had tons of other mens' dicks inside them


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>sourceless incel chart
Like clockwork

>M8, most people are fully cognizant by 15 or so. What comes after is merely a culmination of facts or specific knowledge.
Literally baseless garbage. The human brain isnt fully developed till 25. Im not removing ALL agency from 18 year olds, but stop kidding yourself man. 18 year olds are just easy, especially if you're an older guy. You trying to play it off as being mr 'cool' and 'confident' just looks sad.

Believe it or not most people don't just do things because we wanna be 'Mr.Cool'.

Some of us just like fucking.

I'm not playing it off as anything since I'm a virgin. The age of consent is dumb, but we should probably raise it to 25, or just force everyone to take relationships with people their same age so as to avoid any confusion about what confidence is

>Some of us just like fucking
If you specifically and only want to fuck girls who were newborn babies when you were in your teens, then you're probably a borderline pedo.

Women like you are fucking psychos. I bet it's women like you who will be with a guy, fuck with his head and emotions, nag and drive him crazy until he loses it, and then ends up in jail while you stand there and act like a complete victim and pretend like you have no idea what happened or what caused it.

>optimism is refreshing.
I know what you mean.

And let's get real. That's only because 20 was the lowest option they could choose from. Imagine what the results would be if it was 13+

Literally how did you extrapolate all of that from the original post?

From personal experience, interacting with different women, from observing people and their relationships like male friends and male family members. As you get older and gain more life experience some people eventually become a good judge of character and can see through all the emotional bullshit and manipulation and look at things completely objectively.

Women who are feminism or have feminist values/ perceptions view men and masculinity ad inherently oppressive and abusive and believe women have been victimized by men all throughout history. When you consider someone your oppressor this will heavily affect how you treat them and you will not be sympathetic or empathetic with them. For example the nazis perceived jews as their oppressive and believed they were victimized by them in the past. Look what happened.

Also women tend to be more controlled by their emotions so they tend to be i think self deceptive in their motives. Women tend to be less physically abusive and more psychologically abusive relative to men, and this kind of abuse is much harder to prove. It's very easily denied whereas physical abuse or overt abuse (men's style of communication tends to be more ovwrt whereas womens tends to be more covert) is easy to prove. Women tend to be more passive aggressive.

If a woman is mad at you she nay not directly address the problem and look for a fair solution. She might just nag you and be a bitch because of how she feels and what shes nagging about may have no actual relation to the source of her feelings.

With life experience you tend to just be able to just understand things, especially human behavior, much better. When you're less experienced in life because you're young you are still encountering things that you don't understand and you want to so you'll just chalk it up to mainstream stereotypes and beliefs.

It’s a bit weird unless you’re a millionaire yeah.

I could be wrong but when you have love experience (which only comes with age) you don't need that much information to figure something out, especially when it comes to gender dynamics and relationships, especially conflict. Toxic feminine behavior is completely unhinged and no one calls women out usually. Usually in the end to most mainstream thinkers, especially women, they have this preconceived notion that women are morally superior. People tend to look at what's only on the surface and women are very sneaky and much better ar acting relative to men. Think about it mens style of communication is much more overt relative to womens covert style of communication. Men are inherently more honest as a result. Women are more amoral.

It's actually pretty simple if you remove the "women are inherently victimized by men and always have been" preconception and look beyond what's on the surface. Ask questions and look for answers. Don't allow emotional appeal to cloud your thinking. See things for what they truly are. Like I said 8 could be wrong, but people tend to follow patterns. Stereotypes tend to be true but not always. Always remember exceptions are not the rule, general trends are. Halftruths are womens and especially feminists favorite way to lie because for some reason they believe unless they blatantly fabricate a story, it's not really lying to them.

Women tend to really easily get caught up in their emotions and allow their emotions to dictate their actions. Then later they will just rationalize it because women have to believe that they're a good person. All. Women think they're good people. Women practice slef deception more often relative to men.

Don't get me wrong men do these things to, but masculine men don't. Masculine men tend to have the balls to be direct and honest because being honest can be a very difficult thing especially if the situation is emotionally charged.

Men tend to rape and or molest more then women do right? I think that's true. Women do shit just as bad but in different ways. They just don't get called out on it and what they do might but be easy to prove so women are mostly unchecked.



Assuming that people don't have life experience because of age is pants on head retarded mate.

So a girl who gets chased through a corn field during a genocide that killed her mother has no life experience because she's 18?

You need to grow up.

>meme formula
Please fuck off with this shit.
What is the source of this?
Please do tell me.

No OP it's weird NOT to be sleeping with 18-19 year olds.

After 30 men start looking ridiculous with women their own age, like they're dating their mother or something.

Parks and recreation

lmfao it's the other way around. men age like milk. wrinkles, bags under their eyes, balding, and they usually don't take care of themselves. it's a fucking comedy seeing them try to score in a nightclub with young girls who make fun of them as soon as they turn their backs. or it would be if they weren't so creeped out by them.

you might get called a creep eventually, but fuck who you want to if they're legal age. Prime pussy if you ask me

sure thing sweetie

if you take care of yourself and have good game at 40 you can kill it. Just most men don't.

This is why I invest in catfood and cat toy companies.

we're not trying to catch some Rohingya bitch here lol

Women don't care about looks as much kind that. Sometimes younger women do, but most women don't. Men are more shallow about looks. Women are more shallow about status, money, personality ect


Look on ye mighty, and despair; this is your equal