Don't know what to do

I am 23 year old guy, never been in relationship with a woman, actually the last time I chatted with a female was when I was 10 (believe it or not) because I live in conservative society prohibit any contact with females, which led me to never taking to same age girls, the only females I can talk to are ,mom and aunts(and they are all old) so I don't know what young girls are really are.

I can't get married because I'm a student right now, and I will not be able to afford getting married until my late twenty at best. What to do? I can't work because school time and work takes most of my time and energy, but not my passion about getting a loving girl.

You may say get into a relationship without anyone knowing, but the type of girls that may get into a sneaky relationships are not the type I want to get into relationship with.

What to do guys? it is consuming my time and energy, even during busy days, I get frustrated most of the time, even though that I am a happy, passionate and energetic man.

Help me please.

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You’re a student, but you haven’t talked to a girl since you were 10? What?

>the last time I chatted with a female was when I was 10 (believe it or not) because I live in conservative society prohibit any contact with females

You got my attention. What kind of dystopian society are you livin in OP?

my nigga do you live in syria? go out and make some friends and eventually you'll meet some women

Girls and boys are separated, we go to different schools :(

I live in a country with a bad reputation, I believe there are no country with such stupid rules

Not syria, Actually syria doesn’t have such rules, I have lots of friends but no females :(

Say which country it's not like anything will happen

He's Indian dumbass.

Thanks for the info, pajeet

I'm a very pretty white girl. I am just not retarded.

India has changed a lot in last 10 years. Being in a relationship is common now, but sex before marriage is still considered a taboo and only very few girls do it. I think OP is from some muslim country.

Saudi arabia

My problem isn’t with sex before marriage I’m actually agains it, my problem is with not allowing normal human interaction, which will allow me to choose the right person.

To be fair I'm from a Western country and I haven't talked to a female (outside family/teachers/cashier,...) since I was around 15-16.
you're fucked friendo, better get rich because with polygamy you're sure to never see pussy for the rest of your life

actually it is not that common to see a man with multiple wife, girls and boys are passing twenty without marriage because of money issues and not being able to know your bride before marriage.

Am I really gonna be stuck for the coming years?

Do you have any family in other (neighboring) countries?

No, I don’t.

Is polygamy really a thing in Saudi Arabia? Is it legal and still practiced? Or would it be considered something only the rich and powerful can do?

>Is polygamy really a thing in Saudi Arabia?
Yes, but not very common.
>Is it legal and still practiced?
Yes, it is legal, it was very beneficial in the past, but now it is more harmful than beneficial.

What to do anons? Is there any temporary solution to suppress my desire and passion to get a girl?

Why don't they allow you contact with girls, what's the reasoning?

Move to a better country. Wherever you live now sounds like a hellhole. Europe, Australia, or pretty much anywhere in the western hemisphere would probably be an improvement.

They believe that men are animals and they will fuck any think, so they ban any contact with girls so we don't trick them and get into their pants, it is a over protective mentality, yes it will protect you daughter by doing that, but you you harm the society more than you help.

Ihave to complete my college before I do that, I just completed 5 years and there are 3 years more until I finish.