I think it’s time to call it quits and I’m scared. I moved in with my boyfriend about a week ago...

I think it’s time to call it quits and I’m scared. I moved in with my boyfriend about a week ago, long before I was ready, because of all the pressure he put on me. We’ve been together for almost 2 years, and were long distance there for about 6 months. We’d get in fights all the time: he’d blame it on the distance, then he blamed it on us not living together: then I move in and it’s.....the same.

I had been anally raped by my ex about 7 months before I met my current bf and started dating. I had told him about my baggage, and he seemed supportive; but then he went and tried to have anal with me without asking after I had just told him about my experience: my reaction was an immediate scream and crying. He apologized. He kept trying for months, we fought plenty over it until I was just.....worn down. Agreed to finally do it. At this point I just figure these things are gonna happen to me no matter what.

He has baggage too: and that is that he was cheated on. I get that. I was cheated on too, more than once. But he treats me like he just expects me to cheat, or get myself killed, if I go out anywhere without him. I feel like I have to be careful what I say to him before he starts making wild accusations and arguing with me. It’s made it difficult to tell him about my day: but if I tell him a detail about somethings that’s happened weeks or months ago he starts asking why I didn’t say anything sooner. He constantly accuses me of keeping secrets from him: but I’m not cheating, I’ve never cheated on anyone before, I haven’t even done half of the sketchy stuff he’s done but he doesn’t at all give off sketchy guy vibes. I don’t usually stay out late: in fact I don’t see my friends that often at all on account we’re all around 25 and working full time. I don’t know.....how......I should break up with him. I’m currently crashing on a friends couch, and this is gonna be a hell of a lot to deal with tomorrow.

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Looks like you already decided to break up. All i will say is that i support your decision.

It's clear from the first paragraph. Best to just cut ties with him.
As for how to do it... Not sure which one of you's got the rent under your name, but maybe secure a place to stay before breaking up just in case. There's always the possibility he might kick ya out.

I was living with my dad before, and he’s fine with me moving back in.

You know why he insisted on fucking your ass? Because you trusted him with the horrid thing your ex did so he had to have it too. Men do this. They use your weakness, your vulnerability, your trust to abuse you. Wish you the best OP in getting away from this piece of shit but more importantly, next time you need to bail first hint of shit. I also suggest staying away from men for awhile and longer than 7 months.

This thread only shows me that had no legit reason to break up with my gf. Wtf.. Be right back anons i gotta fix something rn. You however should break up obviously.

Alright but do men do it consciously?

Yeah, they know

I think I get what the point of this post is, but I don't think it's always as malevolent as this dyke is making it seem.
For instance, I love my gf, if she tells me of some intimate experience she has had, I want to one up it. Prove that I'm better, that I can make her feel happier than anyone else etc.
Now it seems like OPs bf is either the malevolent kind of person or incredibly stupid and unable to empathise with her. Either way she needs to break up.

I’m gonna go with the second one: as he has just seemed too stupid to really empathize with my on my issues. There was a time we got in a fight cause he thought I was gonna cheat and said “I don’t know if you’ve ever been cheated on but it’s awful”

......I’ve been cheated on twice and told him about it. He seems to forget information about me that I feel kinda....important.

There is some truth to what this dyke said, but it depends whether it's conscious or subconscious.
It's really human jealousy and nothing more. If your boyfriend said he did oral to his ex but will never do it with you, then you are lying to yourself if that won't make you feel a bit dumb. Same with the anal thing.

He didn't forget an ass rape

I would be fine if my boyfriend said he didn’t want to do something with me that he did do with his ex, yes. Why wouldn’t I be? Especially if it was a painful experience for him like it was in my case.

First I'm no dyke but I guess it makes insecure boys feel better.

A mans jealously and competitive ego has destroyed many women. Its a powerful force that hijacks otherwise rational men that does horrible things so its not benign. You cannot use it as an excuse for inexcusable behavior. Men can control it if they want to.

Yeah, this is why promiscuous girls (non virgins) are literally damaged goods. Look at the horrible situation she put him in. His choice is to either be a lesser man than the other ten guys who plowed her anus which she will sense and ultimately discard him for being a loser or be a piece of shite degenerate put his cock in a sewer and cause her pain as he tears out her insides. What a shitty thing for her to do.

Women stay a virgin
Men don't date non virgins

Wonderful idea. How about we get women to school everybody on what men really think and have men school everyone on what it's like to give birth. You don't know squat, sit down bitch

I’m op and I’ve had sex with one man and one woman; my ex who anally raped me is female y’all. Does anyone here have relationships in real life or do you all think the world is men vs woman? Lmao.

You're not right for each other, at all, in any way shape or form. But you already know that. I'm sorry user, a break up is honestly your best bet here. For you both.

Bullshit. Even if you had a virgin you would force it in her butt because you saw it in porn and then go tell all your friends you own her butt now.

>Men do this
I'm a man and I don't. Does hugely generalising make you feel more secure in yourself?

Not the person you're responding to, but you gotta admit that going for someone's ass after she explained to to you that she got anally raped is several levels of fucked up.

The guy's an asshole (pun not intended).

OP however should "man" up. Don't berate yourself for breaking up with someone, it's your right to do so. Get out of that relationship.

I know you believe you're god and can tell me what to do and think but you're wrong. But for a boy that cannot control himself, you thump your ego and your little fangs come out.

But that’s a false equivalence user. You don’t have to be a certain gender to know what the other is thinking. Though I’m pretty sure you do, judging from the lack of thought you put into your posts.

I conceded in a later response some men can control their sexual jealously. Rare, but there are some.


Not the person you're responding to, but I find that a point starting with "Men do this" is going to end up being pretty bigoted.

Ass fucking is, from a philosophical point of view, disgusting. I've yet to understand the massive appeal.

Women are jealous too, lol. Quit the angst, jesus christ, the OP is looking for help, not for someone to teach her how awesome misandry is.

You're still hugely generalising lol. How do you know it's rare, or that most men do it? Have you spoken with/observed most men? I don't do it, I don't know anyone in my life who does it. I'm not denying there's cunts out there, but people like you tarring everyone with the same brush do more harm than good in this world.

Okay OP here again and honestly I see so much misogyny all over this board it’s kinda funny to see guys getting pissed at this one person ....yknow. Giving a lot of dudes the same treatment/generalization.

But hey that’s part of the fun about posting on Jow Forums at some point people will get into their own arguments about who’s more oppressed.

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My argument, OP, was that generalising in general is utterly retarded. Regardless of sex or anything else. I'll fight it where I see it, you should too.

He's a sociopath. He doesn't care about you at all, he's just using you. You need to get away from him ASAP.

I'm sue you're not this type of person, but if that happened to me, I'd get revenge.
Get close to him one more time, get him naked, tell him you want to do something fun, then get a big black dildo and shove it right up his ass and walk away. Fuck that dude.
On a side note...
WTF is wrong with some guys... What is the obsession with anal? Is it a porn thing? Fucking disgusting. you get literal shit on your dick. and it's not even as good as vag. The vagina is lubricated and has muscles that grip. I believe anal is for guys too insecure to be gay.

You are not oppressed you just made too may bad decisions that can't be undone and have ruined your life. Now you just need to figure out how to get revenge for your actions

>Don't tell me what to do and think
>I'm telling you what you think

So like......back to my original question: I need break up methods. I don’t want to cause any more harm and i don’t want to get dragged back in. The thing I’ve been worried about is this: I have another place to live, I have a good circle of friends to keep me company while going through hard times such as a break up. He doesn’t, and that worries me, and he seems to be all in for breaking up until it sets in for a few minutes and he realizes he’s alone.
I’ve tried really hard to get him to even see my friends and get closer to them: but he doesn’t seem very interested in friendships.

Woke up to 19 new texts from him saying he needs me.

I didn’t say I was oppressed I was saying everyone here argues about who’s more oppressed.

you already broke up with him mentally. You're doing well for yourself. If you keep up the mentality that you need to help him through the break up, you very well may end up with him again out of pity. Do not pity him. Show him tough love. Remind him that you are moving on, and if you keep getting harassed, block him. Not out of spite, but so that he can move on. If he still has a way to communicate with you, he won't let it go. He will keep trying out of desperation. Tell him firmly that it is over and if he keeps going, block his number, his social medial, etc. cut all ties or it will drag on forever.

>Assuming I'm talking to "a boy"

Bitch, just take a seat. You make us look bad

I assume you want it if your dick is too small to feel good from vaginal.

OP is drama queen.
Strap-on rape is not comparable to actual.
You are spitting on the graves of real victims.

Rape is rape no matter what. I bet you also believe a woman can't rape a guy. Pathetic.

It wasn’t strap on: she’s trans and had a dick.

As women can control how sluty their attire is?

where the fuck do you girls find these crazy guys like holy shit

fucking meatflap can't keep herself from ending with a catty response

>tries to force anal multiple times
Dude isn't even genuine in the apology hunny, he's just telling your naive dumb retard ass what you want to hear so he can bring you back into his cycle of abuse

The reality is this is probably intrinsic to his childhood. You'll need many more years and a professional if you're gonna crack that case and I just don't think he's going to be worth all the sweat and tears.

Leave parenting him to his mom; find a better guy. I read a story about a girl who got choked out by her ldr when she went to visit. I fucking knew the guy for years.
You just don't get to read peoples' minds.

For you insecure boys anything less than a burka is provocative.

For insecure boys the fact that the girl breathes is fucking promiscuous

There's no sense trying to talk to incels, they're too deep-rooted in their surreality to bother trying to attend even remotely civil or intelligent behavior
Let him squawk in his corner, it's usually better that way

oh then we're back to square one because it was a dude

>they're too deep-rooted in their surreality
what did the roast beef sandwich mean by this?

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I'm a guy, dude
Do all of your arguments have to be substantiated by "u girl, girl bad"? You're like the "orange man bad" shit going around only you're hooked up to an IV of even more retarded shit
Do you ever think that constantly acting like a puerile child is why you're single or have you just gotten so good at the mental gymnastics that at this point they're subconscious?

okay "dude" but what did you mean by

I assume they meant an incel's self-inflicted view of women and relationships.

I hope you get raped and kill yourself once you're addicted to crack cocaine and taking it in the ass for hits.

Tl:Dr kys.

You might want to consider suicide, I think your idiocy is terminal. No one should suffer through that.