Hello fellas, I need some help.

My GF has problems with shit like muscle pains, back pains, hair loss, basically all this petty shit you can imagine. She's vegan as you might've guessed from the subject. She stopped being vegan and went vegetarian to show that it has nothing to do with those problems, except that her muscle pains are not as often or at all, her pack pains are 10 times less often, her hair actually started to grow and all this shit. Keep in mind we're poor as fuck students so we can't afford eating any actual healthy vegan stuff, so she just eats beans, rice and that's it, some more disgusting foods if eaten alone or with veggies (you get the point, low protein, low vitamins, I dont actually care how it tastes, but it's 50%carbs and 50% fiber). Now that shes vegetarian she eats much more, the food is cheaper and we can buy more of it, but she says that in May she'll go back being vegan. I fucking lost it.

I angrily asked her why she would go vegan if shes much better now, the answer is as always, it's not the non-vegan foods, it's the new shampoo or some other shit like that (even though it has clearly nothing to do with it, as she's been using the shampoo for a year, or that it's some fucking brazil nuts helping her or whatever. When I asked why she's vegan she responds, again with the same shit:

>I don't wanna hurt animals.

Here's where I need help. I told her that one person wont make a difference, that to make animal farms hurt animals less, thousands of people would have to start being vegan at once, not just one random fucking student. To which she replies:

>I don't want to contribute to hurting animals by buying the products (WHICH SHE CLEARLY FUCKING ENJYOS BTW)

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So, please, help me educate myself about how 1 person being vegan could actually help, or how it wont affect her health and so on. (KEEP IN MIND, if she goes VEGAN, she DOESN'T have the money to buy supplements for a healthy diet.) Prove me wrong so I can say sorry and to let her do whatever she wants, but so far she spouts retarded fucking tumblr bullshit and I'm fucking mad. (But i still want to understand her views and stuff, but she's not the one ot explain them)

>thousands of people would have to start being vegan at once,
You know that this has been an overwhelmingly popular trend, ya lug nut. One person could mean a domino effect on all their friends and family because of how often and proudly they talk about it.

Veganism is as natural as industrial scale animals farms. She's too shortsighted to see it. It will all become clear in time

we're in the czech rep here, people HATE vegans and talking about it in any way will make you a laughing stock (well, maybe not when studying philosophy, but still)

Just to make sure, I'm not for industrial scale animal farms, I'm for healthy diet but in no way shit like meat every day

Best thing to do is tell her you will eat three animals for every 1 she does not eat.
Just pile on the meats.
That way it will be her fault (in her head) that more animals are being hurt because she is a vegan. Also please show her the statistics about how the bullshit "vegan" farms actually kill hundreds of animals and that her onions and spinach has blood on it.
In fact, let her know that I will personally eat more animals for her. I'm going to go chew the head off a squirrel right now just to prove a point.

I told her I'll eat twice the meat if she doesn't eat it (I wouldn't actually, or not in the long run), but she told me that it's ok and that it's her who doesn't want to hurt animals and she wouldn't be the one hurting them that way. (yes, i know how braindead it sounds)

No, I understand. I'm saying what you are suggesting is, in fact, more natural than veganism. I'm saying your gf is dumb or, not looking at the bigger picture

she's not dumb per se, she's quite rational, but when it comes to me telling her shes wrong and that I won't change my mind until she gets me FACTS she goes maximum defense mode

Yeah, I didn't mean for it to seem like "generally dumb" but more so in this one specific case. But yes, it takes time and patience. We're not going anywhere, and neither are the animals living in those stressful conditions. She'd be better off getting a job at a industrial farm and then sabotaging the places than simply destroying her own health

She called your bluff idiot

it's ok to her because it's just words. You need to do it. eat the extra meat to prove you're not bullshitting.
Cook it on the stove top so the aroma is in the house(or I'm assuming apartment) remind her how good it smells and that cooked meat smells so damn good because her body is craving it. Also, go hunting. if you're allowed to do that in Europe anymore... And constantly tell her "this is all your fault" as you skin your kill and then cook it on a camp fire.

OR, we can rally and get several people to eat more meat in protest of her not eating any.

One last thought, Explain to her that the animals in those farms are already in terrible agony and that their death is more of a sweet release and euthanasia than it is slaughter. If you lived for two years in a shit hole, you'd be wishing for death too. The farms are not going to stop. Humans need meat to survive. The byproduct of their 'euthanasia' is delicious meat. so she might as well enjoy it so it their death wasn't in vain.

Every time a farmer tills a field or reaps one, literally millions of animals are slaughtered. Mice, snakes, birds, insects, moles, etc. All of them make their homes out of the fields and are massacred accidentally every time. If she’s really doing this because she doesn’t want to hurt animals, tell her it’s inevitable and life is pain

look, I really agree with you, but I can't go full sociopath slaughtering animals you know? I don't even want to do that, I need text aterials to prove that se's fucking wrong here

This guy has the right idea. It’s pretty ignorant to think that by being vegan or vegetarian you’re not contributing to the death or harm of an animal in some way.

Obviously text is not the answer. That's a big thing with people today. Reading is not going to change her mind. She is in her own echo chamber. People are talked to death on these subjects. No one is going to change her mind by talking or showing statistics.
That's fake help.
You need to prove her ways are wrong by showing her you are serious by your actions. If you can't follow through with your threats to eat more or to hunt your own meat, then why are you here asking for advice on this? There is no advice that would possibly help you unless you are willing to take action. To hunt is not 'sociopathic' it is natural. Humans are apex predators. We need to eat meat. It helps our body function properly.
So, you can agree all you want, but if you are not willing to actually do anything about it, why bother complaining here?

I think you should do more to support your girlfriend. Don't pressure her into a diet she's not comfortable with. If it's expensive for you guys, then you need to absorb her energy and desires and make things happen. Make grocery shopping fun; joke about it, start a game, figure out together how to get the healthiest and most balanced foods that you all like. Sorry OP but I think you're not being civil with your gf. Relationships require a certain of consciousness-merging and you sound like an island of one, with a boat crashed ashore. That's what your relationship sounds like to me. Invite her into your heart more, you know.

were together for a year, this is the best relationship I've ever had and same goes for her (her words ofc), we agree on pretty much everything and we do everything together, we're together 16hours per day, we always find a comrpomise yadda yadda, this is objectively a greats RS, but this diet we've never agreed on except I throw studies and ethics at her, she throws ape shit, i really need arguments that support her side rationally, not methaphors for

how to interpret this situation, I want to see her point of view based on her sciences, except there are non

I'm just convinced that even if I went and killed animals by the hundred she would not change her mind, shes fucking brainwashed by vegans and third wave feminism when it comes to this topic, I just don't see it working can't I make it work without threats? why wont she fucking argue? whats the point? (none of my girlfriends ever argued though, they said their thing, I said mine, pulled up phone, got studies and they never got anything, be it using drugs (which im against), be it diet or sports, you get it, they always either go mute, deaf, or other dumb shit like "ok im not gonna cook then see how your argument works :) "

sorry fellas typing in a hurry not proofreading much, pardon me for that

Hey OP maybe you can try and get her into eating fish, if those fucker aren't expensive for you.

Get her into eating bugs, they're full of protein and really cheap!

The vast majority of vegans don't have those problems. In fact studies consistently show vegans live longer and are healthier in general. This thread is the equivalent of if I were to point to one of the millions of obese Americans and use it as evidence that animal products are bad for you.

>In fact studies consistently show vegans live longer and are healthier in general.
That's because the average person is a gigantic KFC-gorging blob. The study needs to consider healthy meat-eaters vs vegans, not everyone vs vegans.

It should also consider vegans without artificial or processed foods and vitamins

She's bullshiting you OP, she just doesn't want to admit she was wrong. Pretty brain dead. She's not giving a reasonable argument cause she doesn't have one. Get products from farmers markets if you're worried about how the animals are treated. Also it might help her know that cows actually need milking otherwise their gonna be in pain. So eating cheese and milk based products isn't so bad.

They artificially inseminate the dairy cows then kill their calves in order to keep them in a constant state of lactation in the first place. Cows have a strong maternal instinct so when their calves are taken away they will cry out for days.

I wonder how much of OP's story is real and how much is confirmation bias. Ironically, I used to get lectured on how bad for your health veganism is by retarded coworkers who weighed like 300 lbs and looked like they could die of a heart attack any second. It's all just ignorant people who feel like their way of life is being threatened by vegans. The research all points to veganism being healthier.

She just needs to diversify her diet. She needs more fats, fruits, and greens. I'm vegan and quite healthy because I just eat alot.

She's missing B12.
She can stay vegan but she *needs* to get B12 pills.

You can show her that every vegetable and fruit vegans eat s brought to market over the slaughtered corpses of millions of small (and deer size and hog size) wild animals who are literally massacred on every commercial farm on the earth.

Veganism is 100% NOT cruelty free.

>In fact studies consistently show vegans live longer and are healthier in general

Bla blah that is total bullshit. Where s this control group of lifelong Vegans to use for the test?? Up your ass is where, Veganism is a relatively new (suicide cult) and most adherents QUIT before the year six mark when their health starts to seriously deteriorate.

OP watch this entire series of 4 videos with her and see what she thinks of these "happy healthy vegans?"

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Get over it and let her do what she wants to do. Just don’t buy expensive vegan stuff I’d tou don’t want to