Am I retarded?

I miss my ex. I broke up with him because I wasn't sure what I wanted and I wasn't doing things right.
We stayed friends after the fact and have talked constantly.

>tell him I'm feeling sad over him
>he starts to be in a slump and feeling lonely soon after
>using messenger app
>sometimes he reacts with heart eyes to things I say
>such as "I used to sing around you", "I want to learn more Chinese", things he really appreciated about me
>ask for my TV back that I left with him
>it's a hassle to ship it and he's using it
>he just buys me a whole ass new one as an "early birthday present"
>someone tried to shit talk me to him and he snapped at her and got really mad and defensive over me

I'm still telling myself he probably doesn't love me. Am I retarded? I'm trying to work on myself and become a better person and grow past what I fucked up in the relationship. I want another chance but I'm not sure if trying will be worth it.

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Why not just talk about it to him? People can grow and mature. If you really think you've changed whatever made the relationship fail before then it's possible it could work the second time

Right, but I feel like maybe not enough time has passed. We broke up in December. I'm seeing someone right now, but I'm finding myself appreciating my ex more.
I've been up front with the person I'm seeing about this and they understand. I'm just so lost and torn. I want to know what I want. I'm tired of it all. I'm only 22 but I want everything to stop being ambiguous.

Try not dating in your early 20's and focusing on yourself

If you broke up with him chances are he's still interested in you. I assume that you only now realise what you lost now you don't have it? I'd call you retarded for breaking it off when you clearly didn't think it through if you're so quick to go back to him. Your current boyfriend probably does understand what you're going through but he probably thinks it's just a normal reaction. Have you had a serious think about whether breaking up was a good idea?

I did, and I mostly found out what I did wrong.
I didn't miss my ex for the first few months after I left, but I realized a few things.
I jumped into that relationship with him way too soon after experiencing years of abusive relationships. He was the first one that was actually nice to me. I let things go way too fast, and he let it happen too because he was lonely. He's a very very sweet guy. We have so much in common and he knows my love language so well.
We jumped to dating too soon and didn't spend time getting closer and being friends first. We have been platonic friends since the breakup and that made me realize I jumped into things too fast.
I didn't love him properly because I wasn't ready to. And I'm learning what infatuation vs. love is.
I'm trying to pace myself and not be too hasty here because I want to make the right choices, not the impulsive ones.

Based on you need



You'll just break up with him again if you get together anyway

Since you seem to know the future so well, what are tomorrow's lottery numbers?

Nothing is ambiguous, you're just a moron who isn't satisfied with anything, can't commit to anything and didn't really understand that there's no such thing as perfection in life.

When you get in a relationship you get in it with the thought that you're going to die together. Not this wishy washy "now I feel it now I don't so I'll break up" bullshit. Guess what, no one who had a long relationship FELT IT throughout all their years of relationships. But they understood than relationships are built, not found, so they stuck with it and put effort into it.

You're too immature to have a real relationship.

Wow, who hurt you?

Reality, as it will eventually hurt you too if you don't accept it as it is.

This. If you break up with someone for not feeling it your immature and shouldn't really be in a relationship. Most people that date for a while or a long time don't "feel it" all the time. Boo fucking hoo there is no magical person who is perfect for you in every way possible

>I'm trying to work on myself and become a better person and grow past what I fucked up in the relationship. I want another chance
>I'm seeing someone right now

bitch wtf

Looks like you chose not to read the part where I told them about this.
I'm not going to just jump between them. I'm thinking about this and taking it slowly.
>there is no perfect person
No shit, Sherlock.

Put yourself in your ex's shoes. He was into you and thought things were going well till you told him you wanted to break up and spend some time on yourself. "For self-improvement" you told him. "It's not you, it's me" you told him.

You kept in touch with him, because you like him and you wanted to keep him at arm's length. Unfortunately for this kid, he didn't realize he was just your emotional tampon. It all started to click for him when he realized that only a few months later you had a new boyfriend.
>I thought she was working on herself
>guess she lied and just used that as an excuse to break up with me

Do you realize how fucking terrible you look?

It was his idea to stay in touch and he wanted to talk to me every day. Try again.

>Looks like you chose not to read the part where I told them about this.
I'm not concerned for the poor motherfucker who's currently dating you, but instead for the poor motherfucker who used to date you who you're going to drag down into your shit.

My advice? Leave your current boyfriend and leave your ex-boyfriend alone. You don't deserve either of them.

He probably wanted to stay in touch because he thought he had a chance since you told him you were leaving him to work on yourself. Of course, then you got another boyfriend instead of working on yourself. I'm sure he was overjoyed at that. I'm sure the trust he placed in you is in a really strong place.

It is, actually. Also, I never said I left him to "work on myself". I don't know where you got that from.
I'm not emotionally manipulating anyone.
Yes, dating someone new so soon was probably a mistake. I'm just trying to figure out what I want, and what will make me the happiest in the long run. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I've been transparent with the current one and he's been very understanding, and not very hurt.
I don't understand the level of aggression I'm getting.

You came here looking for advice and rejected the genuine ones like and . If all you're looking for is an echo of what you WANTED to do from the start then you don't need advice.

this is Jow Forums and you're a roastie whore toying with men like your playthings while you decide "what you want".

You're a fucking tidy little princess, ignoring everything that isn't perfect in your little kingdom

I don't see anything genuine about aggression and name calling.
>roastie whore
You just lost all credibility you could possibly have, lmao.

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