Went home with a girl on the weekend hooked up, hung out all day the next day until 5pm. Texted her today...

Went home with a girl on the weekend hooked up, hung out all day the next day until 5pm. Texted her today, haven’t heard from her in 24 hours? What’s up with that?

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Move on and don't be so available next time

She may have regretted hooking up

So available? Is there still time to salvage?

Why are you asking that question? Are you desperate? Cmon kiddo. Plenty of fish in the sea.

Why hang all the next day then though?

Well he had a good time and lots in common it seems weird, I’ve had hookups where it was clearly going to be a one night thing, but this one was way different.


Could just be that you two had fun together which meant she wanted to spend a day with you, but at the end of the day it’s a one night stand.. don’t get too many feelings about it

Too late she’s so cool

That’s fair man I respect that, but don’t go crazy and text her over and over.. wait for a reply, it has to work both ways


sunk cost fallacy
felt like she had to to justify her actions


You ever spend so much time with someone that you get sick of them for a while? Maybe that happened. Let her breathe, man.

An unfortunate part of adult life is that sometimes you encounter people who are emotional tourists. You guys shared a moment, got intimate, played house for a minute, shared each others company and had fun and now the moment is over. This is the pattern of the emotional tourist. She didn't go home with you because she wanted a relationship, OP. She went home with you because she wanted to feel close to someone for a moment and then move on with her life. It happened and now its over. Move on.

Fucking THOTS

tbf guys do it too

shit happened to me recently. feelsbadman

Slut wanted fuck only?

Forget it.
Move on and try again in a month if you want, but don't put too much effort into it, just casually say you're gonna be nearby and see if she wants to meet or something.
>tl;dr do not try to understand women

OP's about to get MeToo'd

Just sex

That my friend is called a one night stand. Welcome to the real world kid.

I thought this too

What makes you say that?

Is this bad? Is this how #meetoos happen?

Kind of depends what you said to her. Women don't like guilt or shame and will do weird things to avoid thinking of themselves as sluts. But they also tend not to want men who are overenthusiastic because that means you aren't high value. If you need women you're liable to take more than you can give. So you have to play this stupid fucking game, and it is better to simply wait for sex if you have any friendship history or feeling of attachment to the girl.

I'm guessing you either came across as wanting to NSA hook up again whenever and were kind of aloof about it, which makes her a slut. Or you hinted at your feelings for her, probably by using terrifying code words like fun, enjoyed, soon, again. May the Lord have mercy on you. Next time wait for her to text, then state as plain cold fact that the two of you should hang out more often, but not next weekend because you'll be out of town.

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no, not really. yeah some small% of idiot girls have the balls and stupidity to go through with false rape accusations. but most girls just bitch about it to their friends and move on.
if you hung out with her all day or whatever, it's even less likely you'll get met00d.

Yup definitely did all of the latter...and a bit of the first asking stupid fucking questions like “do you do this often?”

We hung out the next day and it was good and she said she would text me but what do I do? Text her first.

I see you took a leaf out of Patrick Bateman's book

She found you lacking compared to 1 or more of the hundred guys she fucked. Since you have help created this monster crime factory I hope you go to jail on fake rape charges or you get throat cancer in 20 years as you are starting to make it

>Since you have help created this monster crime factory


She's just another single mom in the making since she let's men use her as a toilet. And single moms birth criminals. It's basic science

She's busy or doesnt feel like talking.
Sounds like she had a long past few days


You put out like a fucking loser. She can get dick anytime she wants.

>put pussy on a pedestal
>surprised at the results

Lol ok, she put out as well

You got pumped and dumped, slut
. Lol

This or came across as a fag day after n regreted it

She can literally get dick anywhere.

Pretty true fuck it sucks,pretty sure she is a lesbian

Girls never, never, never call you, if you have her number call her. Its just the way it is. If you don't call theñ someone else will...

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Fuck the same thing happened to me kinda

>went on date with girl
>end up fucking that night
>she says she really enjoyed it
>we fucked until she was too exhausted to move
>cuddled all night and I slept over
>text her the next few days
>yesterday I try to set up a date for tomorrow
> she says she’s down just needs to check schedule
>said she’d get back to me about it today
>she never did so I texted her about it
>no reply

Should I just give up or maybe text her once more in case there is a chance for a date tomorrow (I guess later today at this point)

>pic related is girl

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why do you guys think casual sex is the beginning of a relationship? Its not. The beauty of casual sex is I don't have to see you again.

Just wait, don't be a needy faggot. However if she specifically said that she'll text you and hasn't texted yet - there's a good chance that she's just not that into you and said it purely out of politeness. Either way: never get your hopes up about a woman who fucks on the first date.

tattoos, piercing, tinder, and do you ask why she ghosted you?

Idk it seemed like we had a good connection on the date and she talked to me afterwards for awhile

Should I send her another text today to see if she is down to hang out tonight?


I'm like you, I have a feminine predisposal to romance.

In my experience if you're more warm after sex, its foolproof sign she isn't into you. You did bang her though, so leave it a while and then try. Though stay in your lane, she'll never be your gf.

Why do you want anything to do with these whores except to cum in them? Do y'all have no self esteem?

Like physically warm? We were pretty warm because we really went at it

I want to cum in the whore again user

>“do you do this often?”
Do what? Hook up with strangers?

You basically asked her if she was a slut. Good job, dork.

You were a fun booty call, and that was that. Quit overthinking it and move on.

The dick bad

>What’s up with that?
it means she doesn't want to do that with you anymore dude. either she regrets it or you didn't perform well enough or she has found somebody better already. could be basically anything.
don't worry about it move on