Guys I'm a flat chested in my late 20s and I want bigger breasts. It's 10k and I want it quicker...

Guys I'm a flat chested in my late 20s and I want bigger breasts. It's 10k and I want it quicker, is there a way I could exploit my body online so people can pay for my implants and gain from it?

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Be a camwhore, make dosh, get implants... Repeat. Or be a titty gamer on twitch.

Prenatal vitamins

no dude wants a chick with fake tits besides bimbo hunters.

find a dude, have kids, and breastfeed
your tits will naturally get bigger that way

Hello! I’m a 24(F). You need to use social media. Take pictures, don’t have to be nude. Boys will just DM offering you money for nothing. You could also look into a private snap. Altough this isn’t going to get you 10k. It will help get you money, and if you’re good and work at it you can get the 10k. I don’t have a snap chat, and I don’t post nudes but I’ve got about 3k for not even trying.

I also think once you get a following, explaining that you want money for the boob job will help. I remember watching a video ages ago about men liking to pay for boob jobs etc etc

GIRL. Really? I have been missing out on that?? How do I gain traction on social media?? I kinda post some stuff but I never had someone offer money. So maybe I'm not that good looking as you are? Or do I need to be more active?

My aunt had no tits, got pregnant and breastfed.

Her boobs got bigger while breastfeeding but when she stopped her tits shrinked back to the original size but kept the extra skin. They look saggy as fuck now and she wants to get surgery.

If you think fake boobs will make you a happier person then that’s up to you, but if you think you need them for some guy then you’re not thinking clearly.
If a man wants to be with you he’ll accept all of you, even parts you don’t accept.

You just need to be more active! Most people have messages me from twitter although some on Instagram aswell. A lot have this ‘Pay pig’ ‘findom’ fetish (I’d recommend to look up the # on Twitter). They will send you money for pretty much nothing. I am not actively looking for people to send me money, but if you are you can make a lot! Realistically the pictures you post don’t have to be nude but help if they are showing some skin! I am not crazy attractive, you really don’t need to be!

I once had some guy send me £200 for a normal face selfie. He then offered £500 for a bra picture. I understand he only sent the £200 as he thought it would escalate etc etc but I took that money and bounced haha

The disgusting state of modern women

Haha, if a guy if going to offer me money for nothing. I would be an idiot not to take it.

I know but Im sick of using padding on my bras, I hate having so much work when dressing nice because I don't have a decent cleavage. I want to have SOMETHING and never again use padding.

Boobs makes me feel more feminine, I want something at least.

Money is money, don’t tell me
you wouldn’t do the same thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh so the hot spot is Twitter. I see. I will post there immediately

I wouldn't sell myself just so some boomers can jerk off to it. You are basically prostitutes but I guess this is a norm nowadays anyway

You jerk off everyday and you don't see anything wrong with it. Do you feel disgusted by your own actions?

I wouldn’t say so, I post normal pictures. Me wearing a dress that I go out in, crop top etc etc. People DM asking for my PayPal send me money and that’s the end of the transaction :—)

Yes. Just have some common sense. Twitch is a good place. I have a friend (female) who was into that.

Like user said, you don't even have to be sexy. Check out this girl, she just sits and chats,and the rest of the time she cooks dinner and chats. Basically a girlfriend simulator. Lonely guys pay out the nose for this stuff...

You do you, but implants will make you look worse. Just saying.


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flat chested women are the best

Easy, get a sugar daddy. In exchange for having sex with him, the older rich guy will pay for them.

She is really cute!

You can buy new tits on finance

I like smaller breasts. Fat tits are ungainly.

That us one scritchable pup

If you're a girl telling me this, I completely agree. If you're a guy telling me this, stop masturbating, so outside, and get a fucking life.

Fake boobs are the single biggest turn off for me

just drink more beer, hops makes womens breasts larger naturally.

You’d be surprised, lots of dudes like small breasts.

you have a pussy. that's all that matters. unless you uggo then at that point yes get a bob job.