What are your honest opinions on stretch marks? Do guys really care about them or not?

What are your honest opinions on stretch marks? Do guys really care about them or not?

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No one cares. If you're pale, most don't even notice.
My girlfriend told me how uncomfortable she was because of her stretchmarks and I genuinely didn't even see them.

They are unattractive but it's like the least important thing. You have a nice body and I would be proud to show you off in a bikini.

They dont, especially if you are white.

Keep in mind some fetishists like them.
Not that I would know anything about that, of course.

My honest opinion is that they are horrid and utter disgusting. Looks like a sack of dried up potato sack.

No. Thats just how skin do

Holy fuck it looks hideous.

dont care
stay in shape and youre good to go

Brutally honest opinion?

It’s not exactly appealing.

You don’t see them on pin-up girls and porn star pictures for a reason.

But it’s also not like it will also ever actively trigger visceral disgust or judgment, or that you would ever think someone is “less” for having them.

Maybe that shirt doesn’t go up on posters, but it’s not it’s a dealbreaker, or something you’d really at all notice in the real world.

It’s kind of like a small pimple or a blemish, it doesn’t do anything to add to someone’s looks, but (unless it’s to an absurd or distracting point where it takes up like half their face) it’s not also like it majorly takes away from the base attractiveness of another individual.

It’s a Minor flaw, but outside of photoshop, no one is flawless.

I wonder?

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Ffs, is that oc?

That's an old as dirt image, dude.
t. not that user

No, I found it here some years ago.

It's like Freddy Kruegers ball sack.

That poor girl... i don‘t know how she‘s supposed to cope with this and not feel like shit about her belly.

If a man turns down an attractive woman over scars, he’s gay or increadibly stupid.

This is a huge problem because it looks like a fucking illness, it triggers the fear of catching some virus. Even if it’s not a illness.

Depends what they look like.

This? Fine. Wouldn't bother me.

This? I had a visceral stomach churning response looking at the photo.

Good on you/that person in the photo for losing so much weight. Still, you/that person should see a dermatologist

that looks mesmerising for some reason

I'd be more conerned with why you have them.

You are fat.

Scars impact attractiveness, idiot.

Same. I dated a girl who thanked me for not bringing them up after our first time. I was like "you got what? Where?!". Shit haunted her and I could barely find them when looking. So weird.

uh, do you know how stretch marks work? there is literally one reason why someone can have them

I want to run my fingers through those.

Just to see if it pokes through right?
Haunting image.

Eh, I just imagine sliding your fingers down them would feel so satisfying as they gently 'catch' your fingers and guide them along.

there's nothing hotter than the mother of my kids. Really most guys won't care much at all. It's women who get all worked up about this. Perhaps it's what it symbolizes.. you are no longer a member of the dating market and you miss those days.

Fine, let me rephrase that for you. "You have stretch marks, which means you used to be fat. Why were you fat? Were you lazy and could pass bad habits to our children, or were there psychological reasons that could affect our relationship and our children?"

Obesity, pregnancy, growth spurts...

I'm reasonably shallow and they could stand to bother me. The OP pic doesn't, but I've seen worse. Jow Forums isn't really the place to ask this if you want advice that covers the spectrum of all men. Generally here they're pretty much "if anyone gave me the time of day, I would have sex with them," which isn't how the world works.

But OP is fine.

That's fucking disgusting. NSFW that shit, I'm eating here.

I don’t care

They look gross but are acceptable if you are now extremely fit or severely underweight

>Generally here they're pretty much "if anyone gave me the time of day, I would have sex with them," which isn't how the world works.

t. virgin incel

At what age did you learn how to read everyone's mind ?

t. virgin incel who thinks that just because they're starved and will have sex with anything, nobody has standards

Oh man, did this with a MILF.

The feeling is exactly like you're picturing it, trust me.

Don't care.

I like to trace my wife's stretch marks with my finger.
It puts her in the mood.

i have been a skinny asshole all my life and i have stretch marks on my back from growth spurts during puberty

They are going to look and feel horrible when you get fat

tbf, it depend how bad they are. stretch marks that just look like marks on skin are beautiful in my opinion, but stretch marks that make u look like a raisin arent attractive

its funny how an image from years ago, can pop up and still no one says why the woman is like that and just assume it is from weight loss or other mindless shit.

if anyone is curious about the picture is from after giving birth. not that i think anyone cares but people need to stop making shit up and creating their own stories in their heads.

oh well though

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Did she give birth to a car?


oh also, guys are super honest about stuff like this

If your hubby says it doesn't bother him, then it really doesn't. He's not saying it to be sweet.

Probably triplets

No it's from getting fat. Eat normal and that never happens but you can't and you won't so make excuses

unrelated question, but do most guys really think stretch marks are only from losing weight? i mean i have some and i've been skinny my whole life.

most girls I've been with have them, I don't really care as long as a girl cares about her health and hygiene

I can't answer for all men, but I don't know why it isn't common knowledge. I got a couple of small ones from doing bench press and realized that they just kind of happen.

No it's from gaining weight you silly roast

Acceptable, if you've got them by having children.
Otherwise they're probably from bad life styles like being obese, things that you're probably prone to becoming again. Pretty big red flag.

I would so uncomfortable looking at my stomach, not for a vainity, but just that feeling you get when you think the worst could happen. Like you poke your fat to hard, or finger goes through like Duhuuuuuude.

No. Most girls have them to some degree.

Be happy you are not a bald man like me, impossible to hide.

>Otherwise they're probably from bad life styles like being obese


Hah! It seems that way. Some of the thinnest people I know have stretch marks and cellulite. You can be healthy, never fat and have them. People dont ask for them! It's tough enough planning your clothing around your stretch Marks let alone people having poor judgement on you because of them.


You are a cuck. They are not acceptable due to pregnancy or any other cause. 99% are caused by sudden obesity the other 1% is genetic defects

Uh, no? Could be from pregnancy or obesity. I'd be OK with it if they were from past obesity. It shows that the girl had enough motivation to better herself by losing weight. But not if they're from pregnancy. I hate children, and would not want to date any woman that has them.

I have them from being a fatty once, so I don't mind them, but you can reduce them and make them start going away by using a derma roller and some skin cream after.

Doesn't bother me that much if you used to be fat.
If you still are fat, I find it disgusting.
There is really no excuse for being fat, unless you are perfectly okay with being unattractive.

That looks cool and I want to touch it.
I guess rapid weight gain and loss is better before getting pregnant to stretch the skin.
Could also do burn therapy on all of that.

Nupe I don't give a fuck.

I probably wouldn't be seeing them until after marrying a woman who had them, so no. I'd have no way of knowing if they existed in the first place, not that it would affect anything.

>inb4 you won't ever see them, tripfag
ok. Point stands that they're an insignificant issue in comparison to moral quality.

Even taken to the extreme like this one, it's not pretty, but if it's attached to someone decent I wouldn't consider leaving them for it. That being said, there is a bare minimum of attractiveness necessary--not in maintaining a relationship, but in starting one. Stretch marks don't disqualify as said above, but something like a deformity or being a landwhale would.

How does it feel being so retarded that one google search can prove you wrong yet you're so conceited with your own opinion based on no logic whatsoever that you reply to 20 other anons stating otherwise?
>hurr durr you get them from being fat
>hurr duur no you can't get them from being pregnant that doesn't make sense

Would you care if a dude had them?

Look sis maybe hubby will buy your 'I had to gain 105 pounds when I got pregnant' but I'm not pretending to be stupid to assuage your ego you fat pig but I can tell that he is disgusted that you never lost the weight

A mans value is in his wallet, so maybe ask if she would care if he became unemployable forever

This is bad. OP if they are like this, yes we care.

If they are light and not tied to loose skin, not a big deal.

Women get them when they get way too big during pregnancy or just too fat in general. And even then, if you moisturize a lot you won't get them.

My wife went from 130lb to 180lb when fully pregnant. She did not get a single stretch mark. But she put on the lotion every day.

What the FUCK

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That's her sexy pic. You should see her flaps, gobbler and granny arms

>people need to stop making shit up
wow who could of said people lied on a Taiwanese face painting forum
thanks for your input, Jow Forums4chan

they are pretty bad, but not as bad as burn scars. But you are a woman, so it's not like any flaw you have will actually stop men from liking you,

I don't even care, it doesn't really take away from the overall shape of the female form which is what most guys care about

Meu deus

This is such an extreme example, when most people think of stretch marks they think of thin, mundane white lines or streaks across the skin

Not at all. If you're hot, you're hot


it's probably from pregnancy. rapid growth.

Stretch marks like in the picture don't matter. Won't even really see them. Sometimes the stretch marks are discolored like bruises, in which case the guy may think something is wrong if he's not used to see them.

Also stretch marks on boobs are the best because that means they got biiiiiig

We don’t think we deserve to be picky, so no, it doesn’t matter to us. We don’t have preferences, we’ll accept anyone that accepts us.

I have some stretchmarks from puberty (no I wasn't fat, just got hips) and no guy has ever complained nor cared in the least about them. I don't care either.

>guys only care about the female form, scars or an ugly face won't hurt you
>big ugly fat cow titties with veins and shit are attractive

I'll take "what is applying your niche preferences to every man" for $1,000, Alex.

At least this one is honest.

How many guys saw them, slut

I know you've never seen a female body and hurts bad but adults do have relationships.

From a different perspective, my boyfriend's back is covered in horizontal stretch marks because he is tall and grew too fast. I think they're cute.

No you are a slut engaging in recreational sex. You threw away all your value and ruined your life

No, I don't you idiot.

Yeah, my boyfriend had them on his large biceps, that was pretty hot.

Depends how bad they are. If they're strongly discolored (purple, etc.) And huuge it's a big turn-off.
For the vast, vast majority of cases they're hardly noticeable and essentially a non-issue. If OP pic is you, don't worry about it.

You can probably still steal a man's money and kids but you will never have a happy family. Was that casual sex worth it?

shut up incel

Don't hate him hate the person who told you it was your life mission as a feminist to drain random men's balls for free

I didn't say veins. That's on you.

> What are your honest opinions on stretch marks? Do guys really care about them or not?

I love stretch marks.

Stretch marks dont bother me at all, but neither do most other things so I may be in the minority

I find them hot desu
I can't quite put my finger on why though, I guess it has something to do with fertility

I absolutely detest mine and want them removed. I was a fatass during my childhood due to the men in my family life loading my plate and insisting I eat all of it, making dessert an everyday thing, and making snacks junk food, giving me seconds once my stomach was so stretched that the first plate didn't make me feel full, etc. All to "be a big strong man". I'm still big, but now I'm built as well, and not just enormous. All I feel when I see them on myself is absolute disgust and self hatred. On others, I've never cared. So long as they don't have fat rolls or aren't obese, I don't care.

No one cares. We are just excited you are naked.