How do I deal with being a black pilled loser? I am 35 years old. Have wife and 3 kids. Literally zero savings...

How do I deal with being a black pilled loser? I am 35 years old. Have wife and 3 kids. Literally zero savings. I make 100k or so a year which my wife seems to spend a lot of. I can't mention to her to stop spending money without it being a fight. About 35k debt. Shitty credit score.
I'm blackpilled on just about everything I can imagine. I have a perfect road map for my life in my mind but I can't seem to make progress on it. And i can't kill myself because I have 3 kids who need me. How do I keep up this dammed circus of going to work every day and being miserable etc etc.
Pic related is me but I've been that guy for 15 years apparently

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>letting a woman have power over you

What the fuck are you buying or is she’s buying that 100k a year is leaving you 35k in debt. I’d say leave the bitch but you’ll be more in debt. She’s spending your hard earned cash on dumb shit and lunch dates with her friends

She has a spending habit that needs intense mental help. It’s going to keep getting worse and worse unless you tell her to get help. Damn cunts man

To be fair, the cost of living with 3 kids and a stay at home mom is high. We have 2 cars. One is paid for. The other is most of the debt. She just spends money on stupid things and it adds up. I put gas in the car to get to work and don't spend on anything else really. My wife can't admit when she's wrong on this I know that. Like I said it causes arguments. I don't know what to do because I know if we divorce shit is going to be worse. I've ignored it too long and now im here

>How do I deal with being a black pilled loser?
Being black pilled isn't the problem. The problem is that you've come to the realization that you've married a woman who ruins you financially and who basically takes advantage of you.

Either take steps to help your wife sort out her problems, or find a way to get your ass out of this marriage.

That’s exactly it, you tell her she’s ruining this family and their life with her spending. You have to go staring intervention on the bitch. She is ruining all of your lives and she couldn’t bar an eye because “oooh a new baaaag” is she bipolar at all user. People with bipolar are pretty impulsive with spending

She's a little bipolar yea. I will tell her this straight up. She's understood it before but then after a couple weeks she does the same things again. Like I'll get paid and suddenly have a few k in the bank and she will suddenly order pizza and stuff. It's not a lot but it all adds up..

It's ok user. We all fuck up along the way. This is what you fucked up in, and you are honest about it and own up to it.

I'm not telling you what to do, but if I were in your shoes I would do what any person does who has someone in their life who is not working who doesn't respect the value of money, they make them get a job.

Her getting a job would probably cause some inconveniences relating to caring for the kids, but those inconveniences will be very much worth it. Until she is having the same daily life experience as you of having to grind through work every day, she will keep spending, and you two will keep fighting, and the misery will never end.

It doesn't even matter what kind of job she gets or how much money she makes, as long as she is working full time.

“Stay at home moms” are jokes. Kids are gone most of the day baby is usually asleep. They just drink wine all day and watch Netflix because it’s “so hard” being a stay at home mom. She could be cooped up too and she feels release through spending

>a stay at home mom
>We have 2 cars.
I mean, technically, you don't even have 2 cars, because
>One is paid for. The other is most of the debt.
Why the fuck did you take out a loan to buy a car for a homebody?
Realistically, I can't see this ending well. But I'm seconding , bitch needs to get a job. In addition, you need to control the household expenses if your wife is going to go full retard about it.

She needs to be on pills for impulsively. I’m on stiff right now because my
Spending because out of control. Missing months of rent because of impulses. It feels okay at the time but afterwards yo see how much you spend and feel super ashamed and embarked about it. She needs a hobby and to go get put on seraquil or something

I like your idea. But our kids aren't even in school. We home school them. Though it's not a full time thing. Mostly it's an unschool approach. Being so black pilled, I decided I didn't want them in public schools. She has a job, but she is limited by the hours because I work very long hours

I don’t get how people can home school

He specifically said he doesn't homeschool, dude.
No wonder you're blackpilled. You make incredibly idiotic decisions. Why did you marry this woman?

Yea. Its a problem. It would have worked great with my long term goals for life. But now not so much. And not like I can just send them to school now. I doubt they would enjoy it or even be at the level of reading, writing etc required for their grades. I've fucked my shit up anons. If anything I like to think I can prevent others from doing this

Because I was young and retarded. And my parents probably didn't prepare me for the real world. I don't know how to answer your question better than that

Okay so “unschooled kids” are for sure not going to learn the stuff that they need to. In Canada this shit wouldn’t fly. Pretty sure you legally have to put your kids in some sort of education( including home schooling)

Fair enough user.
I understand that you have the unschool thing going on because you don't want them in public schools.

Even though you don't want them to go to public school, maybe it would be the lesser evil of doing it and having your wife work full time, versus doing the unschool thing and her be at home a lot.

I agree. Unless you have like 5+ kids, being a mother is only a demanding job when you do it in combination of working a fulltime job.

If you have anything under 5 kids, there is no reason IMO that your wife shouldn't have a job of her own. Even if she works a parttime job, atleast she is contributing something to the family income. Stay at home moms who take care of only 1 or a few kids are nothing more than just lazy women who leech off of their husbands income.

user said she unschools them so it makes sense they’re always around. Either way nowadays with tablets, siblings, Netflix. Kids are lazier than ever and messing up the house less. Sounds like she feels like a waste too. All she has done to contribute to this planet is pop out some damn kids. Just wait until metapause hits

These people are horrible. But good luck finding a decent woman anymore. We're fucked. I know stay at home moms. Have one child. Sent to public schools. Like wtf do they do all day? Women complain about a lot though.


You're kids are going to be posting here in 10 years complaining about how their parents failed them and didn't prepare them for real life.

What's your wife's ethnic background?

Probably yea. I try but it all seems fucking hopeless at this point. My wife is Asian ethnicity

Where did you meet your wife?

>denying your children vastly important social interaction with others in their formative years by homeschooling them
I genuinely hope you suffer a serious workplace injury and your wife leaves you because of it.

My parents are massively abusive fuckups with no money or family, and my childhood was (by first world standards) SHIT. If not for the fact that I made a few friends in the public school system, even considering the occasional bullying I received, I absolutely would have killed myself.

You're "blackpilled" because you are an asocial betabux machine with kids who, unless you make some significant changes to allow them to be more social, will amount to even less than you.

You're a father of 3 kids and you're talking about BLACKPILLS? Even some cuck daddy who makes a fraction of what you do would set a better example than that, and I really hope you get divorced for as much alimony and child support as possible so that may happen.

Met her at my old place of work

Seriously consider what this user is saying OP. You are failing your children by keeping them out of school.

Other than that, there is nothing really wrong with "black pilled" philosophical beliefs (atheism, nihilism, pessimism, antinatalism, etc) as long as you don't let it ruin the lives of your children. You brought them into the world, which means you owe them every advantage you can give them (including sending them through schooling at least through high school). Stop being a shit head.

Everyday I wonder how can old retards like OP make 100k a year while I'm probably heading for a lifelong minimum wage job right after uni

Collapse this wave. Have the fight, but don't fight with her. Just show her the financials.

fpbp. Even if it leads to a fight you need to stand up for yourself and manage your finances. The reason your wife is upset is because she doesn't feel financially stable. Once you get back on track and have a savings she'll calm down. My dad was in the same position ten years ago and that was what he went through, and now their relationship is smooth sailing.

Never buy cars on credit again. Look for used cars in the $3k-5k range and buy it from the previous owner, don't go through dealers. Learn about motors or make a friend who knows something to help you out. Even if you feel like a bitch asking your friends/coworkers who's good with cars you need to do it. People like helping other people and you will need help buying quality used cars.

Stop home schooling them, you are fucking them up socially and throwing their chances of getting jobs down the drain. Public schools are nowhere near perfect but they are a necessary evil. Your kids NEED to be around people their own age and get used to authority figures besides their family.

If you are making minimum wage with a degree then you are the retard.

manipulate her emotions, make it about the kids. If she doesn't make a ounce of effort to stop spending if it effects the kids she's shit.

Make a budget. If you budget let's say 1 k on household stuff (don't know if that's realistic. Then give that money to her and let her work with it. The rest of the bills and the saving is done by you. She shouldn't have access to your whole earnings

Sounds white

Leave, divorce, whatever AND take the kids

My parents were like that because of mums gambling addiction and it ruined 3 of us
I was 100% sure that im set-up for a successful life in my early teens and recieved praises from high-caliber people but that bitch ruined it. (bonus: dads family blames my existance for him ending up poor when I told him many times to stop giving money to that hag).

Can't breathe properly and been using the same clothes for 7 years (good advantage of stunted growth)
Sorry for the rant but I doubt bitch will feed my younger-self if dad really followed their "helpful" advice.

Also, send them to school and have them learn social skills from some exclusive shit like john powers. Jesus fuck op don't fuck them over like their mom