Resentful over circumcision and everything surrounding it

I could write a book about it but to get to the point: I'm extremely resentful over the fact that I was circumcised and that it continues to be a majority practice here in the US.

If it had ended with my generation, I would still be angry about my own situation but I would at least have the comfort of knowing that much fewer people would be hurt the way I was, but it is far from over even if it has reduced somewhat. Scores of parents here think it's just peachy keen and do it to their own sons without any thought, and that drives me nuts and frankly is one of the things that makes me hate living in this country. To me, it honestly just seems like another case of victims of abuse passing their abuse on to the next generation, and it's something that is so obviously wrong to me(we are literally talking about taking a perfectly healthy human being and strapping them to a board to remove a normal part of their genitals without anesthesia) and yet so many people here still don't get that somehow. I hate most people here for being gullible and easily exploited and I hate the corrupt medical industry and mainstream media for creating and sustaining this cultural sickness in the first place.

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I've got a lot of other problems aside from this, including extreme self-esteem issues that were already a problem before I even discovered the issue of circumcision and more recently health problems that may end up killing me or reducing my quality of life to the point where I voluntarily take myself out of the game(don't ask, there's no cure), not to mention constant problems finding steady work because I live in a shitty area. But I figured I'd talk about this issue because it's something that rarely gets discussed in a serious and mature manner even though it is something that affects nearly every man in America in the most intimate way for the rest of their lives. I've been told I'm obsessed about the topic, but I don't see how you can just ignore something that stares up at you every single day that happened to you for no reason.

In summary, circumcision is shit, I hate that it was done to me, I hate that it keeps being done and most people here are idiots, and I hate the overpaid pill-pushing sociopaths in the American medical industry who prey on laymen. Does anybody here share my pain and frustration? How do I feel better about any of this?


Millions of circumcised men have sex every day in the United States. Nobody cares. The only reason you care is because of your preƫexisting self-esteem issues.

>Nobody cares.

Out of ignorance. I didn't care either until I found out what the foreskin actually is.

the foreskin isn't a miracle tool my man, i have one and trust me, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Don't be so hard on yourself.

>the foreskin isn't a miracle tool my man

I get that and don't get me wrong, I don't think my life would be perfect if I were fully intact. But it has definitely affected my capacity for sexual enjoyment, my self-image, trust for my parents, etc, and it's still pretty fucked up that that was taken from me and it was and continues to be perfectly legal to do so. I appreciate the comfort, though, I have always been a glass half empty kind of guy so it's just hard to see positives sometimes. Especially nowadays.

Sounds like you have more underlying issues than just dick skin

It's not just "dick skin", though. We're talking about sexuality, and if a woman were talking about her genitalia being altered in some way against her will you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss her feelings.

There are far, far, FAR more important things to get "extremely resentful" about

So glad I'm not a Burger.

Another cliche. Never said this was the only problem or the most important problem in my life, but it's still an important issue that deserves discussion. Bodily autonomy is important, and I think when you have a culture that casually inflicts sexual damage on one half of the population it's pretty fucked up.

I can see I'm probably going to get the same stock responses one usually gets when this topic is brought up, but I'll keep paying attention to this thread because I have nothing better to do at the moment.

Yeah, consider yourself lucky, lol. The world is shitty enough, so just take comfort in the fact that don't have to wonder what it would be like to have a normal dick at least. One less thing to be depressed about.

Jesus how cucked are you anons? OP is right about circumcision, it is forced onto baby boys for no reason and as a result damages their penis, increased risk of STDs and the head of the penis requires constant moisturising or it scars and gets damaged permanently.

It is a barbaric practice like FGM.

>itt: pathetic faggots literally defend slicing off parts of a baby boy's genitals at birth
I bet you cunts start frothing at the mouth when someone mentions female genital mutilation, but as soon as it's men you all I hear is silence or a never ending list of flimsy excuses to continue the practice. I'm not even cut but fuck the lot of you.

Sorry about your mutilation OP, you deserve better.

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Appreciate the validation, user. It's a fucked up thing to have experienced that stays with you forever. People in this thread will bring up how so many guys in the US are cut and "just fine", but let's be real here: how many of those guys have any concept of what they're missing out on? If you think all you lost was a vestigial flap of skin hanging off the end of your dick, of course you wouldn't care. But that's not what happens.

>I bet you cunts start frothing at the mouth when someone mentions female genital mutilation, but as soon as it's men you all I hear is silence or a never ending list of flimsy excuses to continue the practice. I'm not even cut but fuck the lot of you.

You get it! If even a fraction of what is regularly done to men started being done to women, these people would have heart attacks.

Yep. They have all the time in the world to rant about FGM in some backwards third world country (where people are probably getting murdered, tortured, and worse) but then they'll turn around and lop off part of their child's dick like the hypocrites they are.

>They have all the time in the world to rant about FGM in some backwards third world country (where people are probably getting murdered, tortured, and worse)

Not to mention ignore what happens to men in the same countries that practice FGM. People are so unbelievably uninformed on this issue, I get the impression that they think every man who gets mutilated is done in a sterile hospital setting by a trained medical professional and every woman is dragged out to the middle of the jungle and sliced into with a rusty razor. I guess they don't know about the guys in South Africa who have lost their dicks or outright died from the disgusting circumcision rituals they have there? But it's nowhere near as bad as FGM, tho

>But it's nowhere near as bad as FGM, tho
of course it isn't because it's done to men, which are worth less than women.

It's downright surreal because it just seems like basic logic to me that this is a bad thing and shouldn't be done and that men who have an issue with it are perfectly justified in feeling that way, but most people here in the US just can't get any of that through their heads. People are so indoctrinated about this shit that they think that cutting off part of somebody's penis is perfectly normal and you must be a weirdo if you care about it or you have other problems that you're attributing to it(see this thread). And we're a developed country? My fucking ass we are.

I'm with you, op. Not so much because I "miss" my skin, but because evil mutilates children. I have become more and more detached from huamn pleasures but have become more and more aware of all the fucking evil in this world. A lot of people seem to think
>live and let live XD
>jebus will save us
But these lines of thought are pushed by the very people who are evil in the first place. No one wants to take responsibility for the evil they let exist and I'm tired of it. Hopefully I can convince others that something needs to be done and they "people" will hang

*these "people"

Thank the jews, goyim.

Although it's most popular in the states you have to remember it's not exclusive to you guys. Even in the more progressive Western countries it's still perfectly legal to mutilate your children if they're male. It's why I don't subscribe to feminism, leftism, or any of those -isms that tout equality. They're all basically a lie peddled for the interests of particular groups.

(((particular groups)))

>Even in the more progressive Western countries it's still perfectly legal to mutilate your children if they're male.

This is true, and needs to change, but at the very least it's not actively being promoted by the medical establishment or media in any other developed Western country. The medical establishment in this country is heinous, circumcision is something that is done automatically that you have to go out of your way to opt out of, and there are hundreds of stories of people giving birth here in the US who would be badgered endlessly by nurses asking "when are you going to circumcise? when are you going to circumcise? when are you going to circumcise?" Again, how the fuck can you say with a straight face that we are a legitimate part of the developed Western world when shit like this goes on on a regular basis here and nobody does anything about it?

Not to mention it literally wasn't until the 1980s that they even gave parents a choice NOT to mutilate their sons. They would just do it behind your back with zero consequences, they did this shit for decades. How can you respect doctors and nurses here when they have a history of absolutely despicable behavior like this?

You can't. Doctors who do this will hang when I have the opportunity to do so.

It takes a sociopath to do this to children, period. I don't see how you can cut into another human being that is screaming in agony and live with yourself. I hope the fucker who butchered me has a heart attack.

Same. I genuinely hope they get what's coming, especially if it's me giving it to them

>I genuinely hope they get what's coming, especially if it's me giving it to them

You know, some people would call you unhinged for saying that, the same kind of people who would probably go all mob justice and lynch a man if they found out he was cutting up girls for African families. Hell, I don't even think people would care if grown men were forcibly circumcised without anesthesia in this country, Americans laugh and joke when a man loses his entire penis so what would they care if a man is only partially mutilated? Sexual torture and mutilation of men is a subject for humor in this country.

Yeah, it's disgusting. But that's the product of generations of social programming and subversion. If the root of the problem, plus a few underlings were killed, the rest would abandoned their anti-human sentiments. If not, I'll kill them all

I dunno man, I think it's more to do with the fact that male genital mutilation is much more normalised. People are used to it and are thus less horrified by it. FGM is also done to girls a lot older, and they can remove a lot.

I totally agree OP, and I don't even have a dick. Every time the topic of FGM comes up, I always bring up circumcision too. I don't understand how it's okay to be fine with one but not the other. Luckily it isn't so common in my country but fuck people forcing it onto their kids desu

I am not a violent person and I don't condone doing anything illegal. I hope that our problems will be solved through peaceful means. The most I think I can do short of finding a genie to sort out this mess we live in is to try to speak out and raise awareness despite how doing so often seems pointless when you see the level that the average American operates at.

Well, I won't say you're wrong for your mindset, because it too is a product of the same people who harm children, but at some point you're going to have to wake up. Evil cannot be reasoned with. They might say they will stop, but you'd have to be fucking retarded to think it'll ever change meaningfully without cutting the head off the snake

>FGM is also done to girls a lot older

Just for the record, most male circumcisions are done well past infancy often when the boys can consciously remember it and in many cases without anesthesia. In some African countries, it is a rite of passage for boys beginning puberty and often results in these boys suffering life-threatening infections, losing their penises, dying, etc. South Africa is not the penis transplant capital of the world for nothing.

But at this point I'm just nitpicking because we obviously agree on the important stuff. I'm glad you're a woman who advocates against this; I guess it helps that you're not from the US where this has been an institution for over 100 years. Women here tend to be indifferent at best if not outright anti-foreskin, even though many of them have never even had sex with an intact man or, as I've heard on a few occasions, have had sex with intact men and not even realized it. I've actually read stories from intact guys who had sex with women who said "I would never have sex with an uncircumcised guy" and they've had to say, "you know I'M not circumcised, right?" Wish I were kidding.

Crazy country we live in.

Even if I were an advocate for violent action, I wouldn't go public with it.

>muh optics
Whatever, my man. Just know you're not alone. A lot of people want these fuckers dead.

On the contrary OP - providing factual information isn't nitpicking, and I much prefer to be better informed than not. I thought circumcision was typically done to babies (not that that makes it any more acceptable).

For what it's worth I usually get a chorus of agreement when it's brought up. It's clearly very ingrained into the American psyche - either as genuine ignorance, or as a way to justify what has happened to themselves by normalising circumcision and demonizing whatever is different. Then these harmful opinions get parroted by men and women and then people actually believe them (if my son doesn't get circumcised then he'll be unhygienic/women won't want to sleep with him), and so the vicious cycle continues. Hopefully more and more people will become better informed and start to challenge some of those beliefs

reminder that the US has the most jews after israel itself.

Millions of circumcised women have sex every day in Nigeria too, but we never hear the end of how evil FGM is.

It IS usually done to infants in the West.

i got one word for you : shmegma

*in the US

Hi, Shlomo.

its bad, sure, but no use self-flagellating over it. I'm not going to berate OP for something beyond his control or for something that (in the grand scheme of things) affects very little.

It's really the ultimate redpill.

Women and minorities get doted on when they complain about "microaggressions", meanwhile boys are being genitally mutilated and we're told to stfu and stop crying if we try to talk about it.

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I have the same view on it as you. I've realized there's not much to do about it. I tried talking to my parents about it and they scoffed and asked if I was just upset because I heard it made masturbation better. Of course that wasn't the reason but they wouldn't hear it. They refused to apologize for doing it to me against my will. It's left a pretty big stain on our relationship.

But let's get to the important bit, what can we actually do about it? Well, I've found two things that help me reach peace over this.

The first is passing on the message that infantile circumcision is wrong. Any time you are in contact with (and respected by) someone who is expecting a child bring it up. Explain to them how it has affected you and encourage them not to circumcise their child. Small matters like this can make big ripples in the pond of cultural views. If you can convince even one person not to cut their kid, that's one whole line of people who aren't cutting, and may even encourage the people they know not to cut.

The next is foreskin restoration. Currently science is not advanced enough to do this, but shaft skin is capable of slowly being stretched and grown to mimic a foreskin.

The technology exists , they are growing skin, organs, etc. just have to wait for it to become more commercially available.

I still have my foreskin, and am glad.
Cannot know how people are more tolerant of anti-vaccination hippy shits than guys missing their little man's head, his fucking head!!
Wondering what Trump thinks about circumcision? Why not write to him to impose some taxes on circumcision? Bam! slap them Muslims and Jews

Trump bows to the jews and supports isreal, there's no chance he'd go against circumcision.

It's not the whole head, just some skin below it.

It's still fucking horribly disgusting, but it's not quite as bad as you said.

Barbarians are badass though.

If you want to raise awareness, sue your parents. Might get you an article in a local newspaper and others might get wind of it so it has a chance to go viral.

I would rather sue the doctor but the statute of limitations has long since come and gone to do that.