I have an interview at my city's largest engineering consulting firm on monday

i have an interview at my city's largest engineering consulting firm on monday
which outfit should i wear? i didn't put on my belt and shoes, they are both dark brown, and i have a blue patterned tie but i don't know how to tie it properly (lol) so i probably won't wear it.

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>dark brown shoes and belt
Nevermind, right.

Find some photos somewhere of people in this company. How do they dress on the job?

hmmm yeah i'm a bit overdressed then... but this is a formal interview. if i get hired i'll tone it down a bit lol. in the pics i'm better dressed than the CEO

Always overdress for the interview. Its better to overdress than underdress for an interview. You can always tone it down when you start the job.

what about the tie though?

what color shoes/belt would i need to make left work? i honestly prefer left because the pants fit better but all i have is brown shoes/belt.

No tie. Put on black shoes and black belt

Also be sure you go in with some research about the company before the interview

left all the way

get a tighter fit on your pants, theyre too baggy

Your pants fit like trashbags. Get them to a tailor

are they really that bad?

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Get a suit faggot. Always overdress unless applying to wendys.

Get a better haircut

No. God no, they're fine. Interview clothes should be conservative and those pants are fine. Slim fit suits are for salesmen.

You need black and black. Ask to borrow them from your dad, your brother, your roommate, any male you live with. Even ask the neighbor if you must.

the black one no, unless you fell they flop around, the one on the right, for sure

what about black pants pink shirt?

Left is best

stick with gray, but if you dress with dark brown shoes and belt just where a black tie

left, dont be a fucking maverick with your pink shirt

but i am a maverick

>be a software engineering undergrad
>have to get an internship
>have an interview for a big company
>go in with my old green nike coat, a wool shirt, black pants, and terrible slip-on shoes.
>get taken for the internship

I never dressed nicely for a job interview. I dress pretty well on a day-to-day basis, and never feel overdressed or underdressed, but does it actually matter or not?

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