How's your dating going user? Bad right?

How's your dating going user? Bad right?

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bad mans

27 and haven't gone on one yet.


Shit thread op, congrats



18 and found a girl i like at a local ice cream shop
seen her last monday and been trying to go in and catch her while she's working but nah
going back in on monday again and gonna try and talk her up, get a number/date

surprisingly ok for a chubby (fat?) guy

been broke for about 3 months now, so no dating for me, although started working again and in a month things should be ok

Nope, just came back from another date with the same person and I think I'm in love tbf

tell us one good thing about the date?

dated 7 girls in last 6 months...pretty bad user

3 years since I've been laid.
I also haven't looked very hard. I'm close to getting my bachelor's and don't have time for women
also I have no money

How do I get laid off of tinder? I match with a bunch of hot girls, but idk what to message them

I haven't been on a date since Highschool and it went horribly. I'm 32 now.

Gave up.

Despite the fact we'd been busy all day in a group and that we were both exhausted, we still made time for each other. Unless you mean more specific, in which case on the car journey home I was in stitches laughing. I haven't felt this at home with someone in my life.

29, never been on one. Hasnt bothered me since I was 23. Lifes easier when you single. There's more to living then getting pussy.

Alright anons what has been your worst date?

This is mine:
>match with a girl on tinder
>actually have a great conversation with her
>talking to her just comes effortlessly
>we decide to set up a date
>she lives in the middle of nowhere so instead of going to mini golf, we go to a fucking wendies
>I end up being late to the date
>like really late
>she says she already started walking to the wendies in the rain
>she gets soaked
>40 minutes later I get there
>I see her in person and my heart sinks
>she’s gained like 30 pounds from her pics
>instead of being a petite cutesy girl, she’s a chubby, ugly, acne covered Mexican girl
>she’s super shy and awkward so I carry the conversation
>We don’t really click at all and end up running out of things to tak about
>the wendies food fucking sucked btw
>we go to my car and talk for awhile
>we kiss and I feel her mustache hairs and pimples
>bring her home
>we text that night
>she asks me if I have ever cheated and tells me how she has cheated on her old bf multiple times
>thank god there’s an out
>tell her that’s a dealbreaker for me and ghost her


Is it even worth trying to date in college? The vast majority of students live too far away, you won't see them during the summer, and you may never see each other again after graduation.
Is it better to try meeting people outside of school? Cause I wouldn't know how to start with that.

Haven't been on one in 3 years.
Such is life for a poor ugly manlet.

> make plans to go cinema
> he turns up late
> miss intended film showing
> invites me to go smoke a joint with him that he made whilst we wait for next showing
> explains he was late because he got unbelievably high and lost track of time
> tells me after the joint he expects payback for it on that day
> didn't bring any money for his cinema ticket, forgot his wallet
> talks the entire way through the film
> as we leave the cinema he starts letting me know how we're getting to his house despite the fact I said I was going home after the cinema twice before the film
> gets angry at me when I reiterate I'm going home
> follows me home to "make sure"

4 years now with the girl of my dreams. Life's alright.

I get this, being a poor ugly manlet. I'm not going to say some stupid motivational line beyond that it helps to have your life in order. So few guys have their life together that girls will flock to anyone with a modicum of stability.

>girl does all but beat me over the head to make me ask her out for valentines
>be retard then fuck it up
>eventually ask her out but she flakes then ghosts
>girl at work corners me a week later, asking me out for coffee
>kinda want to ask out a girl I see at uni who's in the same course but a different class
>no idea how to since thus far the two girls who've been interested were the ones approaching me first

No idea what to do, I'm a headless chicken. From neet to pretend normie

>meet girl on okcupid
>seems cute enough
>talk a little bit and she wants to meet
>she works at mall, asks to meet there
>finally see her
>her face is really scrunched up, she has a super hard overbite, and has shark teeth (never smiled with teeth in photos, I should have known)
>says she didn't expect me to actually come
>we just walk around the mall making awkward talk
>I pray no one I know sees me
>she says we have to wait to pick up her friend
>we sit at the starbucks inside barnes and noble, she has me pay for coffee
>go meet her friend (in the mall still)
>is some dyke
>get on the topic of weed
>girl I met never done it, dyke girl insists we go back to her apartment to smoke resin from the inside of her bowl since she's out
>tell her that's probably not a good way to introduce someone to weed
>"suddenly remember" I have something due that night so I leave
>as I'm walking by some glass windows I see my reflection and think "damn I look way out of her league" for the first time ever
>lose my virginity a few weeks later to another girl

know your worth and your standing anons, it's probably better than you think.

had a few, but... I'm a coward.

OP here, good to know that I dont need to date then

It's been improving substantially of late. Turns out I'm hot as fuck, I just needed to start taking the issues that are in the way seriously

hey man, I'm . do you have any advices on how to deal with insecurities and shit? apparently I'm hot too, I just don't know how to manage women, how to find out if they like me or not, how to get them horny...

>42 years old
>thin and in reasonably good shape
>not attracted to anyone fatter than myself
>not interested in dating anyone with kids
>want someone within ten years and living nearby
>literally nobody just on those demographics alone

So yeah, bad, you could say that.

It ain't going. I'm 26, and have tried sex once. It isn't worth the effort, but at least I know it's nothing special. If love was involved I think it would be, though.
Also I'm unemployed, so I don't have money to be dating, or enough self-respect ATM.

Dating? What's that?

Oof why even live

If I haven’t found someone I can spend the rest of my life with by 42, I’d probably kill myself

kinda shit

I fucked up with two girls and I'm playing the ghosting game with them so i can get them back.

one was from college and one from work. I don't know where the fuck else to go for grills

Ironically, the rest of my life is actually pretty good. Hell, if I was into "thicc" women or willing to date single mothers, I would have no problems whatsoever finding a relationship partner. I even have actual friends, a career, my own home, all that sort of thing. But there just plain aren't any single women around here in my general age range who aren't either fat or who have kids.

Hey, at least I know that loneliness isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. It sucks, but it could be a hell of a lot worse.

Lower your standards or stop bitching.

What, you think that people aren't allowed to have standards? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Is that how you do it? So you must be unhappy because you don't have what you want

>match with girl on tinder near where I was
>"let's drink"
>"it's too late, user"
>i get sexual in a few messages and she's fine with that
>we schedule for the next night to drink
>she's from my uni
>next day I say some things that looked like too sweet for someone I just matched and would probably be just a hook up
>the date:
>I'm very concerned recently about lots of stuff including uni
>we talk for 2 hours about uni and job stuff
>at the last 20ish minutes we talk a bit about our fun interests
>mfw i haven't being doing anything fun for months (after this date I decided to look to get back to my old hobbies)
>we decide to leave
>as we are walking "user, do you have friends?"
>"no, just acquaintances from uni"
>I try to kiss to her
>we leave
That's my most recent first date
At least it helped me figure out that meeting new people won't cure my mild depression