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Where did it all go wrong?

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When I took you back.

I haven't seen her in almost 3 weeks, and I proboably won't until the 25th of this month.
I wish we had the type of relationship where I could just text her and ask her to hang out.
Or maybe I'm just a bitch about it.

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It could've been all the flirting you did with women or possibly the fucking them part.

its been months since our last text

i still love you...

He met someone new and I want to fucking kill my self. I can’t eat I can’t sleep I can’t get the image of them fucking each other out of my head and I want it all to stop

Literally one of the worst feelings in the world. I'm sorry.

I want to text you to make sure you’re ok but I don’t want to look as clingy as I was the last time we saw each other

I’m sorry, Daniel

I hope you doing well

Am I a good person? I know none of you anons can answer this since we are all anons but who does one answer this question? I care about this question a lot since I realize that I can easily be seen as a bad person and it is not pleasant

Both good and bad like everyone. Hope that helps. If you consistently make choices to help people and be kind, you're good (for now).

Well yes, I did plan this all along, you are nothing compared to me, you think you control me? no, I control you, well thanks for giving me attention and support, but I am not going to stop. I am going to post your face here even more, why? Is because is funny and gives me a feel of power,

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The line between good and evil does not run between people. It runs down the center of every man and woman's heart.

Are you going to disappear forever brittany?

Post it now. I need the attention.

I'm thinking about it.

Okay okay let’s see who else can relate.
I’m not very good at socializing, but I go on sprees of finding people who share my hobbies, and I end uo hanging out with them in big groups and going to bars, concerts, and parties. But after months of hanging out with them, I always want to bail. I hang out with them in hopes that they can help me find a girl, maybe even introduce me to one.
I stopped hanging out with everyone, because I truely don’t want to make friends. I just want a girlfriend to spend my life with, and it’s been nearly a decade since she left me.

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Post your own face, since you obviously want to establish some sort of identity here.

I'm really starting to believe there are different species of people. Not physically, but evolutionary.

Nah, I just want to see this asshole back up his words with an action.

You forgot, I'm not afraid of being hurt, shamed or of death.

I have no idea what to feel for you anymore J. Lmao

I'm a really lonely person. I don't connect with others very well. I'm really, really independent in all my thinking and beliefs I never really feel like I fit with anybody.
However, when I do fit with somebody, I always go really overboard and inadvertently pushing them away, leaving me feeling pretty lonely once again.

It feels so close yet in reality it's so far away. Why can't I be brave? I miss you a lot.

are you asd? My social situation is very similar and I strongly suspect I am asd

Thinking of you as I try to sleep. Every night it’s the same. I wonder if you think of me. I think so.

My mom and I considered it but I've never been formally diagnosed.
I can read social signals just fine and I have no learning disabilities so I don't really think I am.

I fucking love this girl so much. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I’m a diagnosed a psychopath. Keep having urges to rape her. My brain says yes and my heart says know. Anons love y’all.

Isn't it a little bit contradictory that you "can read social signals just fine" but you "don't connect to others very well" and that you "inadvertently push them away" "always"?

I'm not 100% sure why I don't really connect with others well, but I think it's just different personal values. I'm really into humanities, so I don't really fit with people in my stem major. I also live in the bible belt where I don't really care for religion. I value honesty and genuineness in an age group that still hasn't thrown off their childhood insecurities and play out their roles in the group rather than be individuals.

I push them away because I just get so excited that I meet someone I really like being around and they get the wrong idea/get annoyed and it's easy to pick up on.

So why are you majoring in that if you don't like it?

What's holding you back?
Would you like to talk tomorrow? I miss you a lot as well.

Oh I love the subject itself (physics), I just don't become best friends with the other people in that major.

I need serious help with nofap
I can't even last 3 days. To all the anons that did nofap and succeeded, how did you avoid faltering? Where did you find your strength?

I don't really understand why you didn't even want to get to know me. What did I do wrong...?

Just do it. It's really not difficult, I just did it for 2 weeks without trying. You're weak.

The irony....
even I can't hear it anymore.

I love you. I want to marry you. That is all.

Yeah, let's talk tomorrow.

My aunt died yesterday for leukemia. I went to the funeral, saw the coffin being buried. I saw her pale and still skin, firm hands. The carelessy draw lipstick.
That's not my first time seeing a dead body (I saw even a murdered one in my front, but thats another story) and I didn't have much contact with her but it's still impressive to me.

The conclusion of the thought is always nigh but we can stand beside it without being eaten, until its hunger becomes larger than the End itself. The open of its mouth is a formidable explosion, an occurance which is an authorless art more than an act. The expression of the hunter eye, the muscles of this Thing may be saw, and the vision is always torturous. The anxiety of the haunted may be considered for some to be the most enlightened ode to life and the breathed air. The path to the mouth, the fest of the tear which tries to shield from the delirious teeth may be saw, may be a surprise. But there are no degrees into the oblivion.

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I don't fucking know how to talk via text and trying to organize anything with this girl is a pain because we're both so busy. Everything is just a pain and I hate it, fucking hate it, and it makes me sad inside. Sometimes I feel like I need someone to bitch to, but I don't want to just dump my shit on friends with my moaning. I can at least take solace in that things will be better tomorrow...I also want my friend to stop talking to her.

ok lorenzo i see how it is now. you motherfucking piece of shit prick. hope you're happy with her you fucking asshole. hope you realize you just lost a great, close friendship we had. Also madison fuck you. get the fuck out of my life you god damn stupid bitch.

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BS!! You're so full of it

When will I stop loving you J

You know where I'll be.

I thought what we had was special. What a fool I am

No. Maybe it's not for you. I love him.

Just had a fight with my mom today that caused the family to fight against each other.I wantes my mother to treat my like an adult but she took it the wrong way and it escalted to a shouting match. I feel like a total asshole and a loser, any words from people thay have been through this?

How old are you? What responsabilities do you have? Do you help your family finantially?

Try this one :)

18, about to finish high school in about a month. Financially dependent, living in a house with lots of people to the point that it feels cramped.

18 and about to finish high school in about a month. Financially dependent and live in a house that feels cramped because of all the people living here.

Sorry had an error so I had to double post it.

Not sure if you mean the punctuation on words on my posts but it's a force of habit from school, my bad.

Stop being such a baby.

The won't touch you because I said so but you are too stupid to get that.

So can you now realise why she treats you like a child? Because technically you are! I know parents sometimes may act desmotivational but in the deep of their hearts they expect a brilliant future and when they get frustrated (like repeating things as "your cousin already earns more than you, your simbling is getting married" this sorta thing) they get mad and spread it with shitty behaviour towards you.

Just work on yourself and show them your potential. Eventually things will turn out just fine.

I'm annoyed by your musical choices.

Does this have any life?

I know I could have gotten into a relationship with her, I was well aware she was into me. People, especially people like her, are not very good at hiding that love emotion. I made a choice not to do anything, Today, whatever friendship existed is waning,I know for a fact that she is no longer into me, and I am somewhat regretting not doing anything. At the same time though,I feel that whatever relationship also would have faded and not have been satisfactory for the both of us. I don't know. It is now just yet another what if for me now. I also know that there will be another girl like her in my life at some point, and that one girl will show interest in me. Will it go the same way? Should I act differently "next time"? idk

dead-eyed zombies like porn stars

you're clueless.

omg where are you? I need you and your depth. I'm dying.

I'm dead

Don’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket user. I’ve made the mistake before, don’t go for a girl and you regret it in the future. And if you end up with her and it doesn’t work out, who cares? At least you’ve done it. Don’t stay up all night and think about the past, move on and try again.

You can't. I get it.

I can't either then.


Entendido, Anitta. Vai com Deus.

Have the fucking ghetto ass southide pull a gun on me

go on bitch

make my fucking day

I've loved and I've lost before. I know what this is. I can't hang onto something that isn't wanted yet again. The weird thing is I finally let go after years with my first love but I know he still loves me. Sometimes it's too late. I'm at peace with that.

>move on
>try again
how. I know with certainty there will be another chance but how do I take the chance this time

>tfw have been running with a badass crew since I was 12

A tie between these two.

regret is hard pill to swallow

Weekends feel crippled with this ennui. All my sadness seems related to needing to do work from my job. I don't feel productive, and underutilized. I'm unsure how to get out from under it. When I try to start work, I procrastinate, and it makes it worse. I feel burnt out maybe, I don't know.

text me

Actually this one is pretty good too but not so direct.

Wish I could understand the first one

It sounds beautiful though

>Where did it all go wrong?
Heroin probably.
I don't know if dope broke my brain leaving me uncappable of feeling happiness or if I just hate my life for not even trying to follow my dreams.

My therapist told me our whole relationship was abusive.
I'm still trying so hard to come to terms with that.

You might want to watch Bojack horseman. The idea of "am I a good person" is covered quite well there.
I watched it and after my ex told me I was a bad person I tried to act better. Try to do good things. Good people do good things, I guess.

I can't wait...

I want to kill myself again. This loneliness has become unbearable.

Like you've never had that feeling?

The singer accidently sabotaged the relationship trying to protect them, but 'killed her' in the process. He regrets it, and wants to make amends and start over. The song was written, I believe, about his wife who is a famous celebrity, so navigating their relationship was tricky... because people want to butt in/get jealous/ruin their careers.

How was it like?

In the span of 1.5 months I have
>failed my drivers test for the third time
>got thrown out of my friend group after a massive argument
>got rejected by a girl
>denied a raise at work
but here's the real kicker
>diagnosed with ""high functioning"" autism
It was at least nice to know I never really stood a chance to begin with

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Fuck your 'started of local' shit Drake

You were a kid on Degrassi and that's the best thing you ever did besides star in vodka commercials afterwards

Try having to deal with drug dealing gun slinging kids like me you little Nickelodean Quen of Cunt Britain Canadian bitch

I hate college. I despise my major, and honest
Y I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to lay down and rest, think happy things and die so I don't have to deal with this BS anymore. I'm so tired, drained physically and emotionally. But if I stop now the last few years of sacrifice will be for nothing

K. I'll try to stop thinking about you. I'm sorry bothered you. DAmn it.

I like this one. So specific.
You should send this to him.
He's actually a pedophile anyway.

I had an automated phone interview on thusday and still haven't heard anything, when will I? How long's it take?

I feel like I’ll never find something that I truly love and I’ll be stuck at a shitty job doing shitty work. Been taking different classes (already have a degree) to see if something pops out and so far nothing. Don’t know where my life is going.

Man, I wish I had more interest in my studies. It just feels like nothing is for me. I dont what I can be useful at.
I give in to procrastinating too easy.
I really want to change my awful habits before summer.
So hard to keep a healthy routine going for me.
I've tripped a bit too hard and Im basically starting this race.

I need to get a fight soon, I want to leave humanity behind finally.

I really hope it's just the three of us at the movies, and I hope your drive yourself so I can walk you to your car

Think on positive side, maybe you can contribute better to society when you're working alone, you know such as writer, blogger, scientist, programmer..

I dont understand

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Lonely people also deserve companionship and love, why is our only salvation a gruesome journey on or own for the betterment of the entirety?

please look at my profile pic


Well, I thought I was needed and loved by them when it was happening, but I've developed a slurry of mental issues because of it. Depression, anxiety, body dysphoria, an eating disorder, the list goes on, and It was terrible.
Luckily it was only mental abuse... But I've lost friends, almost lost my family, and I feel like I'm just a degenerate because of it.
They convinced me everything was my fault and even now I still feel scared talking about it because I feel like I'm only hurting them.
I have to take everything day by day because my everything still feels like it's "theirs" but since I left the situation, I've drastically improved my life.
I still feel like it wasn't abusive, but looking back I know that it was, but I'm still finding it so hard to believe.
It's so hard to break from the conditioning.


You moved on. Why can't I? He's much taller, younger, and much closer to your league. You guys even share the same birthday. Your confusion is confusing me.

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