[Your Problems Are Mine]

I have received positive comments about the advice and opinions that I shared in my previous thread unfortunately I could not respond to everyone.

Anyway, I am back and here for you.
Talk about your problems,and I'll try to find a reasonable solution or try to lead you to improve the current situation.

Keep in mind that my answers are usually quite long depending on the problem and that it takes time for me to reply.

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what should i do about the overwhelming decline of humanity? also how can i share my knowledge of the merchant class and jewish overlords without coming off as a fool?

You could read the articles on The Good News Network site.

Funny story, humanity is actually on an all time high right now.

Have a bit of a social problem. How do I be more engaging in group conversations and keep things interesting? I used to tell myself that I'm just introverted but that's not really the case because when I'm with my group of close friends we all talk pretty much the same amount. There's always a back and forth exchange, I'm involved just as my buddies. However, when I'm in other groups I'm a lot more silent. Its not like I dislike the people, it just doesn't seem to be coming out of me.

I have another problem of dealing with a colleague of mine, and I think its my perception I need to fix but I don't know how. To keep the long story short, one of my college friends is basically what I used to be when I was an angsty teenager and was not only had the entitled attidude but also very demanding for small shit. There was a time when she would message me dead in the night because she was sad. When it comes to conversation she would cut others off just to get her point across. Normally I'd cut her off from my life but she's basically a part of my college friends too and trying to do that would just create drama. Should I just ignore her the best I can?

Dead fucking serious?
I actually got way more friends by just listening rather than doing the talk. So be a hungry listener, I think this would suit an introvert better.

As for your friend, set some boundaries. You don't have to be aggressive, just make sure that when she starts poking at you she meets with a brick wall.

Thanks, but what do you mean by be a hungry listener? Ask more questions? I don't know how to phrase this but when groups conversation dies out there's this awkward gap of silence that follows through that basically fucks up the flow. I dislike that and thought there would be something I could do.

>The Good News Network site
Thank you for your advice!

18 years old yet stuck in high school due to circumstances; planning to take Fine Arts, CompSci, CogSci, or PhiLaw in college. I'm pretty much homeless and poor right now, and my family is still in large debt after a decade. I want to do something about financial problems by getting a job but I don't know how I'm supposed to get one as a disabled person.

Some things to consider is that I'm using a wheelchair due to muscle weakness and moving around is really hard for me. I can't raise my arms, but I can still move them and hold light objects. Having chronic pain and other health issues is rough, but I can still endure them. Though, I'm scared that I might not be able to fix my life at certain point.

My parents said that I should work as a part-time call center agent but I have a fear of simply talking to people and it sucks. I don't have a PC right now but I'm planning to try coding once I get one. I also want to try knitting in hopes of selling the stuff I'll create, but I don't have any materials here. It feels like there's not enough options for me and I hate to feel useless for it. The only thing I'm remotely good at is drawing yet I think my art is still mediocre so I'm reluctant to taking commissions. I'm planning to get better at writing and other things but I don't know what I should even do at this rate.

There's still other problems going on for me like internal issues, friends, etc. but I think I should focus on this one first. I can't take the time to be with my friends nor enjoy my hobbies even though I'm on short break and the only thing I have in mind is to spend my time wisely.

Hungry because just listening is ok, but listen to a guy and show how much interest you have in whatever he's talking is different.
Don't just look at him and nod. Ask questions, come back another time and ask about that topic again, show excitement, eat the person whole.

As for the silence, you don't have to burden yourself with it. Talk when you have something to talk and want to, otherwise it feels forced.

Fuck you, you didn't help me.

First of all, you are human. Do what you must do but beware of burnout.

Second, I fucking feel ya.
I'm somewhat disabled also. Not to the degree you are but I know the implications.
I think you should do whatever comes first and work from there. Don't worry about you fear of talking to people because need is a good fucking source of power to overcome things and I believe you can do anything.

Your disability never stopped you from doing dick. You are going through education, will get a job, have friends and can do fucking anything anyone can. You fucking beat that. Your fear of social interactions almost feel like just a pebble compared to the boulder that is that wheelchair AND YOU STILL FUCKING SOLVED THAT.

You go man, you do your thing.

Everyone is doing something with their lives and I'm stuck. I've been depressed for years and I thought that it would all go away eventually with the medicine but it didn't. Now I'm 18 and I feel like it's too late to get fixed, I lost too many time and by now I should have accomplished SOMETHING, but the only thing I got from life was trauma. Although I have no idea who I am and nothing that proves I exist, I hate myself deeply, but I still have hope that someday I'll be someone I just don't know where to start

>Hope these pills solves my shit
Welp, saw that one coming. All pills do is lessen the effect without solving the problem.

As for the rest, you are raw metal.
Metal can only become a sword by tempering with fire and apllying pressure.

Fucking stablish a routine and make it producive. You won't become a sword being soft with your body.

I was sexually assaulted by girls a couple of times growing up. I get often flashbacks when I feel desired and/or aroused or have more than surface level conversations about sex. Since this beyond what my therapist can really assist me with I don't know what I can do to expose myself to sex in healthy, constructive way to help me move on. Do you have any suggestions?

Everything says to leave him alone and to not talk to him again but my stupid brain still thinks I have a chance. All i'm going to do is humiliate my self and make him feel uncomfortable. Men do not want to date homely looking girls. I'm at a sweet spot right now. Only had 2 conversations with him that seemed pretty normal. If I don't say anything he will just forget I exist. I feel him staring at me sometimes.

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There's a girl I like that works at a local ice cream parlor.
What I do know: What her opinion of her job is, what she thinks of management and coworkers
What I don't know: What time she works so I can go in and talk to her, how to tell if she's just being nice to a customer, how to ask her out.

Basically I've been working on my life recently and as part of that I took my sister out for icecream to hang out. Go to parlor where the girl works and just chill with my sis, thinking about how cute the cashier is. Go up a few times and get the balls to talk to her some about her job before I leave. I get kind of awkward before I leave.
What do I do? I realize this is hard but I want to give it all I can before I decide to abandon this. I'm out of school for almost a year now with a wagey job but live with parents so I don't want for anything important.

Thank you for your advice and words of encouragement, user!
Perhaps getting that kind of job will eventually help me overcome my fear, so I'll try to consider everything and give it a shot.

Would it be alright if I linked you yo another thread I made on here? I only got a few answers but I am left with unanswered questions.

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Resbond blease

So I've gone from a NEET to working 50+ hours a week most of which is spent talking to people. I feel like I'm still doing it wrong.

My three big moves are complimenting, building on what they're saying, and mirroring people. Most of the time that works alright. Customers are happy, anyways, and I get some practice at refining my social skills. It's just so boring and unrewarding. I don't fee like I have any intuition with people or that I'm really connecting with them. If I try and insert anything about myself into any conversation pretty much ever their eyes glaze over and they disengage immediately. I'm not saying the convo has to be all about me, but I feel like I'm being used as a conversational fleshlight and everyone's just a gross narcissist while my conversational dick is glued shut in a chastity cage. I just want to connect with people I guess

i am very lazy and cant bring myself to study

Recently fell for an older woman hard. We spent a month intensely together but between her getting to know more people and me falling for her, I was friend zoned.

After going through a rollercoaster of emotions, I still like her as a friend but still cannot get over our initial spark. The clinginess is gone and I can talk to her normally again. We even went for coffee and chat and of course she said "I still see you as a great friend". No issue there.

However, while I know she also likes someone, perhaps even hooked up with him, I still like her as a friend and she really is a nice woman. She is also very beautiful. I know I will move on and I took up hobbies to help me and they did.

We are both living abroad and part of my motive to stay is, maybe, just maybe i can reignite things as i hope to stay longer in asia in the same city.

Initial advice was to ignore her during my heart break. She would initiate communication then. But now that I can talk with her again proper, and still think of maybe trying to get out of the friend zone, how should I proceed? One if my prime motivators to extend my stay abroad is try to relight the spark.

One person told me next time she invites me, reject her.

What should I do?

For context she is 38 and I am 29.

I'm 21 years old but i dont have any hobby or talent in the life.

I have try few things but i always quit or give up in 2 or 1 week when i start it.

The point is there are a lots of things i want to do but i cannot how do start it, if i have the time to do it or even if my age is okay.

What i can do to stop feeling that way or even move forward at the things i want to try to do?

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