I just don't understand I'm 19 and I have bodybuilding photos straight up 8 pack etc long beautiful hair and a huge...

I just don't understand I'm 19 and I have bodybuilding photos straight up 8 pack etc long beautiful hair and a huge dick.

I talk to many girls on the dating sites and online, they all say I'm huge and look great I got art drawings I show and a personality, an I don't talk to people that live far.

I use to meet up a lot more when I was a minor on these dating apps but I've been back on for 2 months and only met up with 3 girls. I just don't get how I look like a pornstar but these girls just ghost me

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See beautiful hair and nose ring.

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How? I don't even have acne never did

You look handsome as fuck dude, no homo.

nice bum fluff on the face there m8

Drop the overwrought metalhead faggot look and you'll get more girls

Ha I mean I even shave it at times, it grows back within 3 days. So even if I cut the stash still the same online

Is this hot?

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Can I keep the hair? Lots of girls love it

It's some top-tier hair. Keep it.

I appreciate it(:

Deffo shave man until your facial hair is more substantial. Currently it just makes you look scruffy, never let it start curling into your lips.

But yeh great hair man.

Sometimes tinder is a deadzone. I used it about 6 months back. Went about a month and got about 6 matches then deleted it. Friends made me a new one last weekend and I got 19 matches in 5 minutes from swiping. The areas were only an hour away.

Granted about 70%+ of matches are pretty undesirable though

I get many matches and show my bodybuilding pictures and big dick if I ask before and we talk a few days or hours and then ghost or a flake, alright yeah I'll get rid of the stash, sometimes I just don't have time to shave my face like everyday I'll have to.

Still open to more opinions anything is helpful

you have a literal neckbeard, shave it off. Your facial hair looks like garbage and it's warding people off

its mostly the whispy, curly aspect that makes it look bad. Either keep it completely off, or a short stubble, for the love of god.

>disgusting scraggly facial hair
Nah bruh, 3/10
Your facial genetics are quite garbage man. Rip

Guarantee you it's your personality if uggos can still pull game
But you seem to be pretty self-absorbed so who knows. Maybe they just expect a little more out of you at 19.

You also look like a hippie granola and those guys are usually trannies nowadays

You're not supposed to be this self indulgent as a man.

Alright so it's only the face hair thats a problem?

I repeat: your personality is atrocious. You're woefully self-absorbed and vainglorious despite the fact that you're on Jow Forums whining for tips

However, you're not a total fucking douchenozzle so here, these guys will be much more help. Jow Forums is just for guys larping as girls, shit-tier bait that doesn't swing on /b/ and >tfw no gf faggots to validate and pat each other on the butts.

Your attitude as well. You can be both confident and humble. Otherwise yes your physique is easily 9/10, but you reek of immaturity, and it turns out women value the latter more.

I mean I can see that a little, I actually do hold conversations and listen to other girls sides of things and ask interests but in the end I'm not looking to date only fuck sorta more a fwb

Thanks for the tip I'll post there then in a little

Why do u think I reek of immaturity? From ur observation

you type with a "ur", for instance, and you sound incredibly self absorbed and blind to obvious flaws

The way you talk and write is that of a teenager, not a grown man in charge of his life. At 19 no one can really expect you to be such, but you should at least try.

That's not the point. Posing artistically like a faggot in front of your bathroom mirror is not something that women find attractive in men. Women want to see you being social and doing cool things, not being a narcissistic self indulgent selfie snapping homo.

Oh I thought people kinda liked that way of texting more, I obviously know how to spell I just thought putting stuff like "r u going" just seemed the same as "are you going" do people really care about that?

Yeah it makes you sound like a 2 IQ retard from 2006

I must be blind to some facts well I'll try not texting so lazy and put full words if it changes anything.

1. Your facial hair looks bad.
2. You sound self-absorbed.
3. The real problem is, you are looking for one night stand and it's super obvious. Even if a girl just wants to have sex and never see you again, she still wants to feel like, you would like to date her. Every girl wants to feel special, so try and make them feel like it.
4. Sending random dick pictures are not welcome. If she didn't ask for it, don't send them.
(I'm a girl so I know a thing or two)

Damn I hate having to put in that effort I actually want someone, usually after a conversation I might talk to then here and there until I feel like actually having a conversation

I don't send random dick pics I usually ask if they would like to see it, I'm big so I just like to show it and feel the girl believes me

Those are your problems than. I understand that you like to show off, but that keeps girls away, and it's still pretty random, if you are the one asking if they want to see it. XD

Listen dude

You're too needy

You need girls to admire your gay bathroom selfies

You need girls to admire your penis

What youre not realizing is that needing shit from girls is the biggest turnoff their is