Would you date a girl with Alopecia?

Would you date a girl with Alopecia?

I’m 24. I always wear a wig although I’m fully bald. I don’t look bad with my wig on but without I don’t look so great.

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Depends what she looks like/who she is as a person.

There are creepos with head shaving fetishes out there.
You'll find love.

are you calling everyone who could be attracted to her a creep? that's ableist

Op here.

When on Tinder do you think I should disclose that I’m bald on my profile, before I meet someone etc etc?

personally? no, for me a girl's hair plays an important role, I like girls that take care of their hair, it makes them look feminine

I wouldn’t want to date someone based on me being their fetish

Understandable! I used to take good care of it before it all fell out over the last year :-)

No, I'm saying that there exists a population that would persue her for her ailment in a positive way. As opposed to a half hearted acceptance but not idealized "Normal" relationship.
Suit yourself. Why anyone wouldn't want to be valued in tandem of an ailment instead of merely accepted is beyond me.

Literally depends on the chances of your children inheriting the condition

I would.

0%. I wouldn’t even think about having children if that was the case.

Why? lol That's completely unnecessary if you just put up a pic of yourself. You can talk about it if it gets brought up you have a condition but your profile should be saved for information that'll entice people towards going out with you

And besides it's not like your life is defined by being a bald woman. that's just extremely silly, it's not worth disclosing most people would understand. save it for whatever makes you who you are

>Would you date a girl with Alopecia?
I would date a great girl with alopecia long before a bitchy controlling girl with hair.

How's your tits and ass department? If you even have at least a 5/10 face, maintain your figure and not a landwhale, you're good.

You're bald, not shitting your britches and having daily seizures.

I'd put pointed ears on you and call you Dahlia.

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I see girls with shaved heads a lot now. My sister shaves her head voluntarily cus she hates dealing with it, and shes in a good relationship. I personally wouldn’t mind even though I really like hair. Not a big deal.


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Damn, didn’t mean to fetishize with the tank girl pic. She is cute though.

The thing that matters most to me is if you are sweet. Hair is like clothes, I used to think I cared when I was like 14, until I realized that it is the head you got underneath it that truly counts.

>When on Tinder
Only instant disqualifier ITT

It wouldn't bother me.

Fuck off Cow Town.

>Would you date a girl
Lmao... just lmao.

Marda loop?

I think part of it depends on how feminine you are otherwise. If you can take off the wig and not pass off as a dude, I think you're good. You'd probably have to be more in shape and generally put more effort in than other girls might but it wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

Looking back at my dating history...,I think I have a minor hair fetish, because, bar one, all of the girls I’ve ever dated or been seriously interested in have always had beautiful hair, and it’s always been a point of interest.

In fact, that was the very first thing I ever noticed about my girlfriend of 4 years, the very first thought had on seeing her, was about her remarkable, dark hair that came down almost three or four feet in length.

That being said:

I would.

My girlfriend has chopped her hair down to a foot or so, and is stressing out because she’s getting grey streaks, but I love her and find her attractive all the same.

If I’m totally honest, I kinda miss playing with her long hair, but it’s not at all like it’s a deal breaker.

Keeper purely physical here, and keeping the more intangible personality portion aside (which is always important), It’s just kind like how she has smaller breasts than some other girls from my past, and while it might cross my mind if I think about it, it’s also not at all big deal or at all something I really compare or treat as a deal breaker, because she has plenty of other things I’m attracted to and find interesting.

Even as someone who admits he might have a thing specifically for hair, I’m sure that you’ve got other qualities that more than make up for those that you lack, and that in the eyes of anyone worthwhile your identity is never wrapped up in anyoneon single quality (or lack thereof).

Don’t let something trivial and ultimately superficial like that ever threaten to sway who you are.

Op here. Thank you for all of your comments.

I currently feel like I’m stuck in my relationship as no one will want me. We have been dating for 3 years so he we with me when I had my hair and watched it fall out. He’s really not good for me, he’s very controlling, toxic and really just not very nice. I believe he knows that I now have no confidence and that’s why he can do what he wants.

Wanted to give an advice too, but this.
And sadly just read from OP
>I currently feel like I’m stuck in my relationship as no one will want me.
I think you have another problem than if anyone would mind that your bald.

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Would u date a bald nigga tho?

Just to confirm I’m not on tinder, but it’s how I met my current boyfriend and if we split up as I only leave the house for work it’s they only way I would meet someone else!

And there is your problem girl. It's not the hair, it's your confidence as you wrote before. On Tinder are people who are looking for a fast fuck without working for it as far as i can tell (never used it and never will). It's just a more ethic accectable way to whore around, so what do you think what kind of guys you will meet there? It's not that they would mind a bald head if it's only for a night.
>I don’t look bad with my wig on but without I don’t look so great.
That's your attitude right there. Even with a wig you can't call yourself beautiful, not even looking good? You should find a guy who gives as much a fuck about it as you should. If you want to find love, rember we're all getting older and beauty will disappear after years... You shouldn't chair less, because it doesn't really mattress as i tried to hint you before. But if your solution for this would or was Tinder, sorry, but then i don't see a reason to answer your Thread question.
Everything is relative and there are people who like short hair girls like me, even bald girls, then there are men who like long or curly hairs - you will find definitly someone who don't mind, or even prefer your actual look and not the fake one you put on that you only can name as "I don’t look bad with my wig". Got my point?
> I only leave the house for work it’s they only way I would meet someone else!
Oh girl, that's another point you should change your view about...

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Barging in with questions of my own, OP.

But how is life with a wig? I'm particularly interested in how you can exercise and run. Do you sweat awfully? Do you risk it falling off?
What if the wind blows hard? Can the lace underneath be seen?
How do you have sex? He can't pull on your wig without pulling it off, can he? Can he run his hands through the hair or it feels too awkward?
Where do you get yoru wigs from and how realistic are they?

Eh. Tinder started as a hook-up app, then it became a relationship app, now it's a validation app. I actually had my last relationship off it too, so it does still happen.
Tough situation to be in. I think if I found you attractive and fun otherwise, I would still date you as long as you were upfront about it on the first date. I mean don't make it the first thing you tell a guy, but if you're having a good time and he seems decent, bring it up. At the least, it would mean you get to change your hair a lot which could be fun.

A few more...

What if it starts raining heavily and you dont have an umbrella? How does your wig look?
How to not be paranoid that I've put my wig wrong and that it's clear from afar that it's a wig because it sits awkwardly?

As true as this is, i can eat in my car too, doesn't mean i bought it for that reason. Same with Tinder. Maybe you can take the advantage from it to get to know someone i a romantic was, but i hardly doubt over 50% do it for that reason. I would say those don't even make up 5-10%.

That would depend on her personality. I don't really date women for their physical appearance, so something as small as her hair or lack thereof aren't really a big issue to me.
s-shut up it's not weird :(

Well if you've never used it and never plan on it I don't really think you're an expert here. Like I said, it's more of a validation app than anything, a lot of people just like to use to to know that people like them. And while you do have a better chance of finding sex than a relationship, it's really not as much better as you would think.
>I don't really date women for their physical appearance
I bet you just don't really date too many women

Life with a wig is fine. The issue is the cost, if you’re going to wear it for every day use you need to spend a lot of money. I spend around £500 every 6 months on a human hair wig.

I use hair gel around the lace front of the wig, this keeps it I’m place all day. When I work out I will wear a hat on top of my wig, (I will also wear an older wig). You really do get used to it and I hardly even feel it on my head.

Regarding sex, there is no point for hair pulling as it’s not like I would feel it lmfao. So we just avoid it. Running your hands through a wig is awkward (at the head), but the hair is smooth.

The hair looks fine in the rain. When it drys it will become frizzy, I’ve never been out on the rain or wind and worried about my wig falling off.

For placement you will understand how to put it on, it’s very clear from the inside on where to place it and you will understand you have done it correctly as it will feel comfortable.

Do you also have Alopecia or just curious?

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Yeah man, forget the hair. Ditch that fool.

Dudes have a million different taste. Some Chad's might suck and be mean, but fuck them. Assuming you a decent person, I can't imagine that being a deal breaker for most people.

>I bet you just don't really date too many women
I've been in 3 different LTRs in the past though. I don't blame you for thinking that though, I'm pretty sure I'm in a tiny minority here.

I've had my fair share of scares

So far, turns out I only really, really damaged my hair. I don't know if it would work that way, starting over again, shaving it off and hoping it gets better. But I've been thinking about doing it for somet ime now.

But there are these little details I keep stumbling on that nobody talks about, not even on forums.

Could you upload a picture of the wig on your head or in your hands? I'm curious how the hair looks . For 500 pounds I suppose the hair's natural, I guess there are significant differences in look and mantainance between antural and all those synthetic *real hair look alike* types....

You're right but i never clamied to be an expert - that's why i used words as doubt and assumed a number from what i heard (i mean there are still plenty of people i know who used it before or even do it to this day - never ever heard they use it for such a goal, always just for quick sex).
>a lot of people just like to use to to know that people like them
That's the whole point of social media since around 2002, if not ever. And after Facebook started the whole concept turned in to a clusterfuck of trying to get attention and getting approved of beeing important. I would say Tinder is so far the peak of that mind set. Who wants to try it should, yeah, go ahead. But i don't believe anyone who would think of themself that they are worthy to get known or can get someone to know that doesn't only take a simple swipe on a screen should use it. The whole thing is paradox if you actually use that app to find the love of your life.
>destiny don't allow me to find someone who tell me that he actually care for me, even love me - better install Tinder
>can't find someone elsewhere, better use Tinder because destiny will bring me my soulmate over this app
If you found love there by accident then i don't say anything but going in for that reason doesn't make any sense if you ask me.

I would find it pretty hot.

Fyi i have a fetish for disguises in general.

I have dated a girl that has Alopecia, I still love her and it made absolutely no difference to me when she told me she had it. Having a wig is nothing to worry about.
Actually now that I think about it, maybe it's you. She'd be 24 as well and I'm pretty sure she uses Jow Forums.
Like I said, I still love you, it's a shame we fucked up what we had together. I still have your number, maybe I should text you. Then again this long-distance thing has proven to be difficult before.

This is the wig on my head, you will get used to making it look more natural the more you understand how to style it around your face. This one is 22 inches and icy gray. So the style isn’t very natual. If you went for a more natural style people wouldn’t even think twice.

£500 is also because it’s custom so it’s a good price for what it is. I prefer custom to make sure the wig fits the best and I get the right length and style. :) I don’t have any experiance for non human hair wigs, I order from the same website every time!

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Damn, figures!
Looks awesome! It clearly doesnt look like a wig!

Can I ask which site you buy them from? :) Thanks ina dvance

I don't see why I wouldn't
>post pic

Keep it waxed so that it looks clea, and have a variety of wigs just as you would any other clothes. I always thought it would be neat to go out with someone who had a different hairstyle everyday. And be upfront about it. It doesn’t have to be on your profile, but let them know before or during the first date, just in case they’re weird about it.

That must be hard OP, being a woman and all.

STFU faggot, as if anyone would date a retarded attention whore from fucking g Jow Forums who probably LOOKS disgusting and doesn't even shower. Why don't you and da gurl who woulda brake da rulez fuck off so another planet?

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Honey, I'd date someone with no arms and legs.
Don't be a shitter, don't be a victim, don't play blame games and accept losses in turn.

Wigs are fine. I would have fun requesting hair colors and styles for the bedroom. Just find someone who communicates on your level; virtually everything else can be conditioned, recommended, implied or improved, but solid and even communication is the real diamond in the rough when it comes to any relationship (especially yours).

Yeah. But would you date a bald man?

Eeew no!

>tfw no bald gf

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I wouldn't date a female period unless she was a virgin or a widow. There is no value proposition

kill all females!

That's extreme, I think a white Sharia would be adequate

Suffer not the woman to live

I have. She was pretty confident and didn't even wear a wig.

Kys OP. Girls with no hair are literally less than suicide corpses

Yeah, not a problem for me. I mean, more specifically, it wouldn't factor at all into whether or not she was my type physically. I've met bald girls who I was attracted to before.
Of course what they are like is another matter entirely.

Yes I would, but then again I myself am on fin.

Proof OP is a whore.