Hi folks, I think I have problem with myself

Hi folks, I think I have problem with myself.
I am the husband and father of two childs. Have a job and so on.
On the beginning of relationship with my wife we used to have a sex a lot, sometimes about all day and we were happy. After a year later it found fucking my wife less fun, and now it's a very rare for me to want have sex with her. I could had I still fap to pr0ns but I don't know how I could make my sex life with wife like before? I love her so much, she still have same willingness like before but I am losing willingness after even thinking (pre-game) , I felt like tired and meh. It causing argues and I feel worried about our marriage cos of that. Have any ideas? Thanks.

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Did she become less attractive physically recently?

After a pregnancy, I think that yes, I remember her more attractive. But if even if we made it, I think pregame is taking too long :/

Have you gotten out of shape as well?

Easiest fix is to spend a lot of time at the gym, don't give a fuck about whatever bullshit excuse you come up with if you became a fat fuck you'll get your energy and t levels back and want to fuck. If you both became flabby, then you going will make her nervous and develop competition anxiety, which will drive her to have better sex with you or lose the fat herself.

This doesn't happen

Well I may be out of shape too. I'm riding a bike to work, but I presume it's too low activity for fat fuck like me lol. Should I change my diet as well? I'm vegetarian, trying to be vegan but I cannot refuse eating delicious vanilla doughnuts at work

Why are you trying to be vegan? I mean it's possible to be fit as a vegan but I wouldnt reccomend it and I can't offer advice. Go to Jow Forums and read the sticky, you absolutely NEED to lift as a male to stay healthy and anyone that says otherwise is a raging fucking faggot. Thing is lifting is harder without decent protein intake. Personally I reccomend newbies I meet to start an easy program like power90, look up p90 on pirate bay it's an okay starter program. Weightlifting is more efficient for calorie burn and combined with cardio will help boost your health, your energy, mood and sex drive.

Well why? Basically I want to eat healthy, and I don't believe food corporations doesnt use antibiotics to keep source of dairy or meat healthy. And because of wife, she's vegetarian too (and I become veg because of her). Working out at gym may be difficult as after work I mostly look after my daughter again, so need to think about some in home exercises.

>doesn't want to eat antibiotics
>thinks eating the processed "vegan" foods necessary to stay alive are any better

have you talked to her about it? what makes her not want it as much as she used to? anything you could do to help her? have you tried doing something romantic? even if its annoying on the front end (i know what its like to try to warm a frigid girl up) if she melts in the end its worth it. Babysitter, alcohol, candles etc?

She of course has feelings about it from her side as well.

Go fight with vegetarians somewhere else ok? I'm never going to eat meat again.

I don't care what you eat, but you're acting retarded and thought you should know.

>muh antibiotics
>muh trendy veganism
I bet you'll be eating emameat as soon as you leave her, like the hungry fatass you are

I think she wants it like before, but problem is I don't have willingness to do that. Well she will be OK after some time but I need to fix that before it become worse (it's not first time she was angry on me because I failed to make her happy (to come))

ok well like I said I don't really know how to offer protein guidance but make sure you eat a bunch of broccoli to suppress estrogen, onions is a real killer. I think the /fit sticky has options for vegetarians too. But trust me exercise to feel better and fuck better and be a man. All that talking bullshit I'm sure you've done already and it's accomplished jack shit.

Well maybe I don't have sufficient arguments, but please, leave my vegetarianism alone. I went here for advice, not for shit storm.

Yeah OK, will check that programme and try to adapt it to my circumstances. Thanks again, I think it will help me.

I mainly wanted to point out that you have no reason to be vegetarian/vegan other than superficial validation. If you really want to lose weight, look into fasting/intermittent fasting. It helped me quickly when I did it regularly. Plus, it's more natural than veganism, if that's you angle

honestly if OP wants to do so he'll do it. Best way to lead him otherwise is leave him alone to lift. When he eventually gets into it he might revisit it as a superior source of protein.

Yeah, I know. I was being serious about the fasting though, and I'd recommend op consider it in addition or in place of vegetarianism

>he came to Jow Forums for advice