I think my boyfriend might sell drugs

I have a growing suspicion that my boyfriend of 9 months might be a drug dealer.

Some backstory. We've been friends since highschool but just recently starting getting romantically involved. He moved into my apartment recently and we've been living together since around the start of this year. He offered to pay all the bills and rent entirely but i felt like that was too much so he pays a good chunk. Like more than I pay for the apartment and he buys lots of groceries and whatnot. It really helped me out, allowing me to work part time while attending classes.

He claims to work as a full time driver, driving for both Uber, Left, and Grubhub. He's even registered as a driver with them, having that lyft display thing in his car.

However all his money is in cash. He doesn't own any credit or debit cards and he's been talking about opening up a bank account or credit union. Also his money is...quite a lot. He used my bank one time to make even and non-crumbled bills, like all 50s or 20s and even a bunch of just 100s.

He's always out driving about at odd hours though I understand that uber and lyft allow you to choose your own hours. Though the times he's not out driving and staying at the apartment, he leaves like 4 or 5 times within the afternoon to walk to the store and comes back with just a drink or some chips or something and he goes straight to the bathroom before and after each walk to the store.

I've questioned him but he's adamant on the driving thing. I do love him dearly and I wouldn't leave him if he were a dealer I would just rather not him be involved in anything dangerous or illegal.

His phone is always locked and I'm super insecure about myself so I hate being the girlfriend that demands he show me his phone history.

Also he gets constant texts and calls from a variety of different people with odd names in his phone like "laundromat guy" or "homie on 24" and "homie from Lou"

What should I do without being am annoying girlfriend?

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Dont be a skylar.

I just want him to be safe. I'm glad that he never has a shortage of cash and enjoys taking care of me when we're together but I care more about his well being. He certainly doesn't seem like a drug user.

Smart dealer wouldnt get high off their own supply so maybe hes just not stupid.
I would either completely leave him alone with this topic or once in a really fitting moment tell him that he acts extremely suspicious and you just want some kind of confirmation that there is something, just without details even.

I think he'd probably want to distance you from drugs as far as possible so try doing the same. Even if he does some potentially dangerous stuff, hes probably trying to keep you out of it .

Or he got a rich sidechic who knows.

I can see why he would be secretive if its to keep me safe from whatever dangerous/illegal activity I suspect he might be into but I'd rather him at least plan for an alternative soon if that is the case.

I'm not trying to control his life. Especially if he found a way to live comfortably with me without either of us struggling. I just hope he remains safe and happy with me.

I am a tad bit worried if he's keeping any sort of illegal things in my apartment though. My name is on the lease and he carries a backpack with a small lock on the zipper in and out of the house if he goes on a bunch of drives. He stores it in the restroom under the sink??? Though by the time I looked inside it was unlocked and only had a couple of his regular non-illegal possessions in it.

I know nothing about drugs btw and have no desire or temptation to learn.

>we've been friends since highschool but I just recently stopped fucking someone else and started fucking him
Stopped reading right there

I don't know what that has to do with the subject but this is the first relationship I've had in about 3 or so years. I only ever had one previous boyfriemd before him and it was a just a short relationship right after I graduated.

Was not really an outgoing person and still am far from it.

I'm sure.

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Say that you want to try some drugs, and ask him if he knows a hook up

>money all in cash, no bank account implying it's all stashed somewhere
>carries locked bag and stores it in the bathroom where he can conveniently remove the contents and stash them elsewhere
>constantly being contacted by people obviously just named for him to remember who they are, implying he needs to remember a lot of people

Why dont you just demand answers because he's acting so suspicious? Holyshit it sounds like you have no backbone to stick up for yourself in this relationship most girls would be going batshit insane with questions given how he's acting. He could cheat all the time and get away with it the way you treat him. Uber drivers also require a bank account and the money is all electronic until withdrawn. He's 100% lying to you and cause you're a literal doormat

I actually asked him that one time and he only knows how to get weed because 99% of people who have attended highschool or college probably know where to get weed.

Hmm, interesting. In my mind, that would signal to him that you're ok with drugs, which might lead to him opening up about his dealings.
He might just be a weird kind of social guy. I don't doubt that he might be selling drugs, but why exactly does it bother you beyond him not being upfront?

You at right about me being a doormat. It's been a problem all throughout my life and it's allowed some people I thought were friends to just take advantage of me.

I'm going to try and demand answers. I'm sure (I really really really hope) he's not cheating on me or doing something really terrible. If he sells weed I wouldn't mind too much as long as he isn't selling a super large amount to where my apartment could get raided but I'd still want him to try and have a legitimate income sometime in the future. I don't care about weed as it does t seem to ruin lives much and my father smokes weed but I don't know how I'd react if he sold like...guns or was a pimp or something or even worse; that he was prostituting himself. I acrually worried about that. I need answers. This is way too secretive for me to handle.

We both don't smoke weed. I asked him because I told him i have a friend at school who asked me (they didn't) and I know his best friend smokes. I shouldn't have to lie...

I don't judge drug users but I'm not exactly okay with me or someone close to me using addictive or dangerous drugs

Sounds like a textbook drug dealer

Honestly though; is it any of your business? Probably not. If it bothers you, confront him.

Oh boy

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I see. Well, try to get it out of him. Be upfront. If he refuses to engage, kick him out. If he refuses to leave, call the cops.

It bothers me because I dont know exactly what it is he's doing. My mind keeps racing with ridiculous thoughts of what he could possibly be hiding that the truth is probably really underwhelming.

I wouldn't get upset if he sold drugs (wouldn't be thrilled though) I'd just encourage him to invest soon in an exit plan into a legit job because I'm afraid of him getting caught and jailed.


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Well he's my boyfriend and he lives in my apartment? I take it that he pays more than me on bills and rent but I feel like i should at least know what he's doing for money?

I mean, maybe it really isn't any of my business as long as he's not cheating and it doesn't affect us as a couple but I tell him him everywhere I go and what i do. Though, I live a very uneventful life so not much to tell but he knows where I work and where I go to school

Maybe he is stripping or hooking on the side.


>my apartment
>he pays more than me on bills and rent
fucking LEL
gg wp

If I were in your shoes, I'd just pop the question
>user, are you a drug dealer?
When he's settled down, with his guard down, and see how he reacts. Depending how he reacts in those split few seconds would probably tell me all I needed to know, regardless of what he actually says.

By my apartment I mean my name is legally on the lease and anything i'm afraif of anything illegal here seized getting me in trouble

My advice might not be helpful to you because there are drugs I enjoy so if he is a drug dealer/user I'd want to know what he's selling exactly. I wouldn't want to date a person associated with something like meth or heroin, but if he's selling weed, MDMA or acid I wouldn't mind at all. If you've never actually talked about drugs, I'd suggest starting a conversation about them, not implying that he's dealing but simply asking if he's ever used anything and what he used. Try to gauge his reaction and move from there.

Okay so my suspicions were confirmed. I gave it till after breakfast and I confronted him and basically pleaded he tell me the truth and he told me he's a dealer.

He showed me his hiding spot he made by sawing out a portion of the back inside the sink cabinet and hid it with a similar sized piece of wood that can just be pushed and slid out of the way. There's 2 weight scales and what he said was under a quarter pound of cocaine. Also a bunch of money in a handbag which he said was about 18 grand.

I'm glad he's not cheating on me but I'm kind of irritated that he used my nice blender that I bought to mix his stuff with Inositol (explains the big vat of it he bought) and then he used my hotpot to "cook it back together" and I thought he meant cooking crack but no. He uses my cooking pot and my measuring beaker to create crack.

Should I be upset? I think I'm overreacting by bitching at him over my cookingware. I dont know crack is made or how cocaine is cooked "back to normal" but my stuff isn't contaminated is it?

sounds like the habits of someone you may not want to be poking around the personal business of. curiosity can kill you, kitten. dont claw up the wrong scratch tree.

So your bf is out working hard everyday on the streets fulltime so your ungrateful was can attend classes for some bullshit degree, which I bet is either liberal arts or womens studies, AND he buys groceries and still pays for more on the rent?

And yet you're busting his balls? Fucking females are so goddamn ungrateful it's almost unbelievable how leechlike you are. Especially since you're taking none of the risks. Fucking women...

God, I would hate to be the landlord that loses his rental property because my stupid tenant moved in her drug-dealing boyfriend

Hey OP. If possible could you ask your boyfriend how much he buys each time he gets in bulk and how much he sells in for? The drug trade has always fascinated me, even though I don't do drugs.

Also ask how well he knows his supplier, the person(s) who sells to him, if he knows them at all. Is your bf a gang member or part of a drug trafficking ring?


My bf claimed he never let any deals take place on apartment property and he'd walk a block down to the store or car wash to meet his customers. Most of the time he'd use his car to drive to them.

And he said there's never more than 6 ounces at a time stored on him or in the apartment which he added is small-time dealer weight and nothing to worry about losing the property over.
"A couple grand" and "Mexicans in cowboy hats" are all said when I asked him how much he stocks up on and who he gets it from.

I guess I shouldn't be too worried as he seems to be just a casual dealer and not some big time trafficker but I definitely would prefer he stop soon and get a legal job.

I don't know how to approach him with that and I don't he can't do it overnight and start working an honest job tomorrow but I just dont like the idea if him driving around delivering drugs and putting himself at risk. I should pick up some job applications for him.

How can I approach this and tell him how I feel without sounding like the annoying nagging gf that I am?

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Wow delete this thread

Holy shit this is exactly why he didn't tell you anything. You are not as anonymous here as you think.

You know how many drug dealers post their products on stupid shit like Instagram? There's much more obnoxious posts out there saying much more info with shit like pictures of illicit substances.

OP and her bf aren't gonna get raided. Specially not for a measly 6 zones. At that weight a dealer is most likely to get arrested during a traffic stop. Also I can claim on Jow Forums I'm El Chapo's best friend and move a kilo a day. All OP said was her bf was some street level dealer who lied about it to her. There are straight up drug threads on Jow Forums

Just tell him to quit being a nigger and get a real job before you dump his ass and throw him out. The fuck? I'd be pretty pissed if my significant other cut coke and cooked crack in my kitchen after moving in. Sometimes drugs are cut with shit like rat poison and he's putting in your blender and not telling you?

Are you one of those girls who are attracted to "bad boys?" I'm like 90 percent sure you're white and your bf is black or Mexican

Let the nigga keep trappin

Best answer in the thread so far.

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>My boyfriend might be a drug dealer!

First of all, this site is regularly fished by the alphabet agencies, so you’re probably snitching on your SO as we speak.

Second of all, nobody likes a snitch. People do what they gotta do, sell what they gotta sell to survive and to get what they want in life. If he hasn’t killed anybody or hurt you, you should stay out of it and let him live his life. No harm, no foul.

If you don’t like it, or dont want to be associated with it, you should leave him and explain why. But it isn’t yours or anyone else’s place to play Good Samaritan. The cops are not your friends and they aren’t trying to enforce a better community for everyone. They’ll just stick him in jail, take all of his product and money and laugh all the way to the party they’re gonna have with his confiscated drugs.

This thread made me wanna start selling cocaine. How do I get the trap started?

Find out who wants coke, find out who has it, buy it and tell the people who want it that you got it. Buy a ball which will run you about $150 (guestimate) and sell that shit in dubs n dimes. A ball is 3.5 grams and each gram contains 10 points. Dimes are 1 point and dubs are 2. Worth 10 and 20 dollars respectively. I'm sure you get the point, no pun intended. Find out what the market for drugs in your area is however. Sometimes crystal meth is more popular and you won't make shit selling coke. But the same concept applies.

Now go move some dope, user

Well there's a massive opiate epidemic going on in my region and I'm sure I can find some heroin. I'm assuming the same concept applies? Buy wholesale sell retail? Alright thanks user. Didn't know it was that simple. I'm gonna trap away

Oh man Heroin is the only one out of the main 4 (weed, coke, meth, heroin) that is completely different to sell than the other 3.

You have to sell it in bags and bundles. Unless you're selling to dealers, selling to junkies is different. They will rarely, if ever buy more than a gram because they can't save up more than a $100 in one day and they need to spend every day.

So 95% of your sales will be $10 dollar bags which they call a "fix". Make it $15 if you gotta drive but most of the time they will walk miles to get to you for a single fix. Now a bundle is 10 fixes. You can sell that for 70 or 80 bucks and 3 bundles for like $140. That's 30 fixes. A whole family of junkies fixed for like a 2-4 days on average. A gram of heroin breaks up into 20 bags. If any of your customers die in the first week of sales, make it 25 fixes a gram cause then your shit is strong lol. If they continue to die then change plugs cause your shit toxic lol. Heroin clients are the most consistent customers of any drug. I'm talking everyday and always say no to friends. Believe me they'll find a way to make 10 bucks by the end of the night. And remember ODs and deaths are common for your customers so if you go long term selling them in a year 15% of your customers will have died within the first year so if you get tar heroin, make sure to convert some into powder because people who aren't addicted yet are afraid of needles but don't worry they won't be soon lol. Or you could literally go to methadone clinics and talk to the people outside in the line. Hell I used to post up in front of different methadone clinics just like a weed dealer would do in front of a 7elevem in the 90s, trappin old school. If done correctly, heroin is one of the least hassle drugs to sell believe it or not.

I sold heroin for 4 years. Now I'm a full time youth minister. Lord works in mysterious ways.

try to buy some.

>Buy a ball which will run you about $150 (guestimate) and sell that shit in dubs n dimes. A ball is 3.5 grams and each gram contains 10 points. Dimes are 1 point and dubs are 2. Worth 10 and 20 dollars respectively.
I wonder where does this complicated American system of mesures comes from. Probably from the Englishmen and their mad love for weird measuring systems.
Here coke is either 1 gram bags or bulk. End of the story.

An eight ball here in Chicago runs $225. Smalled bag is like $40, but I forgot how much usually weigh out for that.

Any sad stories? What made you quit?

Also OP stop hating and get paper.
You sure like being treated good but don't want your man earning baka