I see a lot of hate directed at incels, and as someone with incel-leanings, why is that?

I see a lot of hate directed at incels, and as someone with incel-leanings, why is that?

From my experience men like us are bitter that they missed out on love, why do you gotta rub it in and tell us we should be happy to marry the leftovers?

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shut up faggot

We don't hate incels. We pity you for having such limited mental capacity that you simply believe the first things Jow Forums and Reddit told you about women when you read them from the comfort of your desktop.

No thanks.

I don't see them as leftovers and there is nothing stopping you from dating a girl that is younger too if that's your kink

>We pity you for having such limited mental capacity that you simply believe the first things Jow Forums and Reddit told you about women when you read them from the comfort of your desktop.
While I have no doubt that happens, my personal beliefs are founded in things I've seen in real life.

>I don't see them as leftovers
What's the better word for it? I mean women who had a "party phase XD" and now "want something serious"

Because you don’t actually appreciate people or society and create a victim complex based on your inability to rise above your toxic mindset. You Retard.

They have no empathy for people outside the ones like them. It's just the newest form of bigotry and pretty sad tb h

Because incels are angry, hateful people who blame everyone but themselves for their own failures. Here you are, acting like an entitled cunt. Why would you expect me to have any respect for you? I have a good life and am successful with women but that's because I've worked hard for it. I haven't shut myself in the basement after dropping out of high school.

>I've worked hard
>I had to swipe right on Tinder!

Because you believe stupid delusional stuff like goodlooking, attractive men get most of the sex and that some people get little to nothing.

It's ridiculous. How could that even be true?

The real world is not allways as limiting as what you have seen and experienced. Air exists.

Many women have sex with a few men? It's a pretty easy concept to understand

Guys whats worst FEMINISM or INCELS?

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They don't? Where did you come up with such a retarded idea?

HOW could that be true???

It just sounds too absurd that women would only have sex with a small percentage of men.

There's someone for everyone.

Radical feminism for sure, but they go hand in hand

You call me delusional, yet you're spouting some serious ones yourself

See, this is exactly why you deserve the ridicule you get. You don't understand that nothing in my life was given to me, I've had to work hard to get where I am. And you, an entitled little shit, want to be given everything I have and more, without lifting your finger.

So yes, because you are such a narcissistic cunt to me, don't expect me to have any respect for you.

Well, less women are virgins or have had more sex compared to their male counterparts within the same period

Why would I respect someone whose life is on easy mode? Kek. Just like women

Are you not smart enough to understand that my current life being easy mode is a result of years of hard work? If I had dropped out of high school and shut myself in the basement, like you did, I would be just as pitiful of a loser as you are now.

Haha, sure thing dude. What a fucking joke

>Here you are, acting like an entitled cunt.
I'm not sure how asking why hate bitter, sad, lonely people is me being entitled.
>I have a good life and am successful with women but that's because I've worked hard for it.
Good for you. Not everyone is that lucky.

>you base all your notions off of made up statistics!
>your real life experiences don't matter!

It's really not that hard to grasp, my man. Women find the majority of men ugly and would rather go for the good looking ones. How is that complicated?

Let's see a source


Every woman has different tastes in men and finds different types of men good looking. How is that complicated? You cannot objectively classify men into "good looking" because of this.

>It's really not that hard to grasp, my man. Women find the majority of men ugly and would rather go for the good looking ones. How is that complicated?

Source? Sex is pretty evenly distributed.

Most ugly guys get pretty much the same amount as good looking guys.

If incels didn't have such terrible personalities and actually treated women like people then they'd get it too.

>There's someone for everyone.
What makes you think that? That disney shit ain't real, man.

Unless you count 'someone for everyone' as the average girl getting sick of 'having fun XD' and deciding to settle for a dude she used to ignore because he's stable. In that case? I call that leftovers.

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Danny Devito is attractive to just as many women as Tom Hardy.

"Good looking" is a social construct.

Incels always post the same tired old graphs. They are either made up (like this one), or completely unrelated. This graph comes from an incel blog. The author even admitted later on he made it up.

Think about this for a minute. Why would the sexlessness % of married women drop to 0%? This is factually incorrect. GSS data doesn't even have what this graph claims to have.

>How could that even be true?
Human biology.

An incel is nothing but an involuntary celibate person. All extra connotations are results of preconceived notions.

I do believe that many people think that the sole responsibility that a large group of men is disenfranchised in love has only to do with this large group is ill-informed. Especially considering the growth of this group in recent years.

That said, blatant sexism is not the way to go to attract a woman.

It is complex new social phenomenon. Generally women hate complaining men (which incels usually are; my speculation mind you) and men that have certain notions about themselves hate incels for creating cognitive dissonance. This is my hypothesis.

>Most ugly guys get pretty much the same amount as good looking guys.
Man, you are pretty goddamn delusional if you sincerely believe that.

>If incels didn't have such terrible personalities and actually treated women like people then they'd get it too.
I treat women like people, alright. That means I don't give them extra lee way.

>They are either made up (like this one), or completely unrelated. This graph comes from an incel blog. The author even admitted later on he made it up.
No it isn't.

people and men in particular are no longer afraid to reveal their true inner being, the stigma and social consequences of a man revealing his virginity has vanished

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where's the 2018 data?

I don't know, but I doubt it'd change in two years.

>involuntarily celibate
Impossible. You choose to be celibate.
>Especially considering the growth of this group in recent years.
It's not growing, just louder. If anything there are less and less incels every day.

>You choose to be celibate.
1. Never said I was an incel. Just gave my take 2. It is quite literally the definition of being an incel. Since one cannot have sex without a partner one can be involuntary celibate.

No you are going to say muh indirect responsibility and I counter with muh principles etc etc.

>If anything there are less and less incels every day.


Never mind the 2018 data, ask for any data. That graph provides none. It claims to use GSS data but there is no such source at GSS.

>I don't know, but I doubt it'd change in two years.
yea only increase by 6%

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Holy shit, wow.

I guess the problem really is getting worse.

also see

God so much this. They don’t want to move past their problems and blame others. I’m not particularly successful with women, but I have a great teaching job and musical talents. Incels don’t want to do shit and when we try to help them they don’t want to hear what we are saying. They bask in the negativity they received and pass it around like the flu. They don’t understood rising to the occasion

So many times have I offered advice (mostly on this board) and they just shit on me or ignore me. It doesn’t hurt me, that closed mindedness is hurting them and they don’t want to change at all. It’s really pitiful man. Just open your eyes

You’re literally just angry. This is why people don’t like you. You don’t listen.

your brain on bill clinton's sex scandal
your brain anime + pua + red pill + mgtow + maga

Physical attractiveness is quite objective lmao. Sure, different people have somewhat different tastes. But there are some physical indicators that are pretty much universally considered attractive. I'll list the most important ones below:

Attributes that are indicators of good overall health, high testosterone production (=more dominant behavior), physical fitness and ability to provide. Tall men with symmetrical faces, strong jawlines, slim muscular body, intelligence and social status are pretty much the definition of an attractive guy. These attributes are indicators that the guy has the physical, mental and social capabilities to not only reproduce healthy babies, but also collect resources and protect her and her babies from danger. This is why women are universally attracted to these attributes.

Physical indicators of good overall health, fertility and youth. Long healthy looking hair, clear and soft skin, nice boobs and ass. These are indicators that a woman is capable of both conceiving and giving birth to strong healthy babies which is why men are universally attracted to these attributes.

Your post ignores how physical looked can be ruined by a shit personality/mentality/emotional level.

At least the nigga is getting laid. Faggot

Hit a nerve, nigger?

If you weren't such assholes, it would be fine. Most incels blame their problems on women because they can't get a woman to agree to let them put their peepee in them.... they are possibly one of the most pathetic type of people to walk the earth.

great start
even better
yes but the opposite its them that are the bigots to us
if you took your own answer seriously you would be on the right track
iv been an incel a while , and it bothers me obviously but as to why people are so hateful to us is because of the violence right? i mean a frustrated man whos never had sex is way more likely to pick up a rifle and go to town then say a average joe. it may also be the lack of control society has over ""us"" , usually incels dont have many freinds or people that they talk to (or jobs for that matter) and its very difficult to monitor and guide them. or a 3rd option might just be that incels see themselves as an other , opposed to "normies" who they see as enemy's or idiots

iv noticed a lot of over reaction to incels , its almost like its a horrible thing that we have done like its our fault and we deserve this when people talk about incels but whatever

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>"W-Women only want to date attractive men!"
>"Why can't I fuck a 9 or a 10? I'll even settle for an 8!"
>"Why can't I have a hot virgin gf?"
>"Why can't women approach US for once?"
I know so many people like this, and tried to make them understand. The issue isn't anything but their own mindsets. They don't want to move on from their shitty experiences, and instead want to bask in the stagnant pool, and feel sorry for themselves with other people who are the same way.

If you want this shit to go on, point fingers, find excuses, and blame women for your issues in forums and whatnot, you have no reason to complain if other people talk about how pitiful that mentality is. It's not a one-way street.

Incels who are just ugly are one thing, but idiots with no social skills either are lazy and don’t want to change/better themselves or are just retarded — in which case they shouldn’t be breeding anyway.

"incel" doesn't apply to all virgin males who can't get sex. incel typically evokes the specific subculture based around self-hatred, self-harm, and extreme prejudice. they're dreadful to talk to because they tend to put all their miseries on display for the world.

>10% difference
Why are women allowed to live life on easy mode? It’s not fair brahs...

A commonly stated point in this thread is that most incels dont want to change. It doesn’t inherently make them shitty, being an incel, it’s the attitude that they tend to have

If a man hasn't lost his virginity by 20, there is something fundamentally wrong with him, and for the benefit of the species, he should be killed.
Fuck incel scum

Thats fair , but it might not be that they dont want to change it could be that they dont know how or have already given up.
we tend to be so isolated and distracted we might not even know what the problem is if we are being rejected by society and then when an incel askes why he is isolated and excluded he is called a faggot or is accused of hating women i mean take your pick people say awful things about incels everyday but not very much of it is constructive.

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i mean this is a perfect example im a virgin over 20 and i should be killed? just because im a virgin and then they turn around and call incels the bad people?

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Yeah, you should. You have literally no right to exist. You provide neither utility to the species nor pleasure to women. Fuck off and die

not the person you're replying to, but obviously don't take posts like that seriously. I can't tell if you're joking or not, but if you actually believe most people think that virgins should be killed or some shit, you need to separate yourself from toxic online communities. nobody thinks that way irl

It's pussy ass bitches like you that keep this problem alive. If these people didn't exist, they couldn't shoot up schools and shit.

does killing people to prevent deaths not at all strike you as ironic?

Not really. Sacrifices should be made to make the future better. And it's not really a full sacrifice, since such men aren't really human

if you think you can make the world better by killing innocent people , your the one with twisted morals.

Pfffttt. Their existence is a crime

Are you from a flyover state? The problem with you fucks is that you seem to think that continually keeping people down that don’t line up with your views. Which is why people go to jail for years for small amount of drugs. Which is why prisons are shit. You don’t want to help people or the human race, everyone who isn’t like you is a problem. People like you actually exist and it sucks

Chud bullshit

Being incel is probably the saddest existence imaginable that's why. Nobody wants to put themselves in that position it is too painful so instead they pretend like we all deserve it.

Because they're generally indolent, arrogant, stubborn and yet somehow self-defeating, self-pitying and self-victimizing despite that.

They're like anything, there's good ones in the mix, but those tend to be exceptions to the rule...

Here we go again with the victim blaming. The shooters aren't the bottom feeders driven insane by the way the shitty spawn of shitty parents are treating them and making their lives a living hell. No, they are frustrated simply because they can't have sex and everyone else is innocent.

I'll try to put it as nice and informative I can for you, since you feel like people rub it in.

Inceldom is all about being bitter like you said, your attitude is extremely entitled and the superiority complex comes out as a coping mechanism, that bitterness is antagonistic by nature and will drive people away on it's own so that answers your question.
Next is the fact that most incels (not sure if you feel like that as well) feel entitled to be with someone because of their shortcommings in relation to partners, i get that feeling from your "leftovers" comment, you feel like you should get the prime things for varrying reasons, but that complex actually devalues you as a person.

They are often the male versions of radical feminists

So I should just kill myself because I'm a shitty person? Or are you going to set it up so that there is nothing I can actually do to fix my inceldom like a true abuser.

No not at all man, I think you should turn over a new leaf in life, you can change your attitude and get rid of the bitterness and I can guarantee you that women will like you more.

not the same person but you make a lot of assumptions here "most incels feel entitled to be with someone" doesnt sound like any incel iv talked to its just a stereotype , you rarely if ever see incels that feel "extremely entitled" to sex most want to know what they can do to try and fix themselves but only get insults and lies.

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I'm sorry, I can only generalize really since I don't know either of you, most incels I've met are like that is all.
I'm not really trying to offend you.

generalizations dont do the conversation much help especially when they are so offensive and inaccurate.

there isn't much I can do for ya if you don't tell me who you are or why you're an incel bro, if you're gonna make a general question i'm gonna give you a general answer.

no im not the poster , i was just saying your answer sounds like an answer coming from someone whos never met an incel and just sort of makes up what they think they might be like in there head. correct me if im wrong but its just when you said they are "extremely entitled" i dont actually think you could be farther from the truth. most incels hate themselves and dont think they are worth anything so to say the have a superiority complex fucking baffles my mind.

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It's like I said 2 posts ago most incels i've met are like that, OP himself gives off the idea that he doesn't want to be with leftovers so it's only so easy to assume he feels entitled to the better women.
And most =! all user, plus personal experiences, most of the ones that I met were entitled who felt as if women were inferior and should be lining up to fuck him, yeah it's cliche and ultimate gentleman but that's the people i've met.

"most of the ones that I met"
how many have you met?

I don't keep tabs user but I've met a lot of them in college, if you really want a number i'd put between 10 and 20, there was always a group of people that everyone avoided because of this.

you met them? or you saw them and never made any sort of contact?

I met and spoke to them on a regular basis, I don't judge.

i must say i dont know many people that met and talked to 10 - 20 incels on a regular basis thats surprising especially since somehow you also know they all were incels , you really must be some sort of expert should do a study or something even if your views are innacurate.

It's unironically the jews in the media and as you can see, normies just go along with whatever the media says is bad.

You're a cynical guy user, we all went to bars and played MMO's together a lot on the weekends, I've never said I was an expert I was just trying to help OP to try and turn around with the thing that makes him feel bitter.
I really like hearing about other people's problems and giving them the advice I can to possibly make them feel better user, that is all there is to this.
If you really MUST know, I ask everyone I befriend if they have problems, most normie dudes got game problems so I hear them out, but i've met people with their phd's and how they had problems with their theories, I don't know everything I just try to help.

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>mfw it's another "normies invoke the 'muh just world' fallacy when describing the sexual marketplace by making the lofty claim that sexually successful men are mostly successful because of their merit, and will deny that an inherited trait like beauty is as significant of a factor for male desirability as it is for female desirability" episode
>mfw it's another "normies mistake incels' expressions of frustration with sexual failure as 'bitter entitlement'" episode
>mfw it's another "normies smugly ask for sources to substantiate claims that the sexual market is hypergamous (ie. women generally have more options to choose from than men, and don't need to work as hard as men do to be valued in the sexual marketplace), but when incels ask for sources to substantiate the normies' claims that the sexual marketplace is generally meritocratic, they will scoff at the incels for not accepting 'common sense' and will cite worthless anecdotal personal experiences whilst denying the incels' equally valid/invalid anecdotal personal experiences" episode
>mfw it's another "normies immediately jump to the conclusion that incels are rejected by women because they have toxic personalities, but never even glance at the equally probable possibility that incels are jaded and frustrated because they are rejected by women or even society as a whole" episode

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They asked us to be more open with our feelings, man.

They just didn't like what they heard.

Incels are the symptom of a the feminist problem.

i copied some of this text to use later , hopefully you dont mind but your very right.

basic bitch wisdom

screencapped, everything that was needed to be said was said right here

t. a guy that is successful with women

This place is kind of an incel echo chamber, but if you want an honest answer OP, it's because you're hating women based on some bullshit. Women are just people too. Nobody is owed sex. This is shit that you've been convinced of, likely in your upbringing, but it's no ones duty to be interested in you, date you, or love you.

That shit is hard, and it hurts, but it's better to understand that than to carry around all these fucked up ideas about women because you can't get a date.

If we want equality in the world every male must have access to any females holes at any time for a nominal fee of 25 cents payable in coin or 3 empty aluminum cans. It's only fair

>We owe everyone food, housing, college and medical

You took all that stuff from men. When are females going to contribute something, anything?

I don't hate women. But I'm not blind to the effects of hookup culture, and how much more pressure that puts on males to be competitive.
I also consider myself volcel, owing to my acknowledgement of my crippling lack of self-esteem, general laziness and pathetic physique.