Is it true

my boyfriend will stop loving me after a few years and some wrinkles on my face

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It depends on

*how good you cook
*how fat you are
*and are you annoying in general

So, no

I hope it's true

If you've got nothing to offer other than your looks, it may be true. If he likes you for you, then probably not

Maybe but if he does he’s a shitty boyfriend because your looks were your only quality keeping him with you, and you will then dodge a bullet if he leaves.

that so retarded ideology, let me guess you are a cuck?

Listen, kid, what does a MAN search in women?
Well, I will tell you, is one thing.
1. Butty

Do you think a MAN will ever ask a question that girls do about their partners like Hmmm I wonder if he has friends, I wonder if he will love me when I get old? I wonder if has a good education, I wonder if he respects his family, and so on.

Only beta cares about what a female thinks, you were born as MAN act as one as nature made you.


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Beauty is important but it’s something fickle that fades. You can grow to be attracted to someone or lose attraction to a hot partner in a long term relationship because the features you once found “hot” are now normal or even boring.

As a man I do seek partners who will not drop me as I age because aging is a normal process, that’s going to effect everyone. And I don’t want a partner that both can’t handle reality and tries to avoid it.

well yes, you are right but that doesn't change a fact that guys care only about looks first.

I care for good looking natural boobs of small and medium size when it comes to general weight I prefer my gf to not exceed my own weight which is hard because I eat less than the average male apart from that everything is just Also that would be a statement that most men here will disagree with but I think women have way too much makeup, incelish statement but seriously are you kissing a lips or are you kissing a lipstick, know the difference

If you're only use is to look pretty and be a sex toy, yeah probably. And since that's most women, you're not alone

My bad

I never said that they didn't. Attraction is an important barrier to entry when you're first dating, but OP wasn't asking about that.

Probably. Maybe you will leave him who knows. Such is life

Its hard to say. Sometimes you just gotta see what happens, and if he dose leave you then thats just what happens. Sometimes life sucks, other times its great, you just gotta live life for what it is.

Asking stuff like this in Jow Forums of all places will gain you a lot of hateful responses. Just sayin'.

That said, don't worry, you can always trade for a new one. That's why you typically see old lonely men in bars, not old lonely women.

Can honestly say I'd never leave my wife if her looks fade. I love her and she's my best friend. I don't know why anyone would stay with someone unless they felt the same way.

What if she was horrifically burned?

that's so sweet and cute

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I've always told her if something happened where we couldn't have sex I'd just invest in a good onahole/sex doll.

If you're just talking about looks, no I still wouldn't leave her. I don't take my vows lightly.

If you chose a boyfriend, who loves you only for your looks, yeah, that's exactly what will happen. Of course, that's the only kind of boyfriend you can even have, if your looks are your only lovable quality.

Are your looks all you have going for you? Are you otherwise unlovable?

Your personal views don't represent everyone. It's also weird you roleplay a character who is nothing like you. For one, you aren't smart. And second you aren't good looking. You should be happy if anyone wanted to date you.

if he's an asshole maybe, but you should give him the benefit of the doubt that he loves you unless he gives you a reason not to

that's why you get married.

>Your personal views don't represent everyone
They dont, but this is a fact are you going to deny it?
>It's also weird you roleplay a character who is nothing like you.
I dont roleplay as anything, where did you get that idea? From my name?
>For one, you aren't smart.
And how do you know that? And why are you even telling me this? This has nothing to do with post i made anymore
>And second you aren't good looking.
Ok, so what? I am fine being average human, being perfect is boring.
>You should be happy if anyone wanted to date you.
Ohhhhh i see now, you are an incel that thinks looks are all, poor soul. With your mean/incel personality i can see why would you be angry at me. Also i am not a virgin so your pseudoscience wont work on me.

Look bro, just calm down maybe and work on yourself, you look very frustrated with me, how about you focus on yourself?

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Yes, although he will feel too guilty to admit it.

You will only know the truth when he replaces you with a younger woman.

I'm in a relationship and I'm not a guy.
You have to stop projecting so much.
And you are below average, it is a fact, are you going to deny it?

>I'm not a guy.
Ok, why did you have to tell me this?
>You have to stop projecting so much.
So you are going to avoid all of my questions, well thats fine with me it just proves i am smarter and i was right.
>And you are below average, it is a fact, are you going to deny it?
Now you attack me, why? Did i make you angry? No i am average, like i said your incel stuff is not going to work on me.

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pic reminded me of someone who has legs like that
She's a prick

Yes she has ugly personality and is like 5/10 at best

I guess you weren't lying about the autism.

That's it, i am done talking to you, you keep on insulting me and not making any proper logical counter arguments.

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That depends on your relationship and who you both are as persons.
There definitely are relationships where that might happen. But there are just as many if not more relationships that have a bit more depth. It‘s entirely up to you to find someone and create a relationship with the depth you wish for. It‘s definitely not true that someone who really loves you will stop loving you because you got wrinkles.

This is what morals are for and why you need morality in relationships.

Love is the response to morals, just as,
Fear is the response to danger.

Someone holds a gun to you, your brain recognizes it as dangerous and begins the subconscious fear response.

Someone holds a super moral man to you, your brain recognizes it and begins the subconscious love response.

Start with virtue, go from there, and then you'll find your sense of security in relationships.

It isn't possible to talk to someone with autism. Something you said you have in other threads. Was that a lie? Either way I don't try to reason with toddlers either, because their brain capacity isn't capable.

Also I'm a different person.
Not everyone spends their whole life here so they probably left a long time ago while you keep bumping threads to post incoherent nonsense.

I hope you find a purpose in life and retire from your online persona one day.

I can only speak for me and my gf. I will love her until the end of time, no matter how many wrinkles she gets. She's afraid of what childbirth will do to her body. I told her I will find her even more sexy with her give life to my children, and will go down on her just as much as I do now. True love is timeless and doesn't care about stupid shit like wrinkles

I have mild autism.
Also i was just playing with your emotions i dont care that you guys post my face.

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how did she do this? what did she do to make you love her this much?
please I'm desperate.
tell me the secret.

If he only loves you for looks yes

There's many things. She's level headed. If we have an issue we calmly work through it. She's funny and laughs at my jokes. She's kind and outgoing. She's an absolutely amazing cook and loves to do it. She's lets me fuck her when I want. And she has absolutely perfect, big tits sculpted by God himself. So that's what she did to make me fall the way I have

My husband came home from work and was staring at me. I asked why and he said “when I’m away I forget how beautiful you are” ;_; He tells me I’m beautiful every day. We’ve been together for over 20 years.

I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you and I hope you'll keep shitposting and triggering retards.

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so what kind of dishes does she does for you?
is she fit/chubby/...
does she have an extremely beautiful face?
does she agree to all you say in general?

>redpilled female
well done

also what kind of guy are you if you don't mind me asking.
are you like a really really kind hearted guy. or would you say you're like most normal human guys.
honestly. i'd do anything to make my boyfriend love me. but i know that if anything he thinks of me as a practise girlfriend. also, annoying.
i'm scared i'll die alone

>You should be happy if anyone wanted to date you.
I wanna date him :)

Also you need to calm down.

Wow you're so cool dude. You out-maneuver them with your sharp wit and consciousness.

Life changes but it all depends, you're just feeling insecure.
Also post ass.

>so what kind of dishes does she does for you?

She makes a mix of several different things. She's always trying new recipes. It's never the same thing twice.

>is she fit/chubby/...

She's neither super fit or chubby. Middle of the road/average body wise which I find absolutely perfect. In addition to perfect tits and beautiful looking pussy that tastes like heaven.

>does she have an extremely beautiful face?

Everything about her beautiful to me. I don't notice other girls anymore. None are as good in my mind.
>does she agree to all you say in general?

No, but when she disagrees she doesn't yell. We just talk through it.

>also what kind of guy are you if you don't mind me asking.
>are you like a really really kind hearted guy. or would you say you're like most normal human guys.

There are things about me that are above average. Things like education, penis size, sexual ability, and I've been told wit and charm, etc. But I also see myself as fairly simple in my needs. I don't need a lot to be happy. I try to be kind to everyone. But that should never be mistaken for weakness because I'm not a bitch. It's always been clear to be my gf that there are certain expectations that must be met, or I would have no problem walking away because I know my worth.