Why do so many young men (such as me) have such a hard time doing something that should be easy...

Why do so many young men (such as me) have such a hard time doing something that should be easy? And no I'm not blaming women for this, I'm blaming a complete lack of knowing how to handle interpersonal and intersex relationships.

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The internet. Just look at that chart, the % rises dramatical in 2008 when internet use took off.

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To be honest I have no idea but I'm suspecting 3 things

1. Porn, masturbation and LGBT (lowering sperm counts)

2. Gender debt (when older generations fuck younger generation women and eventually the bubble bursts)

3. Large portion of boys living with their parents

You think this and growing body/insecurity issues have a big role in this too? Even if you're a good looking guy, if you go into a bar/club with your friends and getting off with a woman literally isn't on your radar at all because you have so little confidence in yourself you don't believe it's even a possibility, your not really going to do that much pulling.

A lot of this crap has to do with a lot of are youth being mature.. and not putting sex on a pedestal like a trophy.. seems like nowadays being a virgin is a choice a lot of people are choosing virginity.. if you're trying to get laid it's not hard I feel like this is a fallacy. It's fake news

I think the internet is just kind of killing our ability to communicate with other people.
Honestly I can't even think of chatting up someone else in a bar. I don't think I'm ugly, but I'm pretty much unable to even put myself in a situation where a girl might be attracted to me, and most girls won't move of their own volition either.

Also tinder is absolutely murderous for male self esteem. I haven't even tried it, but somebody like me who is somewhat insecure about his looks would end up destroyed there.

>Widespread availability of pornography
>Exponential increase in technology
>Strong push for women in the work place, minorities, "white man bad", etc
>Structural stagnation of the economy, late stage capitalism, lower wages for the masses
>Women and hypergamy

I could go on. Maybe the above is not the problem and we just need to "man" up but western society is coming apart at the hinges and the rest of us are blind. What is the motivation for a man to try to find a "wife" or "girlfriend" in this day and age when he is belittled and told that women should take his job, his money, and his right of passage. The entire underpinnings of this disrupt out biological drive and leave us with very little to live for.

The study touches on this, self imposed virginity is down since religion has lost strength and so has STD fear.

Women are affected by all this as well. Someday you guys will realize this is about top vs bottom, not men vs women nor left vs right.

Women do not live in a bubble where the economy isn't in the shitter. Men being virgins and not getting partners mean women are also not getting partners. It's a shitty situation for all.

Im not anything special looking and could probably not get a cute gf, so instead i watch hot women on the internet

>the % rises dramatical in 2008 when internet use took off
You idiot, the chart you posted refutes that. It doesn’t show a dramatic rise in internet use. And yes I know you meant the dramatic rise in the OP’s image, but it’s apparently not correlated with a huge internet use rise.

>LGBT (lowering sperm counts)

This is a serious issue, these sexy gay guys keep sucking all the cum out of my balls and lowering my sperm count. That's why I don't fuck women.

This is probably a thing too.

Honestly I think it has to do with self esteem. You need strong self esteem to do the kind of things needed to hit on women and bring them home, and women are still very much passive. However young men have less ways to get this strong self esteem than ever.
The internet bombards you with perfect people you'll never measure up to. Girls get all these "go get it girl" messages and validation everywhere, but young men do worse in school, have a hard time locking down jobs, have a hard time getting good jobs.
We men get our self esteem from shit like being good at our jobs, feeling needed (especially if we feel it's a woman who needs us), making money, being independent, being good at hobbies, being attractive. Many of these are much harder to come by which also makes us feel less attractive which makes it harder to get on with girls which lowers our self esteem even more.

At least this is how it feels to me. I'm 26 and I have nothing to be proud of. I'm a virgin, working a rather mediocre job and living with my parents because I don't make enough. Yeah I have a fancy degree but that's literally my only achievement in life, and anyone can get a degree anyway. It feels like my life isn't even at a point where I can think of being found attractive by women.

Before Christianity and monogamy, most men died virgins. Only the strong and the powerful could have women, and they had many. Well, now we've ditched both Christianity and monogamy, and male virginity is on the rise. I don't see anything surprising about this. So what's the solution? Be strong and powerful or die trying.

>feeling needed
This is the most important one, I think. I've never wanted anything but to feel useful. Important and needed. Nearly irreplaceable. Well, I've been brought up in a society that tells people that women can do absolutely everything men can. I live in a globalised world, where I need to fight tooth and nails to compete with a billion Chinese. The sad truth is that I'm not irreplaceable. I'm utterly insignificant, and nobody truly needs me.

youtube.com/watch?v=8lrl6XRsNmU I meant this, LGBT is a symptom but might as well become the cause as more and more gays are not having babies

Good, you sound like your ego needed a good kicking.

Because you know that, in the end, you don't want it unless it means something.

>gays shouldn't raise children they'll infect them with evil
>gays totally raised children back then in the good ol' days and they should go back to doing that

I'm saying LGBT is a disease

>gays shouldn't raise children they'll infect them with evil
>gays totally raised children back then in the good ol' days and they should go back to doing that

>needed a good kicking.
I'm not so sure this is the thing I've needed. One more kick, and I'll die.

We're not talking about raising but producing

>And no I'm not blaming women for this, I'm blaming a complete lack of knowing how to handle interpersonal and intersex relationships.

good fuckig job understanding this, honestly dude

for whatever shortcomings you may have, OP, you at least have a leg up on many dudes who dont understand this.

i think youre gonna turn out alright if you try

Every gay man should provide a sperm sample so they can produce offspring, I'll collect the samples.

And do you know what will happen then? The rise of sperm banks, men will be replaced by sperm banks is that what you want?

Good. Any man that bitches at women enjoying the same freedom he has, should do just that.

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>*going to a sperm bank with a gallon jug*
>Hi, I'm here to make a withdrawal.

Do you feminists truly want me dead?

Are we looking at the same chart?

some of them literally do, yes. Especially if you're a huwhite male.

If you're a bad person, probably.

That depends on your values. If yours are very feminist, then I probably am indeed bad and evil. If your values are more traditional, like work, family, fatherland, honesty, loyalty etc., then I'm a pretty good person.


>Women do not live in a bubble where the economy isn't in the shitter. Men being virgins and not getting partners mean women are also not getting partners. It's a shitty situation for all.
But that's not even remotely true. It would be, if we lived in a monogamous society, but we don't. A few men can deflower a great many girls.

>men are lazy and selfish in a time where men were expected to work to pay for their spouses existence

The most important advice you will receive about this:

Becoming good at a skill requires trial and error, you Jow Forums nerds are explosing yourselves less and less to social stuations.

The more you interact, (with family, friends, unknown people from stores and such) the more you experiment with social boundaries and become more secure at doing it.

You shut yourselves from the world and are safe behind a screen, but unfortunately you don't develop social skills.

Remember NEETS, an uncomfortable social situation is your best friend, it may feel like the end of the world to you guys but it's where you find your social boundary, where you learn from a mistake, it's the best thing that can happen to you.

Blame porn, games or whatever but in reality it's the lack of exposure.

I think most people would agree with that, but those would be the symptoms of modern society. Its not just the lack of human interaction, it the fact that so many people can do so much without any requirement to interact at all.

The people who never go out are definitely at fault for their misery, but the convenience of technology and internet media make them more susceptible to doing so.

>Remember NEETS,
What makes you think OP is a NEET or a shut-in? Or the who-knows-how-many other virgins?

honestly what i came for, OP asked for the reason of this problem, I'm asking about the solution of it...?

reply with a fucking solution...

im 20m and insecure af about flirting... virgin af and my mind destroys any chance i have with flirting...

no its not women, cant be ALL of them and desu some have been flirty but i didnt do shit...

i need help, its finaly time for me to be wanted... not just have sex but have a woman be MY girl and me being HER boyfriend...

tell me about it- I'm a 30 yo who has never, ever had a gf (though I'm not virgin... not gonna explain that here). I'm not even bad looking. in fact, I've been told multiple times I am good looking. also, I'm tall.
I'm just socially retarded, I've always been oblivious to social cues, so much I ended up being a shut-in for a long time. I honestly don't know how to treat women to get them like me, and even when I've had girls tell me they like me, try to kiss me, go to my room... I didn't fucking know how to react, so I did nothing at all.
there is also the fact that I've always been very lonely and independent, and many times had to rely on myself to do stuff. also, many times I tried to help people and/or get people help me, but failed, and so I had to solve my problems by myself.
I'm very open, and I'd say even brutally honest, to the point of having people tell me I'm agressive.
I'm the son of a single mother. also, I had some odd childhood experience that lead to psychological traumas. I think that should explain my case at least.

now, I wish, I really wish someone could help me... people have tried, some people are trying currently, and yet I just do nothing to help myself with women. FML.

I'll add something else: the fact that I've been very insecure and poor most of my life, and that that made me ashamed of being myself. I would keep telling myself "she doesn't like me", "she doesn't deserve me", "she'll drop me as soon as she finds out I'm dirt poor". the social effect of marketing (usually by shaming people into buying shit) is a big factor regarding this, IMO.

my own mom would also treat me like shit sometimes when I was a kid.

Solution? We need permanency, we need to establish some core values, attitude and spread it over time, it will not happen instantly just like christianity did not spread for one day, but we need believers and meme magic to fix this clown world and make it a better place for our children

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Takes me back to my days on the high school football team when I coldly rejected every girl who showed any interest in me

Should it be easy? Historically women had twice (or more) the reproduction rate. I think internet and sexual liberation has allowed us a return to normalcy

I bet it's either fake or it was written by some dumb entitled rich bitch.

1. People are having less sex in general, men and women
2. You need to stop basing mens worth on sex
3. You don't need sex to live

Notice how I said partners instead of virgins. A few men can take more girl's virginities, yes, but humans are still monogamous by nature so if many men are out of the market then many women get out of the market simply because there is noone to pick them.

Why do you keep making this thread?

>Remember NEETS, an uncomfortable social situation is your best friend, it may feel like the end of the world to you guys but it's where you find your social boundary, where you learn from a mistake, it's the best thing that can happen to you.
This isn't just NEETs though, it affects ton more men than that.

Though you have the right of it with it being lack of expose and as the other user says it has a lot to do with modern society as a whole. We keep making more and more things require no human interaction then wonder why we're becoming terrible at human interaction. And the reason that this affects men more than women isn't because of some evil women cabal, it's simply because women are still the chased sex most of the time so even if women are also becoming socially retarded there are still going to be guys who aren't who are going to chase after them, but noone is going to chase after the socially retarded men.

It's a bad look in general for the next coming years, with men and women becoming more and more divided from each other as TPTB keep finding ways to make the low and middle class hate each other to keep having power.

>2008 when internet use took off.


Bro we got the internet at my house in 2002 and we were one of the last ones to get it I the neighboorhood.

Despite being off by several several years though you are right. The internet and especially internet porn is what produced this whole generation of incels. I was a fucking loser with no friends but I still managed to get laid at the then old late bloomer age of 17 back in the early 2000s. Mallgoths and pop punk chicks and emo boys we were all weird losers but we still got laid because Jow Forums didn't exist her or at least wasn't a popular cultural force, internet porn was vanilla 30 second clips, and cell phones were still just mostly literal phones and not a digital prison of insecurity and angst and body image issues.

Had I been born 10 15 years later like you guys I would also be posting frogs and being mad at roasties like the rest of you. I just lucked out and was born and raised before the web 3.0 or 2.0 or whatever it's at now

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nah, just a parasite.
aka a woman.

>complete lack of knowing how to handle interpersonal and intersex relationships

This. 100 years ago in order to get stimulation and build an existence you needed to go outside and talk to people. If you had an ideology or a concept about the world you were forced to go outside and exercise it in your community with the people around you. If you wanted to say something you could not be anonymous. People were forced to take responsibility for their words and actions. Nowadays, young men don't know how to build relationships. They don't know how to talk to people. They build personas and entire social identities online. Instead of going outside and actually speaking to people they can type in a few keystrokes and escape into digital domains exclusively populated by people who agree with and validate literally anything they want to believe. This is the same reason that during an age of unprecedented access to technology and knowledge the number of people who think the fucking earth is flat is only rising. How can access to infinite amounts of information breed such ignorance? That's the real question. Conspiracy theorists, groupthink and chronic escapism is the gift that the internet gave us. Then, as if all of this isn't bad enough, the young men who do manage to break away from their fabricated, digital lives and walk outside they come to the horrifying realization that they have none of the skills or experience to integrate back into society. They remain lost, outcasted and pretty much crippled by the years they spent avoiding their anxiety, depression and various mental illnesses instead of building the support structure of friends and partners needed to over come it. Basically our society is mentally weaker but simultaneously geared towards encouraging people to avoid dealing with it.

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>humans are still monogamous by nature

>You don't need sex to live
Golly gee willikers good thing humans reproduce by mitosis

you still dont need it to live you illiterate sponge

Fucking retards.
Why do women keep spreading misinformation? It has been proven many times that a small number of men are fucking most women. And other guys have to settle for leftovers because they should be grateful to get pussy in the first place.

>It has been proven many times that a small number of men are fucking most women.
Ok. Post one of these studies then. I don't mean a survey from OkCupid or some meme graph from Jow Forums. I mean a legitimate peer-reviewed study that includes its methodology and controls. I eagerly await your response.

Go kill yourself, fucking whore. You can google this shit yourself or do you expect a man to do everything for you even on the internet? Fucking hell, how pathetic women are.

I got addicted to runescape and continually chugged soda after soda while grinding 99's. Now my teeth are fucked so despite being an average guy no girl will look at me after I smile once.

So basically, the internet.

It should be legal to punch roasties and illegal for white knight beta cucks and brainwashed Chads that thing foids are wonderful to stop us from doing what is right. Smash their teeth in. That will teach them a lesson.


>It has been proven many times that a small number of men are fucking most women
No it hasn't.

This is why you can't get a date. Internet fueled autism.

I want justice. Foids deserve everything coming to them for the years of suffering and pain they have inflicted on us.

Chad parasites like pic related need to be taken down a peg too. These parasitic monsters have never worked a hard day in their privileged life. They just get everything cause of the way they were born. Disfiguring them is justice.

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This is why you're a virgin, you fucking small-dicked balding manlet. Go back to Jow Forums and come back once you learn how to respect women, got it? kthxbai :)

cut off his shins so he feelslike a manlet bro..

Good one, you totally got her.

Yeah what a mystery that women don't want to talk to you. You're such a nice guy. Its all Chad and the feminists fault amiright. The internet is a form of chemical castration lol


Good luck with that.

A acid burn victim foid (which she'd totally deserve because she's a hole btw) would such her attacker's massive cock if he were Chad. Fuck you hypocritical roastie scum I hope someone dumps acid on you you stupid cunt it's what you deserve for what you've done to us you fucking cunt.

Just get a doll, gentlemen.

>This is what you've done to us by not tanking your standards to meet my lack of effort.

Normie, foids, and Chads can only oppress us for so long before we beginning fighting back and gain ground. And we will because we will always be smarter than you cuck cunts. We look subhuman but we have giga-IQ, faggot.

I am not roastie or a Chad I'm just a normal looking loser who managed to have sex with like 5/10 girls. You're the schizophrenic retard having a violent autistic meltdown on a Mongolian throat singing message board. That is why you're a virgin and I'm not.

Foids have oppressed me since I was born for not looking like a Greek god like Chad. You evil cunts made me and you will pay someday

are people ironically or unironically eating this bait?

Of course geniuses with high IQs exclusively conveys ideas and forms sentences using r9k buzzwords that were created by teenagers.

>anno donaldi + 3
>still believing there are girls on /adv

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Same guy that posted all of that shit above. It was a LARP. Friendly reminder of how easy it is to do this shit on an anonymous board. But yes, incels really can be that unhinged and stupid, hence why the LARP was convincing.
Unironically I think. It's a convincing LARP cause of how absurd incels can sound. I've only exaggerated it a little.

Female roastie foid reeeeee

Women refuse to date any men that is lower than 9/10, and don't mind sharing the same cock with thousands of other women.
Men just hold onto hope they will find one girl to settle with

Is this you larping some more

Oh you stupid, stupid, silly faggot. I'm not going to pay for shit. You will never do anything that will remotely affect me or my life. Ever.

No, but it's kind of proving my point about how you can basically construct what looks like a conversation/argument to others between two different people if there's enough posters on a thread cause of the anonymity. Some user could reply to my confession post trying to sound as equally unhinged crying about an evil normie lying.

So, you were trying to prove something that literally all of us already know and understand?

> have worked at gas station for years, have developed prime social skills, everyone likes me, highest sales, etc
> never had a gf, still virgin
> literally get yelled at and called a moron by people I interact with when I tell them the above
> ask grandpa about why I'm like this
> grandpa tells me that all the Norwegians in our family were super straight edge introverts who didn't like company and rarely spoke
> all the germans in my family were violant alchohlics who beat their wives
> mfw all my ancestors were already socially off
> discover that all my cousins and uncles live on their own with no gfs despite looking like scandi models
Tis the curse. I am relatively happy so it's not so bad.

Nah, my own amusement. I'm a UKfag and I fucked my sleeping schedule up and am in the processing of restoring it by staying awake. Too tired for my essay but this keeps me going a little bit longer. But yeah, took a while before someone realised it was bait. Gotta feel sorry for incel faggots that are really that unhinged and deluded though.

If two people hadn't had sex none of us would be here so by definition yes you need it to live.
And yes I get your point, but I was hoping you were able to see the metaphor for its "it is reasonable to think that the act that keeps the species alive is of significant importance to most human beings" meaning.

>thread has some interesting discussion
>Incels come out of the woodwork with their "REE WOMEN" shit
Like clockwork

Common fucking sense? How many people in polygamous relations do you know? How about parents of people you know? Do you see polygamous relationships in the media (more than monogamous ones)? Is polygamy as widespread throughout cultures and the world in general as monogamy? Would monogamy of polygamy be, from an evolutionary standpoint, more beneficial to a species that has a 9 month pregnancy and 12-15 year infancy?

I've noticed /tv/ being invaded by incel/lookism autists. This is on all boards, huh?

Yeah it's kind of like Jow Forums, it spills on all boards because it's a tempting worldview that puts everything in black or white. I fell for it for a time too (usually when my depression was at its lowest point)

Because boomer fucked up the real-eastate market, and hypegamy was never easier for women (Tinder etc.)

Why do we have so many retarded Jow Forums incels here these days?

>Common fucking sense?
Incorrect. Actual evolutionary biologists have disagreed on the subject and most consider it an evolutionary puzzle. Statistically, from our current perspective, human beings are not monogamous. Only 17% of human cultures are strictly monogamous. Of all mammal species only 9% of them share common territory for more than one breeding season. Historically, the data is inconclusive and often contradicting but the general consensus among the scientific world is that human sexuality and breeding is extremely flexible. But, of course, we're all supposed to believe that some knuckle-dragger on a scandinavian hackey sack forum knows more than all of the evolutionary biologists of the world because he thinks "common sense" is equivalent to actually knowing what the fuck you're talking about. I'll go ahead and alert the universities and scholastic foundations that the mystery of evolutionary sexology has been solved by a random user on the internet and his only evidence is his own common sense.

You're mistaking the forest for the trees (and being pretty blatant about it to boot)

The 17% figure you just pulled from a Wikipedia article considers polygamy any extra marital sex. Your "contradictory historical record" refers to the practice of rich powerful men having sex with many women because they can afford it, while commoners were by and large monogamous because pair bonding works like that.

The fact that remains is simply, in the eyes of society monogamy is desirable. The media pushes monogamy. The overwhelming majority of people are in monogamous relationships. Your parents are monogamous and so are the parents of everyone you know. You can keep grasping at straws and citing articles that talk about how in ancient Assyria things were different but it has zero to do with this, since we're talking about the current state of affairs.

And no, user. The reason girls don't want to fuck you isn't because they're in Chad's harem, sorry to say.

>And no I'm not blaming women for this
well then you'll never find the answer.

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So, another thread full of virgin-shaming and making guys feel horrible because "it should be easy"?


If you dare to imply women might be at fault you must be an incel