Is 5.5" alright?

Is 5.5" alright?

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If you're a woman or live somewhere where it will not make you stand out, yes

My bf is 5'5". Makes things easier to reach ;)

Yeah that's a pretty tall height for a midget

>Makes things easier to reach ;)
I don't get this

I thought we were talking about dick size here?


Enjoy EZ gains. You'll make it brah. Assuming you're not a faggot, of course

Is 178 cm alright (sorry don't know how to convert)?

Yes you are 5'10


Depends where you're from and what you're hoping to achieve with your height

I'm 195cm

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That's not bad unless you're as old and boney as the guy in your reaction pic

Depends on your face.

I've met a 5'5 chad before and women loved him.

Yeah that's a pretty big dick for a midget

we were

What's not okay is your complex you've developed. Read the stupid metathread, it says right there, complexes are never attractive.

>5'5 chad

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I’m 7.5in, is that considered big for grils?


Depends on the girl but I really don't wanna bother discussing it because I'll be drowned out by incel psuedoscience

Suffice it to say there IS no good answer to this. Some girls will straddle eight inches with their spider-caves, if it has matching girth, like they're popping a fucking sucker in their mouth. Others can't even squeeze a pinky finger into their chaste dragon's den.

But that's logic and incels have not and will never use it

My strapon is that size.

Am dumbass, can't read. My bad.
Still, 5.5" also reaches all the right places. ;)

He had an absolute slayer face, wide as fuck shoulders.

Height being the only "blackpilled" thing redditors believe should be a good indication it's bullshit.

Face > Everything.

you're not going to get much taller so accept yourself or kys

Yes. Don't worry, still higher than me and people with short in their genes

I can buy a dildo that mogs 100% of the male population, what's your point?

She’s not making a point, she’s just stating that she as a 7.5 in long strap on

Haha guyz i am so funny and edgy.

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