Give a me a reason

Give one single reason why i shouldn't drop college.

The teachers are literally employees; how can i know how to buy a lamborghini from somebody who came to work in a bus and it's subordinated? I would like that teacher as my employee but i don't want to be in that position

Why should i go to college if isn't for money? If isn't to make money then you don't understand life and how short it really is.

Give me one single reason, just one, why i shouldn't drop college when i can start a passive income business during the time i could spend in college

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Life isn’t about money retard. If it was rich people would never kill themselves.

>life isn't about money
Life it's about money, anybody who says otherwise is a idiot. Those people who commit suicide just didn't know how to spend it. There is a huge difference between being rich and "having" money, and it's the mindset.

I dropped out of college twice, and if I could go back in time... I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

When I first went to college, I simply wasn't ready; if I'd forced myself to go through with it (like my parents wanted) I probably would have graduated with a 2.1gpa with some useless fucking basket weaving degree.

The second time I went back was after I'd spent ~5 years learning how to code and shit in my spare time and had realized that I enjoyed learning. I went to a good school and enrolled in the engineering program, but it was high pressure, and after feeling depressed and burnt out I finally said "fuck this" and dropped out again.

Third time I went back, I went to a easy state school, took an easy major (pure math), and graduated with virtually no effort. Got a good paying tech job right afterwards.

If you could actually start a business making a passive income, then fuck yeah, you don't need college. And if it fails, you'll still learn a lot, and you'll probably be better prepared if/when you decide to go back.

>t. poorfag

My problem with college it's Time

I'm intelligent and i can learn any career there even if i didn't like it in the first place but i don't have time to do it, i just have one life so i prefer other people who invest their time in college to work for me "using" their knowledge, that's what rich people mean when they say they hire people "more intelligent" than them to do jobs they don't have time to do. Those workers don't realize they are being used and how much time and energy they are wasting in somebody else.

Another thing i had with college is studying.I don't like studying, i like learning.

Suck and swallow your boss dick

You seem like the most retarded user in Jow Forums.
Somehow you say you're smart yet you cannot think about the real purpose of a college degree, and it has been said multiple times in the boards that may be related to IRL jobs.

Either way, I guess a real advice here is to just drop out and work from the bottom in retail if you're going to be like that.
Good luck.

You don't understand user. My ambitions are just bigger than yours.

I don't wanna be a manager who make six figures a year, i want more than that. I want to actually own diferent companies, invest and don't have something that limited me, like a salary or a boss. I wanna be limited to how good my product/service is.

If you think a salary, any salary is enough for you then it's ok join the rat race, study, go to college and find a good job in your field, work hard, buy a nice car and a house, go on vacations and pay your taxes.

But i will build companies and create jobs for people like you, but the difference it's that i will made 50x more than you and i will work less than you.

You are the retard, you are my worker, you will do what i don't wanna and i don't have time to do; and i will make more money than you and buy better things than you, i will have a better life than you just because i decide to build a company and you decide to go to college to be capable for doing a job in my company i didn't want to; Understand?.

What the other posters are getting at is that you failed the smell test. You're posting dumb shit on a Jow Forums board rather than doing it. Get some capital together and go build your empire. But instead of doing that, you're too fucking scared to. So, you sit here. In front of your computer. With your fake ambition and no drive to do better. And then proceed to tell other people that you're going to be a boss. el oh el. learn your place and deal with it, or go neck yourself.

1. Connections. You will never be successful in starting/owning your businesses unless you know important people that will help you get in the door. This is the real point of college for most people.

2. Conventions. If you own your own business you will inevitably have to interact with big business owners/investors, most of whom went to college themselves. It will be obvious to them that you didnt attend college if you dont follow certain criteria, and this will significantly reduce their opinion of you.

There's probably a few more legitimate reasons, but none of them are too important. It's still possible to succeed without going to college, but its significantly more difficult.

You are just projecting who you are.

You think i ain't sucessful because you aren't sucessful.

You think i haven't done a thing because you haven't do anything.

I am a contractor, i had 6 engineers and 30 workers.

Fair, but i have made more conections out of college

College degree is status - it's the proof that you have a skill.
Either you're good enough to prove it otherwise, or you should get a degree.
College is a chance to experiment and build experience (internships, etc).
College is a place where you make connections - you will find it harder to meet other people in your field if you didn't go to school with them. My boyfriend went to a very exclusive, good school and when he wanted to go back to work after 5 years off he just called his roommate and was earning 9k/month the week after.

Does college teach you financial edication? Just asking

Depends on what you study and if you take classes for it.
If you study medicine, no. If you study finance, accounting, economy or something related to it then yes. A lot of colleges offer classes for that too.

What are you looking for exactly?

You use college to enter into a traditional career path. You said you don’t want that.

You can go to college for the value of learning/bettering yourself. You don’t want that more than money.

A lot of people go to college to stall from entering the real world. You don’t want that.

What is it, hypothetically, that someone could say that would convince you to stay?

If it’s nothing, you have your answer, lmao.

>T. Marxist

Kys you little queer baitfag

>Go $120,000 in debt to learn how to not do that

>I am a contractor, i had 6 engineers and 30 workers.
This is Jow Forums, you can say whatever you want on here. and the beauty is, no one will ever know if it's true.
If you are as successful as you claim, why are you here asking for advice? Just go be successful. Or are you pretending to be someone you're not? You seem to think you have the answers already. If you are so successful, why is your first instinct to lash out at people who call you on the BS? Is it because we hit a nerve? Is there something wrong in your life you need to talk about? Instead of being awesome, you're angrily responding to an anonymous person who is calling you on the shit you are spewing. Someone isn't feeling very good about themselves.

I see you used the word 'had' meaning you used to, *If* that is true, what happened? You obviously don't have that anymore, so you must have fucked up somehow.
I have a theory. It's daddy's business. You watched him run a construction company for years, you admire and emulate him. But you keep falling short and can't do it on your own. So you ask about frivolous things on Jow Forums to validate yourself so you can go back to sucking on his teet. Is that closer to the truth?

No one smart is in debt to college.
It is ridiculously easy to get scholarships as long as you have high intelligence. It just takes time to apply to all of them.
Hell, some colleges have free ride programs that will give it to you for free right out of the gate.

I personally paid almost nothing for my first two years of college, and then for my last two years I actually got paid to attend college because of the scholarships I got from studying abroad.

My boyfriend got out of school much richer than when he got in.

I personally regret going to university.

Cringe, your posts reek of insecurity and a lot of cope. You really don't sound like an executive type at all

Finally somebody realize it

You don't need to get 120k$ in debt to go to college. If you're good enough you literally get paid to go to school.

I totally agree with you bro

I haven't read the other comments, but I am sure it's from sheeple who try to conform you to a debtslave like themselves.

I tried and failed miserably becoming rich, and went back to finish a degree so I can be a higher paid slave.

I hope you will succeed bro

I can't give you any tips because I fucked up

also teachers fucking suck man. they just want to make clones of themselves.

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you sound like a fucking immature dick man.
nobody is going to want to work for you.

you have a poor person's way of looking at money, wealth and value

Those are classes you should take from somebody who already have their shit together, and billionaires don't share their knowledge with anybody else except maybe their family, their sons. Every billionaire i have ever meet is like that.

They can be generous and buy gift for you but they are greedy in knowledge.

None of those attend college, but they have thousand of workers who did it.

Most people, like 99% of the people who go to college, go for the degree not for the knowledge. They want to pass the test but they don't value that knowledge.

I hate communist, how the fuck do get the idea that i believe in that shit?

My dad had money, yes. But we work in different fields.

I own a civil construction company and i work with private companies

He own a industrial oil conglomerate, he make pipelines and different things for the goverment and other private companies.

And no, i didn't fuck things out.

Insecurity or Truth?

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Yeah, no: OP sounds like a massive cunt.

>Those are classes you should take from somebody who already have their shit together,
Having your shit together doesn't mean being a billionaire.

Also, no - most billionaires either went to college or were extremely gifted.
I was hanging out with someone who is nearly a billionaire the other day, and he graduated from college. Most rich people have degrees.

I wanna ask you something man.

I am not OP.

I fucked up trying to do it all on my own. I tried starting my own software company while I was studying dentistry. I wasn't sure I wanted to become a dentist.
it was really tough and my teachers hated me because I was always "absent minded" during the day.
I was coding at night.

they made me suffer: They had suspended me. I had to go through a psychological test with multiple psychologists from universtiy. and socially rejected me. I felt bullied and even my peers ostrasized me because there's a culture of fear and a strong sense of hierarchy.
I even started to believe there had to be something wrong with me.
on top of that, my girlfriend left me.
and on top of that, somebody else ( a millionaire in his early 40s) stole my idea and created a better product.
I was stuck with a lot of debt and a broken reputation. Not only that, but I had become a broke young man too.

I sucked up my pride and worked hard in dentistry to get a degree. I am almost finished now, but it still eats at me. the unfairness I had to go through.

my question is, did I make the right choice by not following my heart and going back to university where they treated me like crap.
I really had no choice, I had to face the corruption.
I feel like I betrayed myself and sold my soul to dentistry for student debt.
It made me miserable as fuck.
but I don't think I had another choice.

reason I ask is because I am quite lost and because I regard you as someone I would admire.

Why are you here asking other people for permission?

Are you looking for arguments to tell your daddy why you should be permitted to quit school?

If you want to start a "passive income business", why aren't you already doing it?

The directionless kids who are pushed into a university by parents or because they can't figure out what else to do are the ones who don't give much of a fuck about the knowledge. It's easy to spot them because they're the ones who don't have a major or who have changed it several times.

People going for degrees in scientific or technical fields generally are extremely interested in what they're learning. Yes, they want the degree, but they also want to learn information that will be necessary for them to do what they're interested in doing.

I think it's hilarious that your main goal in wanting to be rich seems to be to try to impress a bunch of anons on Jow Forums, but hey.

You did the wrong choice

You should always believe yourself no matter what

That's my advice

Imagine you are a orphan, being a orphan must be amazing, you can imagine your parents can be anybody you want it, some powerful men or some intelligent woman

After you imagine your ideal parent, or your ideal self; become that person so when you have kids they will see you as their hero and when you see yourself in the mirror you will be your own hero and somebody people would admire too

How do you become that person?
Easy, set goals.

You are A and your ideal self is B

A is a dentist

B own a software company

What did A do to become B?

That's one question you should ask yourself

When A decide he wanted to become B he:

He made a list of all the things he needs to become B: which machines, which material, which books, which workers

Then he made the process to become B: he build the product, he sell it online, marketing, investors

A is intelligent, their teachers didn't know he was intelligent because they try to reduce the complexity that is A to an arbitrary rating. Their friends didn't know it too. The problem it's if A believe he isn't intelligent.

Look dude, always, always believe in yourself

Don't let your teachers, your friends or your failures make you think you can't reach your goals. Don't let them go to your head and make you believe you are dumb, don't let them make you belive you are a failure.

Make a plan and follow that shit until you made it, if it didn't work try another way to do it.

Always believe in yourself

Believe you can be anybody and i assure you that life will become easier because you will find a way to become that person

Until this day i'm B, i become the person i wanted to become, and now i want to become C

Make your dreams come true because the only sure thing is that you will die one day

Good luck

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Clearly you are retarded, you can do business while at college. I currently do it myself.

Holy shit, thank you brother.

>single reason why i shouldn't drop college.

Because you want to hang out with cutiPI multiracial people on the quad while somebody plays an acoustic guitars

Maybe on them isn't the gender you thought she was but hey you came to Uni to find yourself...and to find her penis.

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I always hear "money isn't relevant" from people whose rich parents pay their ways through everything

College can be fun, it can be fullfilling, and it can give you greater opportunities. If you find college isn't any of these things, do something else.

John Rockefeller suffered from depression. His networth was $400 billion

Remember this.

This, anybody who say money isn't everything is either young or retarded

You probably own a small business, keeping a real business up is really exhausting, you should always pay attention to your business

OP, you can't even punctuate a sentence, much less be someone that someone wants to invest in. College is meaningful in that someone who does it and completes it has shown they can commit themselves to something and see it all the way through. It's not because of the paper.

Figure out how to get that lambo and go ahead and drop college. The problem is that shit is easier said than done. If we really worked as many hours for ourselves as we do for others, we could all be rich. Those capable of exceptional performance in the factory bust there ass to make the equivalent of your average college joe. Great shcools are a wast because you could buy a house or invest the tuition dough for retirement. Most guys who are going to make it on their own spend all their time watching cartoons and shit and do just enough to get by. If you can prove yourself to yourself, go for it.