Should I dip into my retirement fund to save my girlfriend?

We have only been dating for one month and she might lost her job. She needs about 2,000. I am in love with her. I am 44 and she is 29 and attractive. She has dealt with me being angry and drunk and mean and continues to love me. The sex is good and we enjoy each other’s company even when we do not have sex.

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No, love is just the fear of being alone.


Yes help

On the off chance you're serious, abso fucking lutely not. You've known her for a month. Don't set a precedent of being an open wallet she can dig into anytime shit gets rough

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Fuckkkkkk no. It's not like she currently has the only job she'll ever get. She's a 29 year old female, and I assume she has experience from previous jobs, so she'll be able to survive. Whether or not she'll have to crash at your place or not is a toss up. But dipping into your retirement money is a horrible idea due to teh penalties you'll receive

Why does she need 2k? It’s ok to help her survive; sometimes people are in a pinch, but that seems extreme, especially for a month-long relationship

If you've only known someone for a month, you don't really know them. You're 44. This is something that you should have realized by now.

If $2000 represents such a significant amount of money for you that you would have to pull it from a retirement account, then no, you should not give it to her (or lend it either, as it is unlikely that you will get it back).

You should also deal with "angry and drunk and mean".

If she loses her job, she’ll realistically need 2k (her expenses are a little over 1k a month) because it will take her at least a couple months to get another job.

she can move to her parents' home
realistically she is just scamming you for money because you are desperate

No that’s not a good place for her right now and it is too soon to live together

You are a retard.
Go on, give her money. That's all you're good for obviously.

no. this looks like bait but at the same time some men are really this dumb so who knows.

So she's going to lose her job and has absolutely zero money saved up for it. She may be young and attractive but she's also stupid, or more likely smart and taking advantage of you.

Sounds like she is scamming you.

No. You've only known her for a month and I'm pretty sure that the love you're talking about is also mixed with the fear of being alone, making the feeling of love stronger than the actual connection is.

You sound like a pessimist. What’s 1-2k when it comes to love? You simply can’t put a price tag on love. When you love someone, you help them. Period. Love is an act. Not words. Not cards. Not teddy bears. Love is an action.

>I am in love with her

Its been a month, you're infatuated.

Girl with daddy issues fins reliable source of money.
In later chapters
> user gets to be a father
> user gets to pay alimoney
> user gets metooed
> user loses his house and all his retirement money when he could just had been fucking hookers and enjoying life.

Unless losing 2k won't hurt you financially, I would not offer it.
My experience is to never reveal your financial condition to a new squeeze for this very reason.

How do you know his girlfriend has daddy issues? Because he’s older than her?

1 month in and you are already having these issues. Lol.
You must be a real piece of shit

yes user.

No wtf you'll come to regret this. She sounds like a useless slut

no hahahahahahhah what the fuck


Better offer her to move in with you til she can get back on her feet, feed her and shit and don't give her your retirement money. That way you both help her, get to know her and see id she is right for you, and you are not the dumbass she can exploit.

Why are women so money hungry? Most married people I know are military wives or their husband is a business owner or something.

It does sound like the juice is worth the friend did something similar. Ended up marrying her but she was foreign so it would be hard for her to leave him. Idk man I'm either way on this one

>Ended up marrying her but she was foreign
I also notice a lot of white boys marry foreigners. Why is this?

Foreign chicks want the green card and if they're from Asia they are usually skinny and homely so white guys eat it up. Granted some of these chicks ARE pretty cool but expect to be treated like queens and these white boys cucks deliver

If you had been dating her for a long time that would be one thing, but only a month!? hell naw

They're usually military too. The girls know what the fuck they're doing.

because babbies are expensive and regardless of our individual life choices and/or intentions, reproduction is our biological imperative. that and you guys are unironically more competent and capable of providing than we are on average

Away with you, roastie.

I think military guys get the hottest ones, your run of the mill office jockey white guy can score a decent Thai or Chinese chick around my city.


>she might lost her job.
>She needs about 2,000.
For fucking what? Keep loan sharks from breaking her legs? If the dumb bitch is living paycheck-to-paycheck, consider this a red flag so big and bright you can't possibly fucking miss it.

You're 44 years old and you don't have $2k in the bank? Did you lose it all in medical expenses or a lawsuit? Or are you just trailer trash?

How? How can you not have $2k emergency funds at this age???