Female friend tells me I’d be

>female friend tells me I’d be
attractive if I would “be more out there”
What the fuck is this even supposed to mean

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Stop being an introvert

It shouldn't really matter that much though, it's just her opinion, not necessarily the truth. Also girls tend to be the opposite of honest when they try to give advice on how to attract girls.

For that particular female friend, she's saying that you being a introvert, (or possibly a recluse, idk the details of your life) is a turn off for her.

It's kind of a turn off for me as well, if I were to be honest. I like guys who have decent social lives outside of dating me, yeah?

You lack perceived social importance.

Lets say you were a soccer coach or a sky diving instructor, thats what makes her crotch juicy.

>A soccer coach makes her crotch juicy

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Why the fuck is this so true

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Wtf who cares? Should've said
>Aw, thanks
And left it at that.

this poor guy in OP's pic has way more problems then OP
now i'm sad

That's a touch weird, desu. As long as I'm paying my bills, keeping up with my hobbies, and otherwise doing my best, it shouldn't really matter how social I am outside of you.

I mean, I don't think less of men as people for not being social, I just prefer to be with men that have a social life, as I have generally found them to be more engaging and stable people.

It's just my preference.

I Lost.. kek x 9000
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Life doesn't work that way man. Girls want a well-adjusted man who has his life in order, just like you would want a girl who has some redeeming qualities. Being social means you can interact with people well, which is one of your primary functions. Not being good at that lowers your attractiveness for most females

how do you be social when you have no friends in the first place?

Well you gotta make some friends first, then branch off those friends to build a social frame of people you know. The hard part is getting the friends in the first place, and idk how to explain it. Depends on what's your situation I guess

In general, women don't think like men do. It's not that they're less or more intelligent but on a fundamental level we're not the same. Things that are of no value to you mighto be infinitely valuable to her and vice versa. The sooner you understand this the better.

What about making friends and relating to other people without fear?
Anyway, if a woman wants you to have stability regarding external factors like money, friendships, job, etc. It means the relationship is not for you, it's for her, to complement her life rather than giving love to someone else. Normally this kind of women is materialistic as shit, like the kind of wife that would leave you if you lose your job. No one can ask other people to have or not to have things that they want like if it was a list of requeriments.

>It means the relationship is not for you, it's for her
That's a good thing. This isn't a Disney movie, people want a partner to build a life with, not some loser who can't do basic humans functions. ''Love'' is a meme when it comes to choosing a partner for marriage

>love is a meme in a marriage
>people want a partner to build a life with
And what exactly is a "life"?
Money, job, social status, all materialistic stuff and consumerism? while "love" is the least important thing?

What kind of slave of money you have to be to come up with something like that?
No wonder there are so many divorces nowadays.
Marriage is not about how can the other person help you in your economics, there are many couples that remain unhappy even if they have all the money they wanted, while poor couples are actually happy because they know they at least have each other to love, no matter what.
I hope I never find a money robot like you that all what it can think are just materialistic things and doesn't know what feelings are.

So what happens when she wants to socialize with people? You stay behind and she goes by herself? So then she gets to explain to everyone else why she's always alone when she goes out?

Look dude, that shit fucking sucks. I know because my dad was that guy. The only time he would go out or do anything was when it was something that he wanted to do (and it would always be shit like gambling or meeting up with his friends...to gamble over sports games or whatever. Then whenever my mom wanted to do anything my dad would say that it was a waste of time or that he didn't care for it.

The same thing when it came to anything for my sister or I - he wouldn't want to accompany us anywhere, pick us up, or do anything if it included any kind of socialization with other parents he didn't know. Luckily our mom would still do it whenever possible... but of course that doubled down on the fact that she had even fewer chances to meet up or socialize with people she knew. She was unhappy for a very long time and we all knew it - but divorce is not a thing in our culture.

So tell me, if a girl enjoyed being social and valued being around other people why exactly should they settle for someone who doesn't want to do that?

I mean if you want to be a social recluse, then find someone who is similar. Thing thing is that even introverts need social interaction - they just need to recharge after a social interactions to refresh their energy. Extroverts derive energy from it but need to take breaks so that they don't overheat and burn out. People who literally never want to socialize, though, kind of sends the vibe that something is off.

i'm fine tagging along

The thing is, that I don't want a guy to just... Tag along. I enjoy going out with my friends. I want my bf to feel the same, mostly so that we can head out together and I know he'll have a good time.