I don't know if I want to date or marry, I think it's very risky in our current timeline, am I thinking too much?

I don't know if I want to date or marry, I think it's very risky in our current timeline, am I thinking too much?

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What are the risks, in your opinion?

It's very risky but if you stick to virgins you can cut your risk by 90%

Risk of what?

>if you stick to virgins
Yeah, it'd be easier for him to not date at all than to find a virgin.

STDs, fake rape charges, divorce rape rape, losing your kids, being under control of the man hating court system for the rest of your life. Look what happened to that kang who was just sentenced to 12 years for rape of a white slut on zero evidence

All that divorce stuff is largely bullshit. If you live in a no fault divorce state, you will pretty much get 50% custody.

Most women are just like you, they want love and don’t want to be hurt. Stop thinking all women are evil gold diggers, it’s fucking stupid

Not Op, but I have make a lot of money. Do I need to worry about gold diggers?

Yeah gold diggers do exist, but if you’re talking about a sociopathic woman who only cares about money and will lie to you, that’s maybe 10-20% of women. Almost all women care about money to some degree, it’s a primitive desire for a man to provide for her and the children.

But when you say “a lot of money” what are you talking?

Yes, and it's super easy to spot one.

Job that pays >$100/hr

A virgin will not cut that by 90% but by 0%. In fact might even increase the risk.

Your post is wrong on every level including the gold diggers comment. Most of them don't plan it out. They go into the marriage with good intentions. But then a few years go by and the psychological damage they suffered from the cock carousel kicks in as their patience runs out with the lesser man. Same with fake rape, they don't plan it out thank God but get mad for some reason and the psychological trauma of being a slut makes them act crazy.

Well depending on where you live, that’s just middle class.

But yeah you should be mindful of women that want to use you, just like women should be mindful of guys using them.

But this whole mra “women are all evil money grabbers” is just fucking stupid. I mean are we supposed to believe nuns are gold diggers?

Some women are amazing, some are shit. Same as dudes.

Yeah of course they don’t plan out divorce, but almost all wanted it out, it’s just a lack of compatibility that wears out over time.

What happens is that after a year or so, initial fire wears out. If they last pass that, then after kids, they don’t have a biological clock and see the guy more clearly. If she chose poorly then the relationship will deteriorate. Happens with men too, seven year itch is a thing.

Has nothing to do with a cock carousel, it’s just that people have hope for love but make poor picks for a mate.

$100/hr full time isn’t middle class anywhere, you absolute moron.

It’s middle class in Manhattan and SF.

100/hr is 200k gross. After 40% taken out in taxes, it’s 120k/10k month. Rent (not even a mortgage) is 4-5k, so now you have 5k. Car payment, utilities, etc is another 1-2k. Oh you want to have kids? Yeah. Ok now you’re losing money.

Found the delusional poorfag NEET.

taxes are

They lose their ability to pairbond by being sluts

Imagine being so dumb as to actually believe incel memes.

$50K will get you a house, kids and a comfy lifestyle in the vast majority of the USA

I'm in the midwest and pay $1k in rent. Considering buying some cheap land.

It's very risky, especially marriage.
Being a man and marrying a woman is the equivalent of stepping on beartrap made of bright red neon lights. I literally can't think of a reason as to why a man would get married in this day and age.

A quick google search will show how wrong you are: tax rate for CA alone is 10%, 32% federal.

Kids get a slight break on taxes but you still have to pay for them.

Haha you don’t think middle class people pay 5k in rent in SF? Go to apartments.com, and do a search for a 2bd

You have absolutely no clue.

Yes def, but not in most metropolitan areas.

People want love, companionship, a family. Men and women.

>you need state interference for all that
Statists, everyone

>Children in San Francisco
Get a clue

Metropolitan areas are unlivable hellholes for parasites and wage slaves unless you are the 1%

This. It should be illegal to raise children in cities. I'm a product of it and it's torture

Well you don’t need it, but it’s just more of a commitment compared to just living together. Personally I don’t mind if people don’t get married.

I don't mind if they do either, but to suggest that family or any of that, including commitment, isn't possible without state interference is ridiculous

Yeah true :), but 200k in sf is solid middle class. Def not wealthy. Shit is just really expensive.

Well they also have a lot of things to do unavailable outside the metro areas, that’s why people like to live there. Also that’s where a lot of the good jobs are

You can do that without the risk of losing half of your shit.
The only reason women care so much about marriage is because they got nothing to lose and a lot to gain regardless of whether the marriage works out or not. For men there's no reason nother than the symbolic repercussions of marriage.

Well the hope is that you WANT to share what you have with your woman. Yes a lot of relationships end poorly but there are happy ones.

Married guy here. I can tell you that marriage is definitely nothing that any rational man would want. The upside is small and the downside is enormous, possibly ruinous.

If I knew what I know now, I'd run, not walk, away from marriage.

Well I sure as fuck wouldn't marry someone I'd only known for a year and tons of retards with 0 scale for anything keep doing that, marrying having known them not even that long

I don't know what to say, it shouldn't be that hard if you don't chimp out-- but so many humans are just such chimps nowadays that yeah, there's probably a wider margin of risk

It's true user. ifstudies.org/blog/counterintuitive-trends-in-the-link-between-premarital-sex-and-marital-stability
>Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce, but this only became true in recent years;
>Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with 2 partners; and,
>Women with 0-1 partners were the least likely to divorce.

Look at men as well. Sleeping with many women will make you permanently unhappy. I slept around a lot and I liked it at first but it's hard to want one good girl vs 10-20 ok and not ok ones.

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Please user, tell me the disadvantages, IRL no married man would tell me because they would feel ashamed.

I am married with a woman I've known for over 10 years. Nothing changed badly after marriage, if anything, I get to see her more often (didn't live together prior to marriage). Surely, if you rush into marriage after 1 year with the first girl that shows you some love, I can see how things could turn to shit.
>looking for marriage partner
Bullshit mindset desu. Just make (female) friends and things will sort themselves out at one point. Despair is the enemy in this game.

Stop saying timeline, dipshit.

It's no surprise that married men are hesitant to tell you to your face. It's because it might get back to their wives and they'd be in for weeks of harassment.

Just talking about marriage, there are many disadvantages. First, it's amazing how many people subconsciously think that marriage will better their lives somehow. The opposite is true. Marriage only complicates things.

Secondly, the financial risks are enormous. No more needs to be said about that, I'm sure you've heard all the horror stories

Thirdly, it introduces lack of agency. You cannot make decisions on your own.

Next, despite what people say, it's not a partnership. I have yet to see a marriage that relies on teamwork.

Next, the danger of children. They will dramatically change your life and burden you with nearly inescapable responsibility. Unless you are incredibly wealthy, my opinion is that you should not have kids.

Finally, sex. At this point, I'm too old to care, but getting married young will permanently end your experimentation and basically shuts that part of your life down.

Personally, I only have a deep regret about marriage and my only saving grace is that I never had children. I'm not sure if I would have been able to mentally shoulder that burden. As it is,

Your first link is a religious rightwing think tank. And the GSS does not contain the type of data used in that graph either. You're an incel, because you believe incel memes.

>things will sort themselves out at one point
This kind of thinking is the #1 reason why people divorce.

Does it hurt your sensibilities?

These studies are retarded by design. This isn't showing that people are happy because they had less sexual partners, it's showing that people who were happy to begin with go through less relationships because they're less toxic.

You're trying to be all le quirky by using le buzzwords and it's cringe af. I've seen you use it in several other posts on this board and frankly I'm sick of it.

They're not even showing that. They only show graphs where their source is "trust me dude". Because when you tag on "Source: GSS" then you can make up any numbers because incels will believe it.

>I slept around a lot

>you're an incel,
>I'll ignore the atlantic
I didn't realize I was talking to retards but that's no surprise when your previous post was just as retarded. Nobody will want you.

Why are you sick of it? Does it challenge your notion of reality too much?

So promiscuity is a symptom of unhappiness and possible mental illness?

This guy is the same incel who's been on Jow Forums a lot lately. He always says hurr I've fucked over 100 girls, but anyway incels are 100% right and I'm gonna spend all my time posting incel blogs because I've slept with over 100 girls so I know incels are right.

It's generally the thing people go to when trying to fill a void

It's just annoying and makes me cringe. You're like a Rick and Morty fan except worse.

>anyone I don't like is wrong and the same person
>I'm too retarded to understand Jow Forums
You fucking stupid bitch, post some facts and sources (which you won't). I haven't slept with 100+ girls because I realized that I was damaging myself from sleeping around too much by like the 27th girl. I want to have a stable relationship, not fuck sluts until I get too old and ugly to fuck the hot sluts.
Just because you slept around and nobody wants you and I posted why doesn't mean it isn't true. Sleeping around is bad for men and women, and I know that because I did it.
I'm constantly unhappy by wondering if there's something better and not being satisfied unless my girl is the hottest one there which is sometimes true. Close your legs and open your brain you stupid vapid whore. Your best days are behind you fucking around and men are not going to want a very used older woman. Maybe google what an incel is also, you fucking retard.

I see. Well, let's hope the we switche back to the timeline where "timeline" didn't catch on

You don't need a study to know what a thousand cock stare means. The only people who claim sluts aren't damaged goods are sluts and incels

Jesus dude, it's so obvious your entire knowledge of women comes from incel blogs. You've never even held hands with a girl. That's some weak, pitiful coping even by incel standards.

Wow do you two know eachother irl? I thought this was an anonymous website haha! But one of you knows the other's best days are behind her and the other knows he hasn't held hands with a girl.

I thought when moot made this website almost 20 years ago he made it as a place where people, deprived of information about the person they're talking to, would need to discuss the points they made rather than make personal attacks. But I guess hiro added user profiles or something? Where do I view those?

No you're not thinking too much. Its important to know what you want to be happy. If you come to the conclusion that dating and marriage would make you happy though, you need to be honest about it.

Thanks user


I'm not married and i have a 2 year old with my gf.

Divorce is hell why take the risk.

And yes I'm aware child support can come up if we break up but that's much better than a divorce.

And b4 someone replies COMMON LAW! that's not actually a real thing, Google it.

Unless you're planning to wait until marriage, you're not going to have much luck chasing after virgins.

>Because when you tag on "Source: GSS" then you can make up any numbers because incels will believe it.
>"Every study that shows what I don't want to see is made up"

>Your first link is a religious rightwing think tank.
It's almost like degenerates don't actually care what the consequences of their actions are, and thus they won't be the ones to study certain things... An ideological position does not invalidate research done by one holding it, and if this bogeyman of yours decided to make shit up, it would be handing a victory to you imbeciles on a silver platter.

>the GSS does not contain the type of data used in that graph either.
It's a massive database which has tons of datasets. It has both variables, and if you didn't have your head shoved proudly up your ass, you could see this yourself:

Marital happiness: gssdataexplorer.norc.org/variables/435/vshow
# of sexual partners: gssdataexplorer.norc.org/variables/5061/vshow

In conclusion, go stick your head in a blender, you fucking spastic.

>they don’t have a biological clock and see the guy more clearly
Man, this is one of my biggest fears. Idk if my genes is enough for her biological primal desires. I don’t have a big cock, I’m not hairy, I’m not aggressive. And there are many guys out there who are better than me, sexually more appealing than me, etc etc. What’s even the point of marriage if women can still be capable to lust over other men? Should I keep the ball or watch out for other gorillas? I’m not the most alpha gorilla out here.

Women’s sexual desire make me feel small and powerless. They can be so horny and look at other men and I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than some stupid shit like being mad. Being mad won’t take other guys out of her head, though.