I'm a woman, and dating sucks for me...

I'm a woman, and dating sucks for me. I'm not beautiful enough to get or keep men interested but they still talk to me for sex. This wastes my time and feelings and I truly don't know how I could find a man who would accept me. Even the overweight ones have often turned me down when I refuse sex.

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You have to find one who was abused so much they'd appreciate anyone who truly cares for them. Most men are fickle bitches otherwise.

Get good at sex and scare them off instead.

>turn me down when I refuse sex
Sounds like that's all you're good for and have no personality or other redeeming qualities. Most women are just cum reciptors and you got poor genetics oh well.

Bait alert.

>probably dates only chads and rejects every average or ugly man
>wah where have all the good men gone
fuck off

Nope, no chads

Two prime examples of the quality of men out there. Yikes.

How long do you usually date a guy before you have sex?

Most men are interested only in sex. If you want a relationship, try meeting new people and let something blossom over time. If you go the Tinder route you'll need to filter a lot of guys through conversation, actually have sex with the ones you date, and then see who stays in touch after the sex. If you're really good at sex you'll ensnare them more easily.

Pls be in California.

If they want to fuck, you ARE beautiful enough. Maybe change your point of view.

Bait thread but the way you keep women interested is the same way men keep you interested. Be interesting, be fun, make them laugh, all this shit applies to women too. Having a relationship isn't laying back and going "entertain me, clown". Unless you have like model looks, and even if you do they'll get bored after you have sex a few times.

Not facing reality is more yikes.

Based on the OP I have to agree with . You probably aren't that interesting and you blame your lack of dating success on men () which you have no control over rather than looking at yourself objectively and finding things that are hindering you from happiness. You said yourself that men don't accept you so why dont you start there?

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>I'm not beautiful enough to get or keep men interested but they still talk to me for sex.
Where the heck do you go to look for men?

>Trying to offset a gremlin face with youthful retro attire

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You know these days it's okay to have sex before dating to see sexual compatibility, as the female orgasm is almost the most important thing in a functional relationship

post face

vagina is the key that makes men think about giving you their time and commitment

qualities other than vagina is what makes men choose to give you their time and commitment

what do you have other than vagina? come on princess

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Hahahahaha get shat on femoid

>Wahhh wahhh I can't ride the cock carousel

Disgusting entitled cunt.

Tough shit.

If you were a man, you would be an incel. And, just like with incels, fuck off loser. Settle for an obese unemployed mexican.

Fucking deal with it you pathetic entitled femoid.

Men don't owe you anything and you don't deserve anything, stop being so creepy.

How old are you? The more out of your teen years, the more likely you'll find a man with the wisdom and taste to want a companion first and sex partner second.

>actually believing this

There's no point to relationships after highschool/college.

If you didn't get together with your soulmate by that time then it means you simply missed out on love in this lifetime.

Dating at 23+ is miserable and it's more like a business transaction.

This is me
But I live in my car and have zero contact with any family, so you'd think twice about dating me

It's too bad I'm not op so you'll have to find a real excuse for your baited misogyny instead of ad hominem.

>Some more winners.

I don't know which incel post I like the most.

Are you trolling or do you actually believe this?

>I'm not beautiful enough to get or keep men interested
You are approaching interest as something superficial. Looks attract, personality keeps.

>muh soggy knees


Don't samefag your dumb post, incel.

>its all MENS fault that they dont like me