At 2:00am last night, I was woken up by my husband screaming and pounding his desk in an Overwatch match...

At 2:00am last night, I was woken up by my husband screaming and pounding his desk in an Overwatch match. We had gone to bed together and I was very confused as to why he had woken up and decided to go on the computer. He had never done anything like that before in the 5 years I've known him. I called out his name, and that apparently angered him, he screamed back at me and told me to shut up. Now, he can get very angry playing these games, but I was like wtf? And went back to sleep. I was woken up about 5 minutes later by him screaming again. His mouse had died or whatever. We had known the battery had been low for a few days, but I had two batteries in the kitchen drawer so I wasn't in a rush to get them. He started then screaming at me (even though I was presumably asleep) calling me a bitch and how much he hated me. How he had told to get me the batteries and I disrespected him by not getting them. I got up from bed and went to the drawer and got him a battery. I put it down on the desk. He couldn't tell which one was the new battery and got frustrated, screamed at me again, and couldn't get the back off of the mouse so he began picking at it with a pen. The back flew off and he couldn't find it. This sent him into a rage and he started screaming and throwing shit around on his desk. I was still in bed and at this point I was getting very upset. I screamed "What is wrong with you??", which never makes things better, he started throwing shit at me. I got up to come help him and he just sat down in his chair while I crawled around on the ground looking for this stupid mouse piece. I don't remember what I said but it made him spring up from the chair and grab me. He gripped me firmly and muttered just the craziest shit about hating me and how he was going to kill me, and then more garbage about not being able to find the back of the mouse and how disrespectful I was not getting him his batteries.

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He ended up finding the piece on his keyboard and I went back into bed. He got his jeans on and went to go sit in the car.

I didn't text or call him, but then he started messaging me saying "I hate when you make me feel this way" and "I feel sick now"

At about 3:00 he came back upstairs from the garage and apologized to me. I accepted the apology. He also apologized this morning but I am still in an absolutely rotten mood from last night.

I know my situation is fucked. Just screaming into the void.

im not a expert in this, but you should talk with your husband about what happend?

>marrying someone with anger issues and not expecting him to kill you eventually
It's like you don't even read domestic violence statistics.

Sounds like you are enabling a man child. Do you offer to change his diapees? Also sounds gay like gay shit. Grow up both of you.

Nothing even remotely related or leading up to this has happened in all 5 years you've known this guy? That's very strange, but I guess it may be as simple as hes either been expressing that anger in different ways, or repressing it only for it to come out now. Either way shit getting physical like that is dangerous to you, and you should confront him about it, get him to properly explain what the deal is if you really have no idea.

If he wont broach the subject at all going forward, think seriously about where things are gonna stand in the future for the two of you. That kind of outburst is some shit a manchild would do, like what was said before. Shouldnt be tolerated.

No, just to clarify, he has reacted this way to me before. He's hit me and pushed me, screamed, etc. Him waking up and hopping on the computer is completely abnormal.

He's gonna kill you in your sleep over a ruined killstreak or if his mouse breaks.
Farewell, anonette.

I'm sorry to say that, but get out of there. Like run. If he hit you before, he'll do it again. And more frequently. It's not a life anyone wishes for and you don't deserve to be treated like that. Best of luck. Please be careful and stay safe.

You know I'd provide any fucking reply at all if I had any reasonable doubt that you'd ignore it. But I don't doubt for even a single millisecond that you'll blissfully ignore everything because some arbitrary notion of ephemeral bullshit is more valuable to you than not being put into a series of tupperware by your future serial killer husband

Well in that case, if you're bent beyond any sense of rationality on keeping this marriage going, get him to see a therapist or something. But honestly, a separation at the very least might be wiser. Clearly, shit isnt working and that lies on him, so if he cant get it together then theres no decent relationship there to speak of anyway.

if he wasn't drunk, high or some serious shit just happend the day before,he is abusive user.

make it clear that if you are staying this shit will not fly, he should respect you.

>>inb4 whitknight

Nothing happened. And no, he doesn't drink or smoke.

Everyone here is saying "leave him", but I truly love him. He is my best friend and my first love.

divorce him it's only going to get worse

or tell him to never treat you like that again hoenstly the guys most likely hiding his obscene issues until its to late for a divorce so either bite the bullet and do it now or find out why he acted so abhorrently

I know how you feel. I've been there and seen it too. It's hard to let go of the person you love and all the good memories and things you had together. But most of the time it's for the best. No one can help you, if you are not ready to help yourself. Abusive people are unwilling to change ( it's almost impossible to get them to therapy, because they don't see the problem). It can get dangerous and you'll be the one to pay the price, for not being careful. Think about yourself first.

Rip, anonette
This is what happens when you date someone that should have stayed an incel.


Leave him. There's a reason why woman are more likely to be a victim of violence/murder/sexual assault by someone that they know over a stranger. Leave toxic relationships.

That's pure delusion. Do you honestly think your real soulmate would act in anyway like he has? Do you think your soulmate would treat you like he has?

Let it sink in that he is calling you a bitch over a damn video game. So he is disrespecting you there. He needs to control his emotions. You should probably tell him that. Also how old is he? You really have to have a long talk with this man because you married him, and life is long. This is probably his true self finally coming out but im not sure. Does he play all the time? Maybe try to get him out of the games and do some other activity that will help him with his anger.

I have no sympathy for people this stupid. It would be good if he killed you and himself before you breed children into this world who then have to suffer in that household or orphanage or foster family.

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can have zero self esteem.

Try to make him leave Fortnite and pursue less stressful hobbies.

This sounds like a symptom. Like something has been bubbling under the surface for quite a while.