My brother has become extremely sexually frustrated

My brother has become extremely sexually frustrated.
He is a 23 yr virgin, nothing wrong with that, i waited for a good girl until 22
But he is trying to hit on every single woman he sees.
Which is a problem since he gets depressed after they obviously say no.
But lately this turned into hate towards women , lately he has become a self proclaimed'woman hater' and lately does nothing but imply woman are inferior and saying they are all hoes
My last birthday party he bullied a friend ao badly she went home crying

How can i stop him? I understand the frustation but it's not a healthy way to live. And this agression might turn violent or worst.

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You can't. He has to want to change, but he won't if he thinks he's entitled to a woman's affection.

Beat his ass. Or even better find a fit woman who can fight and get her to beat his ass. Or even better buy him a prostitute and tell her to give him the deluxe girlfriend package.

Women seem wicked, when you’re unwanted.

introduce him to MGTOW, he'll have a similar attitude of staying away from women but won't be an aggressive incel

This. At some point he got fed up. Women have it easy because feminism. Humans are intended to be sexually active. It's a muscle that must be flexed. Modern day women are nowhere as tight as the girls from the past because feminism.

You guys do realize that women who are always turned down by men oftentimes grow to be bitter themselves, right? It's not a men-only "problem."

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can't stop the testosterone talking but you can try to divert his attention
he still got time anyways get him a hooker

Please kill him. He's defective.

I literally told him to join a group that seeks to take men that feel that way and help them lead happy, healthy lives away from the women they so subconsciously feel betrayed by (MGTOW). excellent bait though

Why are incels so retarded they think women live life on easymode? Because there is only one thing that your tiny mind can think of, which is sex?

No, relationships. Having an easier time finding relationships = having an easier time obtaining financial security.

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You seriously believe women have an easier time finding relationships? Is there a surplus of millions of desperate beta millionaire males out there I'm not aware of?

faces look ugly when your alone...
when your strange faces come out of the rain when your strange..

a real good smack upside the head should do it when you catch hm doing it.
forget MGTOW bullshit its divorced men who have been put through the ringer by their ex wives and and think every other guy should be like them.

thats just bullshit. one day he will lose his V card. for every no there will be a yes (eventually)

he has to learn how to talk to women on his own

yes he is gonna make a blooper reel but thats his journey to make not yours

you cant live his life for him.

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What does that have to do with beating his ass? Are you saying you also want an ass beating?

Of course they do. Girls complain all the time about guys swarming over them like flies. That's not an issue guys often have.

You obviously do not understand the difference between getting sex and getting into a relationship. Typical incel.

You obviously do not understand that people who have an easy time getting sex also have an easy time getting into a relationship. Typical normie.

When is the last time you stepped outside?

Lol, you didn't address my point at all. This just makes it look like you're just angry that I disagree with you.

You are factually wrong, plain and simple. You have never been in a relationship or had sex so why do you think you are an expert on them? Clearly you know absolutely nothing about this.

There’s no hope really. The only real fix is a qt wifey. The best you can do is to help him find meaning in a life lived in solitude so that he starts to care less about women.

t. 22 year old virgin who has given up

>You're wrong but I'm not going to explain why you are. If you don't just agree with me for no reason, then it means you're an incel, and incels are always wrong, but I don't need to explain why.
Yikers... and I thought incels were toxic.

You equated getting sex with getting a relationship. That's pure incel thinking.

I hope you get permabanned you stupid shit eating twat

Take him to a counselor you dipshit
Also dont tell him about you smashing girls knowing his younger brother gets girls but he cant will make him pissed off

I did not equate them. Obviously having a one night stand with someone and never talking to them again is different from establishing a long-term relationship. But I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that people who have an easier time getting sex would also have an easier time getting into a relationship. It's like saying that people who are taller than average would have an easier time becoming basketball players. That doesn't mean that I think being tall is the same thing as being a basketball player.

nice bait, find a new buzzword
t. cletus butt hurt he cant beat every "woman abusing son of a bitch" out there
>implying women dont live on easy mode
try harder/10

just buy the lad a Hooker.

Sex is only one part of a relationship. If a girl is an annoying bitch then guys will just pump and dump her.

I agree with what you said, but my point is that people who don't have a hard time finding many partners willing to have sex with them would have an easier time finding a relationship. Sure, all of the partners that a person is having sex with may not be interested in a relationship, but the odds of a promiscuous person finding somebody who does want to establish a relationship are much higher than someone who hasn't been able to find someone that even wants to have sex with them.

>But he is trying to hit on every single woman he sees.
>Which is a problem since he gets depressed after they obviously say no.

what the fuck is he supposed to do, it's not like anyone is prepared to throw him a bone

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>Being constantly approached and handed opportunities to meet people and have relationships instead of having to work overtime just to get rejected constantly isn't easy mode

you need to have a long, hard, adult conversation with him

Growing up when my brother got sexually frustrated he took it out on me.. Sexually. It sucked. Hope he doesnt do it to you.

Here's an address to your point, nobody is obligated to date anyone who asks them out

Now, continue being bitter and argumentative as if that's gotten you anywhere in that lackluster disappointment you call a life

>self proclaimed 'woman hater'
If he's self-proclaiming, he is owning his failure. It's a self fulfilling prophecy he has to get rid of.

Engaging women meaningfully requires confidence first, the sort of confidence that allows one to value women without taking rejection personally.

Beyond confidence, he must acknowledge that every encounter is unique, and every woman has a different set of tastes and behaviours.


Incel culture is a joke. Your brother is still a little boy who doesn't understand the game.

He'll probably get over it eventually like I did and realize it's not worth wasting time and energy on women in general. Sure, I post toasty memes on here but that's because it's easy (You)s. I couldn't really care less what women do, so long as they leave me alone

I meant roastie, but toasty roastie works too

Your brother is the man we all want to be.Do me a favor and tell him he has a fan club

Are you a guy or a girl?

Suck his dick , that will show him!