Why am I invisible to girls? Can they sense autism? Am I so unattractive? Should I just stop trying?

Why am I invisible to girls? Can they sense autism? Am I so unattractive? Should I just stop trying?

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Most women like dominative men. They like to be conquered. It's very rare occasion when they approach you with romantic interest. It only happened to me few times in my life. So if you want a girl.. drink enough alcohol to give you courage to approach and carry on the conversation.

What do you mean? Are you asking why they don't approach you? The reason is because it is our species custom for males to chase the females in mating rituals.

If you're asking why they aren't responding to your advances, that shaggy hair and plain "pls don't notice me" clothing, and probably a very shy and meek demeanor, probably does it.

If image is you, you’re cute but obviously give off a feminine vibe. They probably think you’re gay. Try to be less gay.

How is not being afraid to talk to someone... domination? Women don't want to be dominated, normal women want normal guys who they don't have to pry teeth out in order to talk to them.

I guessed you don't have courage to approach women so i suggested alcohol. Where are you from btw?

That's my pyjamas and i look like shit and much younger with short hair
What is gay about me and how do I avoid giving out gay vibes? I have no clue
isn't me. I actually agree on the alcohol confidence boost method, I struggle a lot to approach girls and I don't think I've ever done it while sober, it's pathetic ik.

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The kawaii peace sign, feminine posture, loose fitting shirt

Oh, that. I'm just really bad at posing for pictures and I felt I had to do something with my other hand, iswear I don't do that shit in public tho. And that's my pyjamas.
But yeah I'm a twink, fuck

Isn’t it normal for men in Italy to be slim? You’re pretty attractive. If we got along I’d date you, or I would be cool if you dating my girlfriends etc.

a haircut would do wonders for you imo

I don't stand out like a sore thumb but we arent all slim unfortunately.
Thanks tho
I wish you were right, I tried cutting them shirt and ended up looking like an highschooler, I can't help but hate shirt hair on men and love the fuck out of girls with shirt hair. If only I was born in the 70ies...

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Its probably more of a personality thing. Just keep trying, and try being a bit more outgoing. You are not unattractive, I think you most likely lack the confidence. :)

going just from the photo you arent ugly, you look like a gay jon snow. id start by not having a toilet and a dirty mirror in your selfies buddy.

Is that you? You are very attractive. You remind me of my ex, he had very long hair and has always been considered one of the hottest guys in town

But yeah it's not your looks definitely. Do you some good friends who could wingman you? What do you do in your free time?

Your face is genuinely bretty good, just drop the gay attitude and get Jow Forums. You'd probably be able to keep the hair too if you got big.

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>a gay Jon Snow
Unfortunately I don't have many chad friends who could help me.
I go out occasionally at night but I tend to stay with my friends. In the morning I'm at uni.
I don't know, I'm not very social, I drink a lot when I'm out because I feel too anxious if I don't but getting wasted doesn't help.
But probably I'm just boring and people can tell.
I'll be hitting the gym soon but my gains are very moderate and gaining weight without spending a fortune on food is hard

Just cut the hair or even better shave your head, most guys that have long or unique hair need to have a special personallity to find gfs

you have a good face but you look scruffy and look like a fag

go lift, if you want to keep a longer wavy hairstyle that's fine but actually get a proper one not the shit you have right now

Then I'm fucked
Can you post examples of good long haircut?
I only know the Severous Snape curtains haircut and that's lame af, I'm pretty clueless about it

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I have a very similar face to you but with straight hair. I cant speak for everyone but I think you'd look better with the beard trimmed shorter, hair more manly, and definitely cut it out with the gay posing. You're a dude not a girl, stop trying to look like one. You should lift too if you're willing.

Definitely not ugly though, about average face for sure.

Is this fucking real? Because I am the left here. And I want to be the right.

Get a hircut

just have to join the Night's Watch.
You'll be slaying wildlings and wildling pussy in no time.

From incel to gymcel.

f here
you're actually really cute! though I have to say that you look like you're not a very kind person, maybe it's just me, tho!

You are skinny and not very tall. You look exactly like Jon Snow's head put on a stick body. Don't be a bitch and hit the gym, you have potential.

IDK desu you look like an 8-10 to me. Totally the type of guy i wish I could find irl.

Am a girl.

My program is a cohort so I have to take summer classes. problem is, summer classes are out of pocket. should I take out a private student loan or should I take a gap semester or should I do both?

my classes are at night and weekend so it's possible to work full time if needed.

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cus you are 5'6"

You're not unnatractive at all op. You should cut your hair shorter, get a nice hairdo and get some muscle is all.

Also do you ever make moves on girls you like sometimes we see guys we like but get anxious about letting them know. So taking initiative could help.

i think it's probably because you don't look threatening.
this is an evil society, so the role model we've been brainwashed with has to be threatening or childish.
you look kind and gentle, that's a turn off in a culture like this.

this is the dumbest most beta shit I've ever seen

Invisible through which medium.


Walking down the street?

Social circle?

Okay I was trolling and I feel bad now, but u look good probably don't approach women which is a huge failure in itself. Get confident talk like u dont care what others think and you will get noticed.


Also yes people can sens your autism, just own it, be your self but learn to read people and dont be obnoxious, this is the biggest problem amongst autist, they cant tell when people get annoyed

sure but is it true or not?

IDK I like his hair. Even longer would be nice.

5'8" :(
I don't think kindness is my problem but I sure need to work hard on my personality, I feel I'm uninteresting and have nothing to say to people which is really sad.
thank you
I don't... I'm fairly shy
I'm not sure, I really hope girls don't actually follow this way of thinking cause it's pretty retarded imo
All of them. They just look at me and keep going, but idk maybe it's just social praxis
I wish I had some confidence. I always overthink. There's this girl in class I'd like to talk to but my friends keep saying she looks like she's homosexual and Idk I feel lost, and what should I tell her out of nowhere? Now that I followed her insta it's even more emberassing, never gonna make it

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For the shyness think about it what's the worse that could happen if you show interest In girl or ask her out. She says no with is really no worse than not asking.

Lol wish I could take my own advice except the other way around.

You look good man. Give yourself a push and just ask a girl you like if she wants do something like grab a coffee or whatever... then go with the flow

Ho amici che sono 5 volte più cessi di te che non hanno problemi a ricevere attenzioni femminili.
Dovresti provar a fare i capelli ricci dato che sembrano crespi.
Che studi all'uni? Hai qualche hobby apparte stronzate a computer?

I play electric guitar and do some macrophotography during spring and summer. Idk what else, occasionally play vidya.
Non mi doxxare ti prego aaaa

Bello mio non siamo su b non ho ne la forza ne la capacità di doxxarti
Anyway as I said, fix your hair, go to a good barber and ask advice. I think curly will suit you and your personality, there is a good portion of girls that litteraly wet themselves thinking about you trust me. Maybe fuck a hooker if you're too shy.