Chilling with friend (female)

>chilling with friend (female)
>food and drinks and stuff
>discussion turns to sex stuff
>she asks me how many sexual partners I think she's had
>shes objectively hot but a total bimbo so not my type
>shes 23 years old so I figure 37 is a realistic number
>she freaks the fuck out and looks like I just told her both her parents died
>calls me a fucking loser and leaves
>I tried to text her but no response
>its been two days now

How do I fix this? What did I do wrong?

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You basically called her a nerd virgin, dude. Should’t have guess at least 50.

You retard. 90% of young women are incredibly self-conscious about how promiscuous they are being. Telling her you thought she slept with THIRTY SEVEN men is the equivalent of responding to "do I look fat in this dress" by saying "yes, fucking obese".

You've ruined shit for good now. Next time don't swallow the Jow Forums pill quite so violently before speaking to girls.

>probably playing for a confidence stroke assuming you'd guess low
>blow her out of the water by guessing she's a gutter slut because she dresses like a whore
>surprised why you're not getting laid
A sheep can wear wolf's clothing, retard. jfc

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But how the fuck is 37 a bad guess?

Aways divide by 3 (round down)

The right answer would be 12

She said it was only 13 so you actually aren't that far off.

She cheated on her previous bf but she said it doesnt count because she was treating both of them like they were in a relationship.

Dude. Please for your own good leave Jow Forums because it has turned your brain to mush.

Wanna know the secret? Pretty much every girl is worried about being viewed as a slut. That means that most girls are deliberately trying to sleep with less guys than they might ideally want to. This is why girls play hard to get, they don't want to be seen as giving away their body too easily.

The point is that even if she HAS slept with a lot of guys, you guessing such a dramatically high number says to her that you think she's a slut. And the vast majority of women view that as an insult.

You must be autistic

Kek, you basically called her a slut to her face. Even if you were right you fucked up, this is one of those situations were you lie. Should have said around 10

You basically called her a massive whore lmao


So 13 x 3 = 39

Yeah, she is a bimbo

Pump& dump her If you can

>only 13
>only 13
>only 13
>Only had sex with 13 different men at age 23

Is this real life or am I in some kind of a nightmarish hell?

Why do you even care about the feelings of the bimbo you said wasn't your type?

Same as I dont want to fuck my male friends you fucking faggot.

Answer the question next time you closeted illiterate retard

>You don't fix this. You take responsibility for your behavior and OWN IT.
She asked you. My response when she freaked out would have been a kind version of:
>you asked me
>I answered
>Don't ask questions if you can't handle the answers.
What typically happens with me is they go "You're an asshole!" to which I always respond, "Maybe, but I'm not wrong am I."

This conversation would end with her asking me what she really wanted to ask, which is "Why do you think I'm such a slut?" which would have led to a productive discussion about female promiscuity as well as her own personal responsibility for asking questions she doesn't want the answers to.

Then we would have had sex.

By indulging her female idiocy, you didn't do yourself any favors at all. Case and point: Here you are.

When I met my last gf she had been with 8 guys before me at 20. She was my second

I'm at the point where I really don't give a shit anymore how many partners a girl's been with. I didn't watch her get fucked by them, so it doesn't bother me as long as she doesn't still interact with them.

People like sex. I used to be insecure about it because I felt less experienced than her. I've been with two other girls since her and I split. Never had casual sex until her and I broke up and I did it to see what the hype was. It can be nice. But I see why women typically have a higher body count anymore. I've met landwhales that have gotten laid more than me. It doesn't take much to get a guy to want to fuck you if you're a girl. So it shouldn't come as a shock.

That's fucking disgusting, I question whether I'm okay with a girl that's had one partner. Whores like that are trash.

Send your trash over to me then! Not the guy you're responding to.

Do you get mad at chairs that have been sat in more than once?

Do you replace your oven every time you bake something new?

Do you call your own mother a whore to her face since the probability of her having more than one partner is approaching infinity?

Gotta grow up sometime my brother!

Spoken like a true defeated cuck.

So you do call your mother a whore. Try not to fuck her Freud.

You did nothing wrong and everyone in this thread telling you otherwise are faggots. You friend is a slut that probably wanted an ego boost but instead btfo'd

Don't feel bad friend, not your fault your friend is so insecure.

"I don't get to have fun so I don't like it when others have fun"

That's exactly what you sound like. You're upset at people that have more experience than you. You can swallow your redpill shit all you want, but it's never going to lead you to happiness.

>inb4 cuck

I can smell you disgusting loose flaps from here you nasty skank

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I have turned down sex with attractive women. That PROVES that my choice to value a woman's purity comes from sources outside of insecurity. You are going to have to find a new interpretation that can consider you as lesser than you were before you had sex.`

Can't imagine how someone can get to this point

You people are sick in the head, anyone who treats sex casually only cares about themselves and hedonistic pleasure.

Sounds like she’s a whore who wanted you to lie to her and pretend she’s a cute innocent Christian virgin girl, lol. She’s a pump and dump if she’s attractive, and if she isn’t just ghost the thot, lol.

This guy and are based
Keep up the good work, lads
Thots shall rot

I don't know what to tell you guys lol. You're romanticizing having a pure woman when odds are the ones you want are anything but that. If you wanna limit yourself to that, then go for it.

And forIf that's truly the case then that's fine. I do know some people that choose celibacy until marriage, and only wants to share that with someone who follows the same path. I'm roommates with one. But let's be real, this is Jow Forums and a good chunk of the people here are bitter virgins. But to garner hate for women that choose to have multiple partners, I guess you shouldn't worry about them then.

No girl has played hard to get in at least a decade

I mean honestly all these degenerate gamers on this site want a pure virgin girlfriend when those girls will most definetely be either boring as fuck for them, or those girls will be going for the guys that aren't mentally ill, and have their life straightened out and don't go to Jow Forums for their life advice.

>when odds are the ones you want are anything but that
why do you say that? that really doesn't seem likely. I guess it really isn't going to be a dealbreaker for me if she is perfect in every other way. But if they are the type like you who unironically cannot imagine someone turning down casual sex from a sufficiently attractive person, instead choosing to believe that EVERYONE would take the chance to "have fun", or ever unironically uses theterm "just sex" then I don't think we could get along at all.

>If that's truly the case then that's fine. I do know some people that choose celibacy until marriage
do you think you could introduce us, pretty please?

That's sounds like a low-ball for some of the girls I see walking around campus.
What a world

If she doesn't want to be called a slut, maybe she shouldn't be or seem like one?

You should have gotten a taste of the 13-man fermented cream-shake special before scaring her off

If you're guessing women are sluts based on things like whether you think they're "bimbos" and end up being wrong all the time (you really think the average woman has had intercourse with more than 50 men??) maybe you should stop making assumptions. Dressing kind of slutty is the social norm, even girls who aren't sluts will dress like that to fit in. Like how guys who aren't chads try to copy chad styles.

I assume they've had sex with more than 2, which makes them sluts. Even so, "just because everyone else does it" isn't an excuse to look like a whore

Most men sleep with more than 2 people and dress like chads. Guess you are just lewronggeneration.

Call it what you will

a friend who reacts like that is not worth having as a friend

I think your estimate was close to being true but thats not what she wanted to hear. It is a well known fact that above average looking woman do have many sex partners (atleast +10 guys), but most women are very insecure regarding their numbers, and they want guys to act ignorant and pretend they think they are almost virgins, when asked this

You fucking moron, why would you say that?

If someone's your friend, you don't call them a whore in their face.

Calling out whores should be national sport.

Tell her you are sorry, you had drunk to much and trusted some dumb equation you just made up more than your intuition. Make a joke like "well at least that many guys have tried" and then move on and never speak of it again.

>bimbo looks

Honestly, not blaming you for picking 37. But you did take a direct jab at her deepest insecurity, and there you go.

Had a similar situation with a former friend; she was sleeping with an ex who she knew was in a relationship with another girl at the time. I once decided to play devil's advocate and asked her what she expected to come of this, especially considering that all they did back when they were together was drunkenly yell at each other + sex. She had no answer. When at a later point I jokingly implied that she didn't have a white vest herself, she thought I was judging her and that's when the friendship ended and she cut contact. Later it turned out that half the things I knew about her were lies to make herself look better. But desu, she was hardly honest to herself, so what can you expect?

>Why do you care about the feelings of one of your friends that you don't like romantically?
Hurr durr do you think it could possibly be the same reason why anyone would care about the feelings of ANY of their fucking friends? Because he has more than -40 empathy? Because considerate people don't like upsetting their own friends? For fucks sake you're the illiterate retard here.

This is quality shit

>She's 23 and a total slut so you guessed 37 different men she's fucked.

>>How fucked am I adv??

You sir are the densest motherfucker here Tonite.

This is garbage bait.


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based OP.
you did nothing wrong

Anybody who thinks this is an average and realistic guess has never met a fucking woman

So it should have been lower or higher?

this thread lol

i keep forgetting how many socially inept people lurk Jow Forums

>women never sleep with more than 14 guys!


I mean the reality is probably that she ballparked like 5 and was absolutely floored that anyone would say 37
There's a possibility that it was higher and she was mortified that you didn't guess like 5 or 6 at first or something

She said it was "only 13"

>user outraged at a girl having had sex with 13 men at age 23, which averages at one every half a year if she lost her virginity at 17 like most girls
>those same anons think 37 was a totally fair and reasonable estimate, though
So you either think that most women are absolute sluts that should not be considered as dating material, or you're not even clear on what your own standards are for sex partners, either way this entire post is bait.

How is any of that unreasonable? After a certain number, it doesn't matter if it's 5 or 50. 37 is just as bad as 13 and she's a whore.

the idea of a female you have in your head is incorrect. go outside user

>reality isn't correct
I used to worry I was the crazy one, but then I started coming here

"only" is used in the context that the prediction was more than 3 times more...

>i too, love to reform my delusions.
just because everyone you surround yourself with has the same uniform red pill ideas, it doesnt mean they are true.

Nah, m8. I go to a college in a city. I'm surrounded by these people. It's the way it is. I've left the incel pill behind, but women still are whores. I don't hate them for it. It'd be like hating dogs because they bark, or blacks because they steal. Too much wasted energy on something I can't change.

I'm sure it was kek

>real life isnt real
Every woman I known had ridden the cock carousel tons of times

Yeah, well I don't know any women like that so they don't exist

this but unironically.

You did the right thing OP

you cannot fix it. You embarrassed her and most likely was close to the truth. But she wanted you to lie to her. If you're honest with women when they ask bullshit questions like that, you're fucked. If you said 3 or 5, you would have had the pleasure of being #38. But as it is, you can't unscrew that horse.

women are uber conscious of how people view them and how promiscuous people think they are. you basically said, "I think youre easier than a fucking Kirby game"
literally call her and tell her you have no clue how to accurately guess that stuff. literally just be sincere with your apology


I can't believe people fall for this garbage

my first girlfriend in highschool was 17 and had sex with more than 20 men.

>easier than a fucking Kirby game
I knew there was a reason to peruse this board.

Women love being whores but hate feeling like one, the answer she was looking for was something in the single digits so she could lie and agree with you and feel good about herself
I hope this teaches you a lesson about how you're meant to talk to women, you have to constantly be looking for these invisible opportunities to subtlety allow the other person to feel good about themselves

you unironically probably guessed the truth lmao

>Im going to ask you a question you have to respond to in a certain way , if you dont Im out

she was a bit of a bitch, lets be real

its not, you probably hit too close to home. if a girl is hitting the bar scene by 18, assuming she was a virgin up to that point which is a 50/50 shot and is now 23, you are guessing she was with a new guy once every 6 weeks or so (math is aprx). Thats being conservative to guess 37.
>telling a woman the truth when she asks you a question is insulting

>only 13
>cheated on bf

scuse me wheres my Jow Forums vomit bucket

why lie? He stuck to his guns and said what he thought. Thats completely respectable

no user youre in hell, its the modern world.


>I didnt see it so it doesnt bug me
and you wont see it when she fucks the mailman either


human beings arent inanimate objects . We dont plan to put living beings in ovens


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It isn't a bad guess and notice you didn't counter with a lower number. She's just pissed you know she's taken a lot of dick and had the balls to say it to her face.

Maybe next time just give a range. Like over 20 and less than 60

to be of legitimate stock your mom should have been a virgin at marriage. you arent a pleb, are you user?
hello thot
good man, good man
^here here
yessir yessir

>y-youre all pathetic incel virgins!
*types furiously, seething*

ye you sound like a real rainbow walk, honey
when my virgin girlfriend and I see you in the streets stumbling around drunk, broken hearted because you fucked your life, we will laugh at you

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I pray this be real. I can only imagine the dumb face she makes after she processes what you said. Good job, user, whore btfo. You don't fix it, you laugh at the dumb insecure whore and move on.

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>also uses the same worn buzzwords to describe people who hurt her fee fees

being around the block intellectually doesnt mean pass the pussy, dear


she said 13 partners, its not a guess sweetybae

>some men behave poorly so you cant make a moral call on any woman ever


probably because he wanted to tell the truth
he didnt call her a whore, she asked a question and he answered as best he could. hilarious you whores and white knights fault someone for pointing out trash instead of the trash itself

good advice

raging cunt syndrome


sad but true

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It is real. Reading this thread it seems like maybe I was right anyway.

She's also the type of girl who when you go anywhere with her she mentions every 15 minutes she hopes her bf doesnt see us together, what does this mean?

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While I don't think all women are de facto whores, I do think that too many are and that they deserve to be named. The thot can rot

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It means you're a beta provider. You definitely went off the plantation with your last remark, so don't expect to ever hear from her again. Doing good user. Don't listen to the cucks

You only care about sexual partners because you’re insecure you won’t mesasure up to any of them. You might not and some you may. Why do you care. Who fucking cares. Fuck her and make her feel good. Most girls don’t even orgasm during sex so if you can make her cum you’re doing great. You’ll never truly know the answer so why bother asking. These are all questions you don’t want to know the answer to so don’t ask. Don’t treat every ducking girl like she’s going to be your wife. It’s amazing girls only sleep with 10-15 guys in college. That’s like 1-5 guys a year which isn’t a lot. Imagine having the attention the average girl gets. I’d literally fuck 500 girls if i could. My number is 23 and i still have an urge to fuck more just to stroke my own ego. Who cares it doesn’t matte. Just be happy bros.

>be happy being someone's 37th choice
I'd rather be alone t b h

Then be alone. You’re making yourself miserable for no reason


keep telling yourself that, sweetheart

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But I'm not miserable? I just enjoy making roasties toasty

what (S)he is defacto saying is without her youll be miserable. which is ironically the complete and total opposite of the truth

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This, obvious bait thread

Yeah, I know. I wonder what they're lives are like, being so shallow

Would you trust someone who rejected 10 foster kids they let in there home with adopting a child?

If all the other men couldnt make her happy or vice versa why would you do any better?

>even girls who aren't sluts will dress like that to fit in
if shame works to change that, we should call them sluts more often

stfu /b/aitfag loser

>13 partners is ok
How's the cum tasting, lad?