Will being a nice person make people like me more even if I'm a 2/10 at best?

Will being a nice person make people like me more even if I'm a 2/10 at best?

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a nice person? maybe. an extroverted or funny person? probably.

I tried being funny and it seemed to annoy others.

They'll like you as a friend, don't expect any pussy though

Pics or didnt happen.

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Yes it will.

Harsh as it is to say probably not in most circles. There is always a group looking for an ugly duckling to keep close to make themselves look good by comparison but they usually only dip 2-3 levels below themselves. You very well can find a group of friends to fit into but don't expect to be part of 90310.

Question though is it just facial genetics or weight that you rate yourself so low?

No, people like to be treated like shit.

>Question though is it just facial genetics or weight that you rate yourself so low?
My body is decent, but my face looks like roadkill

Well decent body is a good start. People generally have a distaste for fat people because they either consciously or subconsciously see that as a choice. Bad face, ehh shit happens, life sucks, and then you die.

Having a positive upbeat attitude and a smidgen of confidence does vastly improve your appeal. I would have no issue whatsoever hanging out with a fat uglier friend if they were fun and made me laugh and did not seem to care about their figure while not purposefully flaunting they do not care. This is critically important.

If I am not directly seeking you are a sexual partner I do not give a flying gravy fuck what you look like. As long as you are fun. Fun means easy to be around which means easy to relate to. Someone I don't have to shuck open like a stubborn oyster to start a conversation. Those ugly shy quiet types? Fuck em no one likes them. It is literally work for me to make you join the table. We're at the table. The whole damn group is at the table. We're playing cards, sharing shots, having laughs. We are not going to stop the fun to walk over in formation and have a group meeting about how special and wonderful you are despite your figure, then waste 30 minutes talking you to the table for a slow awkward game of cards.

Either you're fat, get Jow Forums. You're fuck with genes, get fun. No matter what self confidence is the key. Everyone else was nervous at one point but we sucked it up and belong. You're just behind the times because of your supposed handicap.

That is my bit for friends. You want relationship advise find another. I am pretty shallow.

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Plastic surgery

Generally people don't like it when you're a dick to them.

Also let's see the face you cuck. I want to know how bad of a situation we're advising. Blank out the eyes, now EXIF data is embedded in the photos anymore.

the shape of my face is fine, but my eyes are really ugly(very dark circles, hyper-pigmentation around the eye, and very pale.) I think it's the combination of these things that ruins everything I had going for me. If I wear sunglasses where you can't see that mess I am a 6/10

Take a pic, put that shti in paint, blank out eyes, post. Or don't and we're done. I gave my advise just wanted to see if you were over reacting. I'm not going to post again in this thread begging for more. Again, fun someone who comes to the table and is just accepted. Or some shy faggot absolutely paralyzed by self doubt that no one wants to spend time trying to pry into the open.

Shit or get off the pot my dude. If you're looking for a pity party you're on the wrong fucking site.

Try to be respectful of others. Don't bend over backwards to please everyone, but give every new person you meet the same amount of respect that you'd have them show you.

Yes, people will often praise how you are such a kind person rather than talk negatively about your appearance.

If know someone who is a 2/10 in looks, but with a great personality then I will give them advice on girls and how they can improve their looks without changing themselves or making them question their identity. Other girls will do it to as they want to root for you in finding a nice gf. It's more like a protective maternal instinct in wanting to see someone be happy in a relationship.

Be kind and respectful, but don't be a doormat.

Looks don't fucking matter. Seriously. I had friends who were literally orcs with shit skins and still had no problem socializing and getting girls. Welp i guess it was more difficult but still. They managed to get results.

Even if you don't have social skills eventually there will be people who will like you for who you are. And if people judge you for their looks they arent even worth befriending anyways so you arent losing anything.

Be confident my friend

Good posts. I wish I had friends like you two growing up , my early life would've been much less painful

Being a genuinely nice person who is actually nice and not just seeking gratification will make people like you more, yes. But don't expect to do nice things and then get some kind of reward.

Strangely enough, the people who will respect you the most are 8s and 9s who don't feel insecure about their appearance. It is the other uglies who will respect you the least - they compare themselves to you in an attempt to feel less insecure about themselves.

Let attractive dudes become friends with you and they'll show you good times, give you tips on how to become more attractive, and introduce you to women

Trust me, it won't. You'd better be funny or charming or talented. But I doubt you're as ugly as you think

Just a nosejob and wardrobe change away from being a solid 6-7