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I'm interested in you. So interested.

kinda feel like getting LSD but not sure how much it'll cost

Are you a female?

I kinda want that as well but I wouldn't know the first thing about that shit

Really hope it works out this time and I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing. Also, really really wish developing feelings like this didnt put me through some kind of fucking mental crisis every god damn time it happens

I am.

I miss you, I miss the way things were. :(

I'm falling into a massive depression.

I cannot stop putting myself in the friendzone. I give up

I think I threw away my juul in a public garbage and I refuse to dig it out, and I’m too tired to go buy another so I guess I’m quitting.

I can't join the military

I don't have the means to move to alaska and start a congressional campign against AOC

The only oath I have left is to not date for 3 years.

That and be a good decent man until age 42 and run for congress

I'm just working to et 40k a year now and then I want to shoot for a low 10k to put me at 50k by end of 2020

After the three years of not dating and just saving I can experiment with independent films at festivals

I'm not backing down at all- whatever it takes

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I abandoned everything for my faith.
I abandoned friends and family.
I abandoned my job, lifestyle and philosophy.
I abandoned my art and feelings.
I abandoned my body and then I abandoned my mind.
I abandoned everything for the moments that were shown to me.

Then I waited for them. I waited for an answer while dispelling the unfamiliar. I waited as they offered for ransom what was once mine. I waited for them until it was clear they weren't coming. I waited until it was clear the matter rested upon permissions that they didn't possess.

So I asked, "How did things get to be so fucked up?" and shown to me was the past and the future from every perspective and every person.

Upon seeing this, did I submit myself to whomever would take the memories away. In exchange, I agreed to abandon my soul.

Long story short, when asked who saved me in the end, the reply I did recieve was, "A woman who loved me dearly."

"Just one?" I asked, "Not two?"

"Just one."

"Not ________?"

"Just one."

God bless you, mom.

You were the love of my life and you ripped my heart out. I can't do this anymore. You have no idea how I suffered.

somehow i gotta get my shit together
I hope i actually do it this time
It all just comes down to perseverence in the end i think.

Everything down here is grey and joyless. Everyone gets worked up over the most mundane shit, wasting their time being angry and petty. They just can never get over themselves and stand one another, it's just sad. I keep up this fucking facade that draws people near me but I know I'll always, always be alone. Deep down, everyone is sad and patethic inside, and I can't stand it.

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what do you have to do?

I’ve always got it for $10 a tab. Usually 1 tab is good for beginners and 1.5 is good for a deep trip unless you’re experienced. Alway ask the dealer how potent it is tho

I thought things were going in my favor and we were getting close to becoming a thing, and then you came in with those marks on your neck that tell me he was there.

study and finish assignments

I knew what I wanted and did it 'til it was done, so I've been the dream that I wanted to be since day one.

Man, quoting rappers is cringy. I'm such a loser, I can't to be a winner one day.

I won against Al Qeada

Still- the endless cycle of terrorist vsersus counter terrorists continues

This is why I always have work to do

*slow heavy Metal Music plays*

Anniversary for UN failed prevention

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Alrite here we go, no more fucking around.

That's quite deep actually.

Vampires are nasty.

Do what? You are not a victim. You heaped coals on my head and expected worship for doing so. I told you, I'm free, thanks to myself finally gathering some self respect.

You read that? I'm free. I suffered for years over you, holding out for affection and adoration like you'd breadcrumbed before. You refused, ultimately pining over another who was ironically doing the same to you. So I sent the coals back.

You're so difficult to talk to. Even when I'm saying something that actually supports your claims, you act like I'm trying to insult your intelligence.

i definitely need to tone down my level affection for my SO whenever i'm in a relationship. whenever i love someone, i get so obsessed with them and i love only them with all the fiber of my being and whenever i even get reminded of them my face gets hot and my heart starts to race and all this crazy shit. but that's honestly some highschooler shit... im definitely going to be more modest about it and reserved and just fall in love with someone i think is worth my time.

too little too late

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The only thing that matters is that I can have chuckle to myself. I don’t need your approval, love.

It all just comes down to withstanding pain and suffering man. And I am not cut out for this.

I can’t talk to strangers online but I can do it in person, if theyve been introduced to me.

Anyone ever use Tinder just to chat?

I can't do it, I'm too tired. I told you, it's just too little too late. Why me?

Maybe this’ll teach you to be more careful who you “woo” for that ego boost. Eh? Ehhhh?

I don't need your help.

Larpers such as yourself are pretty pathetic.

I definitely don't need yours.

You think it's the same for all of us. Not at all. You're in grade 2 and we've already graduated.

I asked my mom if I should contact my ex bf. She said something like "only destiny can tell". I feel worse than before.

Down where?

I'm going to hell and I'm late for it

Its been a while since you went back to italy

you were the only girl i ever really loved wish we could talk again

I feel sick and tired often.
I don't want to be this way.
I'm getting anxiety over my life too.
I really just want to be free and happy. I feel so stuck. I know what I need to do but everything is confusing.

Its finally over. I am free from this curse your dark eyes set on me.

It's going to take awhile before you finally realize your mother is a toxic controlling idiot. You'll figure it out with the next attempt at a relationship. She won't let you have it. Then you'll see what she's doing.

But yes. I loved you.

What happened though?

How’d you do it? I need help.

I want to be part of your bookcase
I want to be part of your novel
As a lover

Why are you feeding the flames?

Im so fucking pissed that after 3 fucking years of engineering school, the only fucking internship i got is the shittest fucking engineering internship possible.

>Don't even have title of engineer
>Have to work outside in the south during the summer
>Instead of hourly, its salaried, which is convenient considering that I have to be on call for weekends and late shifts.
>This means im paid less than the avg intern salary
>9 hour days in addition to the expected extra hours
>Because its more of a supervisor position, im expected to give orders to 40 years old, who probably wont listen to some college kid
>My fucking "firends" aren't supporting me at all saying im probably going to fucking suck at my job, and keep stressing me out by reminding me all the shit i dont know. Like how i dont know how to write "reports".

I fucking hate this shit, i just wanted the 9-5 A/c office like every other fucking intern gets, but instead, i get the furthest thing from an engineering internship.

Maybe next time


Trolling them til they ragequit

Can you troll me until I quit Jow Forums?

Realize they are boring and predictable. After that you feel nothing for them.

I raped another woman tonight. It was great. Hate using condoms every time but can't take that risk. If i start killing them and getting rid of their heinous bodies i van starts raw dogging it. But i need to think of a really clever way of getting rid of their bodies, especially teeth, so i don't get caught. Easy enough to do but here's the rub: it needs to also be fast.

Besides women who dress promiscuously are asking for it anyways.

Tired of genuine relationships ending on a whim, tired of no one sticking around.
My life just amounts to my sadness and anger. Can’t enjoy video games or anime anymore because it makes me feel stagnant and I have all my thoughts/stress/responsibilities in the back of my head. Can’t go for a woman anymore because of how my last girl treated me. Can’t talk about this gay shit to my friends anymore because I know I just trigger their own sadness because I literally complain about how I feel every day in our groupme and discord text. The only thing I have right now is this guitar I bought myself for Christmas, I can’t even really play it well or structurally but the little times o can achieve some nice tunes is The only peace I have in reach. But what happens when it stops. Trying man but I don’t think trying is enough anymore.

>go to look for some part time work to supplement my income while starting a business
>literally 3/4 of the tech jobs say they are looking for women and PoC preferred
>get discouraged and close the sites
I want off this ride, and I have nowhere but here to complain about it. I hate being constantly discriminated against.

A tripfag AND a J? Trolling anyone? Just get hobbies that distract you from this place and friends to do them with if quitting is your goal.

You should focus on the guitar.

You're a loser whether you're here or not, why would I bother

I do those things too. It’s just sometimes I get pulled in so deep where I’d rather shitpost for hours than paint or read or go outside.


I guess you’re right

Quit being a codependent faggot and learn to be comfortable being alone. You literally sound like a woman.

You are looking for friends who are reliable
I like you and im willing to be a nice reliable friend if it means ur happy
But you just leave me on read push me away and tell me i text you too much

So now I'm left confused on whether you want a friend or someone that isn't me to be friends with me

I dont even know what to do its been 2 days without talking to you and it sucks because ur the only person i want to talk to right now
Someone help...

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No he needs to focus on acting like a fucking man and not being a codependent faggot.

My name starts with a J and that isn't my intention
Just kinda happens

That wasnt meant for you guys my bad

This is because its addictive, and it is very difficult to break that. As someone who has been through literal drug addictions, I can safely say addiction to Jow Forums is like it. You get really high, build a tolerance, then you are just at a point you feel nothing, or at least not nearly enough, but you are still addicted. The difference is Jow Forums won't kill you, but it can make you go insane. You have to discipline yourself, and chances are you will not be able to quit with your willpower alone. You will need to substitute this addiction with another. Just keep yourself too busy for Jow Forums. I actually recommend quitting the Internet almost entirely, I was able to leave this place for several years because of that. But you can also relapse like I did.

You're either and attention whore and or a codependent faggot. Anyone who feels like they need people for emotional support, or need people to feel complete is weak AND most likely very manipulative and selfish but also slef deceptive because they likely think they're a good person because they're a people pleaser. People pleaser are the most fake nice people. They're only nice because they want and expect (and resentful when they don't get) something in return. Many women are like this. Most.

Is that a message you received?

Yeah I can relate. The longest I’ve gone was probably around a year - but as soon as there was a boring week - bam, back here.

Needing other people for support is human nature and healthy though.

When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.


Good response.

Theres way more than that, person bounces between liking me and not liking me and only is honest when drunk its alot but its a lot of back a forth pm

Hello 4 Chan how do I start a conversation with the opposite sex, what should I talk about??? If I want to get cereal with a girl

I hate that our pasts are so similar and entwined. I hate how you are with women but mostly I hate how you feel like home.

Maybe you’re sending mixed signals? Sounds like the actions of someone who is confused about your intentions, but ultimately likes you.

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone user, you’re crazy to think extended periods of isolation are not a root cause to sadness. Codependentence is just one of many words you could try and use to box in my attitude, but truth of the matter is relationships with people are the most meaning I’ve ever found in this world. I can live on my own I can be satisfied even at some points but I will never ever be happy just by myself. If that’s codependency then I can’t imagine what you’d call someone who literally clings to every single person they interact with no matter how they are treated and can’t even do basic life functions without the help of someone else.

I wish I could do my life again, but do it right.

I wish I could talk to you again, J. Why did it have to be you when you had so much life to live? I know you wouldn't want me to keep myself from finding love.. but I can't see it possible with anyone but you. You were my everything, you still are.

I want to stop loving her

I am intensely disappointed with the events of tonight. I had certain expectations and things went contrary to those expectations. I did not like that. It is making me angrier by the minute. Immediately after I was relatively sanguine. As time passes, the rage builds. I can only add so much to my "compaction". The facade is cracking and I don't know that I care to repair it. Why should I? Nobody else knows. They don't know. I don't know. I wish I knew. I wish someone knew. Nobody knows.

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Mr. President

I know you put your head on the line for me

I did the same for you

If you choose to not run again in 2020- I'll be sad, but this ride was one that I'll take to the bank

Thank you Mr. President

pisode 1: Barron Trump shows his father memes

Synopsis: Barron stumbles onto redpill sites and becomes fascinated with the material. He approaches his father and shows him his laptop with the memes. Trump responds that memes are meaningless in the real world and then looks at them. He is astonished and then picks up the phone and says “We got work to do.”

Script [Rough Draft]:

[Exterior of white house at night]

[Shot of Door to Barron's Room]

[Shot of Barron's laptop with stickers on it] [Zoom out to reveal Barron on laptop]

[Shot of Barron browsing Reddit]->[He goes to Jow ForumstheDonald]->[He sees them talk about Jow Forums and Jow Forums] [Shot of curious Barron]-> [Shot of him going to Jow Forums and then Jow Forums] [He stumbles onto redpill threads and sees memes] ->[Back on forth of various memes and Barron astonished]

[Shot of Presidents Desk]->[Audible knock his hear]

“Come in” says Donald as he is looking over papers

“Dad! You have to look at these memes!”

“Oh! Are they about me? I love those memes?”

“No Dad! People on the internet say they are engaging in some kind of meme warfare!”

“Son, memes are meaningless and don't matter in the real world.”

“Just look Dad!”

[Shot of Barrons laptop in front of Donald with trump reacting in different faces of astonishment.]

[Shot of Trump picking up the phone]

“Mr. Trump, this is CIA.”

“Hi CIA.. We have work to do.”


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Same shit every time. Make plans with people, they flake, blame it on "depression" or some other shit, but you never have any trouble making plans with other people. I fucking just don't understand it. I'd rather be denied than outright ignored, shit is really getting to me.

Not if your an adult male. You should be able to handle that on your own.

I assume your a woman.

People are often like crabs in a bucket (especially women which is why socialism appeals to women) when one crab starts making it to the top, another crab grabs on and pulls it back down.

You're pathetic and weak. Now go cry to other weak friends who'll sympathize with you and whine how people like me are assholes. Hehe

This place ruined my life, I hate it, I hate every minute I spend here, I hate the years it made me waste.

I hate every word I write and everything I do but I have no friends left, no job, no life, I have nothing to do and nothing to live for but this, and I hate this.

You are annoying. Everytime I turn around its like you're there, waiting to talk to me. I can't go anywhere without you showing up and ruining it for me. You talk about the dumbest shit, have this obsession over friendship and having fun. Its so god damn annoying. Fuck you, Hau, from pokemon.

Not mixed from me idk if i can get more clear than this

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Dude, shut up Silver. You're not even deep. Who cares about your daddy issues. You're not cool or strong when my fucking bellsprout KOs your entire team.

I hate both of you

You aren't an asshole i think you're being realistic but i don't think you've experienced actually LIKING SOMEONE thou ... im not like this with everyone if my friends were distant i couldnt care less