Advice on living with genital herpes (HSV-2)? Just found out I have it today. Pretty sad about it. Got while wearing a condom, which I just found out was even possible today as well.

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Just remember that it's not the end, and that it's a very treatable disease nowadays

There will be flareups etc, and medication - but you can absolutely live a normal life. Just don't get bogged down in self-pity.

Plenty of people live with worse conditions. I have epilepsy and even I have to remind myself it's not that bad

I’ll try to keep that in mind. Just feels difficult at this point because this is an incurable lifelong thing. It’s like most fuck ups in life (because I have had my fair share) are not permanent and can be fixed with time but this one can’t. It does put it in perspective though when you compare it to some other things.

Where do you live? I thought most first world countries had a vaccine for genital herpes?


There’s no vaccine for herpes only an anti-viral medication that can be taken daily to prevent outbreaks. The virus hides in nerve ganglia which makes it very difficult to eradicate. I’ve learned a lot about herpes in the past week since I became suspicious of having it. A lot of things I had no idea of before.

are you legitimately diagnosed then or are you suspicious

I’m legitimately diagnosed with a swab test

How did you get herpes?

>Advice on living with genital herpes (HSV-2)?

Had sex with a girl who didn’t inform me she had genital herpes. Wore a condom but that doesn’t protect you from it. Also maybe this girl didn’t even know. Apparently from my research 80% of people living with it are unaware.

So something like 1 in 4 females have this depending on what you read and 80% have no idea AND you can get it wearing a condom. It’s pretty frightening actually and I wish I was better educated about it before contracting it.

Let me educate you a little further: promiscuous people rarely ever get STD tests because they're afraid of the results. Of course the girl didn't know, she probably never had a breakout and it doesn't take one for the virus to spread.

Yup I’m aware of that. One more thing is that herpes is not included on a standard STD test. I DID get tested often and not once was herpes on there and I never gave it any thought, I just said my results are all negative I’m good. Not really sure why it’s treated how it is. Maybe if people were actually being tested it would curb the spread down.

Herpes is hard to test for, you need a swab off an active sore and a lot of people who have it never get sores, but the people they spread it to might develop them. Also herpes is pretty much harmless, so the medical profession isn't as concerned with curbing its spread as much as they are with other STDs that can cause infertility or are potentially life threatening.

Anyone who is into Tinder and stuff should definitely not settle for standard testing though. The "It's not gonna be me anyway"-mentality doesn't help either. Our school took us to a HIV support center where we met a HIV+ person - an elderly lady. She had a ONS on a cruise ship, got sick when she got home and was surprised to say the least. The boomer who infected her had no idea he had HIV, he himself probably got it from a prostitute (and considering that line of profession, who knows how many more she infected).

Buuut, since you asked how to proceed - at the very least inform future sexual partners of your condition before sex.

Holy shit, that is pretty metal. Sorry for your situation OP. Where did you meet this hoe and how old is she/you. STDs care the shit out of me, I will probably examine the vagina before I have sex if I ever do lol

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What about the blood tests though? Seems like they’re pretty accurate? I understand the part about it being benign. I thought my outbreak was from jerking off too much, I was pretty surprised when the doctor told me it was herpes. The mental part of this is really really bad though I’m not going to lie...

You’re right about that I should have been doing a more thorough test. That’s pretty fucking terrible and I am glad I don’t have HIV. Kind of like what the other guy said up above there are worse things to be dealt. I absolutely plan on doing that. I was pretty outraged that girl didn’t let me know, but I’m trying to forgive her and believe she was just ignorant.

Thanks man. I met her on tinder. If I could go back and do it again I just wouldn’t have sex with someone unless I planned on having a long term relationship with them and I’d be more demanding about STD results.

That really sucks. I once thought I had herpes because I had a bump, several doctors even looked at it and said they were almost certain it was herpes. I went through all the emotions until the results came back negative. It was just an irritation or something. I feel your pain.

I didn't know you could get herpes through a condom! News to me. You can date girls that have it right? There are probably some groups like that.

I am so sorry to hear that, user. About 5 years ago, I had a single and isolated gran mal seizure. I had gotten shitfaced drunk the night before, and was entirely dehydrated. Went outside to play with a dog, and it just hit me. Was fucking frightened the entire time while I had every test performed to make sure I was ok. No signs of epilepsy; the docs just chalked it up to the perfect storm of biological factors. Nothing's happened since, but I'll never forget how scared I was. I wish the best for you.

Glad you didn’t end up getting this man. Yeah it was news to me as well. It’s because a condom doesn’t fully cover the areas that can be exposed to herpes. Yeah that’s a good point I’ll probably check then out. Just kind of sucks the dating pool just got cut down significantly