Lying on my bed

>lying on my bed
>listening to music
>feeling completely worthless
>i suck at everything i love
>everybody makes fun of me
>though i was a "smart kid" at school, i feel completely dumb
>can't socialize
>want to get a gf, too coward to talk to a girl
>studying a career that i hate just for the money
>neighbours are partying

What are you doing right now Jow Forums?

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lying on my bed and listening to music as well

i live alone and i hate the major i’m pursuing but i graduate next year so i just have to bite the bullet

my bf and friends live 3 hours away so shit is pretty miserable

considering taking a walk but it’s cold out

Debating whether I have actual mental problems that prevent me from socializing normally or I'm just apathetic.

Lying on my bed, drinking gin and orange juice and watching a movie about how the internet has fucked up our ways of having a relationhip.

Also depressed, jobless, unhealthy fat and virgin. Might as well just takethe easy way out and end it all.

what movie is this? not OP but i’m bored

Men, Women & Children. If I don't fall sleeep soon I might go as well with the Unicorn Store, seems like some relatable way to wrap it up and maybe cheer up a bit.

did u walk

Watching nerds play a racecar tabletop game, right after I threw up a pbnj because of the jelly.
Ugh, seltzer water is life.

i’m hitting my pen on my bed, my sister is supposed to give birth tomorrow morning, and i don’t feel much.

i have come pretty far from the worst of my depression but the daily fight has gotten a lot harder recently. most all of my train of thought eventually runs down to it being absolutely pointless in the end due to death.

i try to keep myself up by being with friends and my girlfriend and family and it all helps, but in the end i know it’s just a series of distractions.

i’m really scared bros

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And worst of all, you post wojaks

Get professional The experimental treatment they mention in this link where they use ketamine has been approved by the FDA by the way. There are options, and new treatments are becoming available as time goes on. Those treatments range from a variety of drugs and other things doctors can do, to psychotherapy, to you enacting lifestyle changes like exercise and more sun exposure. While depression likely won't fully go away, you can change what you're doing to manage it to markedly improve your quality of life.

>Sitting at my bedside
>eating a pot of oatmeal I just made
>thinking about all of the homework I just gave up on and didn't hand in
>wondering how it's possible to be this stupid
>nobody wants to hang around with a stupid guy with nothing special about him

Just woke up. Realized I haven't showered in at least 5-6 weeks. Nor have I changed my clothes. Feel like absolute shit. Finally gonna force myself to shower today. Not looking forward to it.

Realize that you're free to just not give a shit about how the world views you, and take some solace (solice?) in that. When nothing has any value, you need not lose it and you are free to kick back and cut your own path.

Also, booze, if you're old enough.

PS: Showering is a social construct. I rarely bathe and people don't notice. WTF?

they're unlikely to say anything haha

Showering will help you feel better, and will probably make your hair nicer.

I'm trying to forget her
Its been a long time
She doesn't give a fuck about me :(

Laying in bed wondering where I went wrong in my life and wondering how much longer I have to live. Today consisted of finding out the person I’ve been with is still married.

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Looks like you need our lord and saviour Dr Peterson

Go to Jow Forums, read the sticky, lift weights trust me if you start improving at least on your health it will eventually snowball and lead to improvements everywhere else

Definitely not being as pathetic as you, thank god.

Or you

Thanks for making me feel better about myself

Laying in bed still thinking about her it's been a month and she's still on my mind every second i would do anything just to talk to her again to be there for her.

trying to figure out how to help some people going through hard times.

Switched apartments, lots of stuff to unbox but decided to lie down and take a break. Looking up snapchat just to see my past friends enjoying their time being together. I thought these people will be the ones that I can trust, but they weren't. Would block them on social media but I've already got a quite limited amount of people that I know, and they would also notice it. Literally feel so empty inside aswell

Listening to this

Don't worry user, tomorrow is gonna be a great day.

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that's a man

are you assuming his gender?

Kind of just thinking about how odd it is that even knowing that many, if not most other people are feeling as shitty as I am for some reason or another, and even having what feel like rational, logical responses to all of it, my feeling has not gotten any better at all. Wonder if maybe it's just a biological thing that's coming and going regardless of my thoughts or actions.

It's because you don't have someone you can talk to and relate your feeling with consistently


I dont doubt that's at least related, but it's hard to nail down any one thing. When my mood gets generally worse, I usually care more about my thoughts and interactions with people, and I cant focus on much else. I'm just not sure if that's a cause or an effect in this situation.

You probably care more because you're trying to hide it and don't want them to see you at you're worst. Most likely an effect.

I guess maybe my fear is that when they see me in that state, I may end up directing that negativity at them and push them a lot further back than I otherwise would. Don't quite know what the answer is then, except maybe therapy, but appreciate the help anyways user