Okay Jow Forums so my boyfriend and I have been together over a year and we have a great relationship...

Okay Jow Forums so my boyfriend and I have been together over a year and we have a great relationship.. but the only thing is that he's not very affectionate.. like random hugs or kisses or really anything sweet and I am dying for it. I mean we still get along but is there any way that you think I could drop subtle hints? Ive tried to bring it up but he says that he can't help it because he wasn't raised up in an affectionate household.. what should I do?

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People don't change.
You have types of love needs that you aren't getting.
Just break up.

Just hug him and kiss him whenever you feel like you want physical affectionate instead? You should probably accept him for being a bit more introverted than you?

>People don't change
They do
>Break up over your bf not being mirror copy of yourself
Yeah that's a terrible idea?

I do do that ,it just kinda gets exausting after a while.. I know it's not his fault I just wish he was more affectionate

Don't drop hints tell him outright you need that stuff. Tell him in the moment that you need a hug or to kiss your forehead or whatever. Yeah it takes the romantic side out of it but it gets you what you're craving. If he won't then the guy needs therapy as hugs and kisses are the lowest basic elements of affection in any relationship. I grew up in a family where my parents slept in seperate rooms, huge fights were an almost nightly thing, kisses never happened, and hugs were used for emotional manipulation only, yet I still hug and kiss my gf every time I see her, and make a point to give her either an unexpected hug from behind or kiss on the forehead/top of head each time we're together. If I can do it he can too.

Thank you.

I appreciate your advice. I usually do those things. And we do hug and kiss. But it's when I initiate it . .

Thats just how men are, user. They tend to more stoic and introverted than women. What you're feeling is the same conflict men and women have had for countless generations. There isn't really a solution beyond acceptance. Sure, you might be able to find that one special man who is just as much as affectionately expressionistic as you are, there are some men who would put Pepé le Pew to shame frankly, but why ruin such a good relationship over something so minor as discovering that different people express love differently? He still loves you right? I'd advise you to give up on such a quest and just settle for what sweetness you have.

If something bothers you, then just keep reminding him how you want to know he means it all back through a more direct way. This complaint occurs to most men all the.

He very much loves me. And I him. Thank you so much though!

OP asks for advice and only takes what she wants to hear.
They will break up soon anyway.

Nothing new here.

>No they don't
>Let's date someone when I don't like who they are and change them to fit me

>Takes what she wants to hear
In what way? I listened to all the advice. And I agree with them?

I love who my boyfriend is. I just was asking a way to see if he could be more affectionate. I will love him even if he doesn't change. Either way.

He isn't being the man he signed up to be. He's got the role of boyfriend without doing any of the work required to keep the relationship (your interest) alive. Your feelings are valid and men don't get a pass on being insensitive assholes because "all men.." no, not all men. All men are responsible for being respectful and considerate and honest, all men fail, how often they do and if they keep trying to do better defines them as relationship/fuck material. You got a dud. Dump him sis.

Well the answer is no.
So if you can live with that for the rest of your life, sacrificing your love language to stay with him, then by all means. But you should read up on love languages.

>People don't change because sometimes women have a fantasy that they can change a man by being attracted to them
Yeah, no.

>The user telling OP to break up with her bf because he doesn't show his affection enough is a pseudoscience pushing new age brainlet
Yeah, why am I not shocked

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There's no need to be so defensive op.
It's not my fault you are unhappy in your relationship. If you want to claim you love him for who he is but are asking how to change who he is, nobody can help you because you don't even understand what you are asking.

>he wasn't raised up in an affectionate household..

i wasnt either and i hug my gf pretty often because it comes from within

>Paranoia and egocentrism on top of all that
Topkek, not OP, you're just a complete brainlet and thought I'd reply. Would you also like to tell OP to have her chakra beads and tarot cards decide whether or not to break up with her long time boyfriend over trivial shit?

People can change, just because some women have a maternal fantasy they apply to men they're romantically interested in that won't change extremely ingrained personality traits or mentally illnesses does not mean that people don't change over the course of a relationship. Nor does it mean that that relationships should end because you aren't a mirror copy of your partner. I don't know why you're such a bitter faggot but cut it out.

(Op) that wasn't me.

>how can someone be this triggered over literally nothing
>this is kinda funny

I'll give you a hug OP

You should really have a serious talk if it's bothering you so much . You want physical affection and that is perfectly normal and expected. It's not asking too much and I'm sure he can make a small sacrifice to show it every now and then .

I know because I'm the same . I'm not very physically affectionate but my girlfriend cries bloody murder every time I don't call her " baby " or " honey " or if a couple of days go by and I'm not very affectionate she will create a huge drama about it . I actually admire how patiently and lovingly you talk about your boyfriend online. I wish my girlfriend was more like you.

My girlfriend is volatile and kinda spoiled and she doesn't remotely know the meaning of patience and tact.