Almost 90% of relationships that I see around me are failing/failed

>Almost 90% of relationships that I see around me are failing/failed.
>As a reason I don't even try to start one
Are relationships even worth it in 2k19?

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wow, it's almost like ... it matters more to be with the right person that makes you wanna be with them than just to be in a relationship just to do it... i know, fucking shocking shit


Lack of pairbonding.

Yes. It’s not being in a relationship. It’s being in a relationship with the right person.

Op is right though, most relationships are shit. Hope springs eternal

You need to try, make mistakes and learn from them to grow. That's how you get to a point where you have a stable relationship.
Very few people (if any) start dating with a perfect understanding of themselves, what a relationship requires to work, and their needs in a partner .It is something you figure out by screwing up.

>He thinks he will find the puurfect waifu gf
People are not perfect, normies need to realise this. Some men are so desperate and lack of love that they would settle for a fat whale so they they don't come home alone without a family

who said anything about perfection? You can't honestly want to be with somebody if they aren't perfect?

What I said Is that people break up for retarded, spontaneous problems that could be easily solved(especially women) or just want to ride the cock carousel. This happens in the early 20s and you must be a dumbfuck for not realising this.

>>As a reason I don't even try to start one
ok you had me at the first line, but this is wrong

If almost everyone else is failing, then you simply need to look at the few % who are succeeding and do. as. them.

That's it. just flip your perspective a little bit; NEVER EMBRACE DESPAIR.

It might seem like that for you, for them it might seem like reasonable.
If they're not ready to settle down, they shouldn't. It's better to break up than to cheat.

A relationship that ends wasn't necessarily a failure. And remember, marriages can only end in two ways: divorce or death.

Yes. I'm fucking lonely. I just want someone to hold.

If you're under the age of 25 and are not starting with someone you've known at least five years then yes, there's a lot of counterintuitive pressures that socially susceptible people will eat up. It also seems like we have a lot of borderline personalities that never get good treatment.

Honestly tho don't fucken ask me, I'm someone who thinks five years before marriage is a minimum
Well I also don't plan to divorce so if we end up married for forty years instead of two like most marriages seem to be capping hard at

good luck finding that "right person" though

And just think; with each failed relationship, a woman adds one name to the list of guys she's let inside her. As the list grows, her ability to form a meaningful relationship drops. How sad

How will you know he/she is the right person?

If you can find a virgin it might be ok but used up women are gross and dangerous


The difference between you and people with girlfriends is that they don't live their life in constant fear of what-ifs
You're welcome to do that, I just thought you were here on the premise that it DIDN'T actually make you happy

Oh, so you've never had a girlfriend. Should have said so in the first place.

But OP has been going out with people, it just doesn't work since he's doing it haphazardly. You say that there's a "right person" but how would he even find that?

are you just trying to send OP on a wild goose chase that will send him back to square one anyway or do you have a way of knowing how to look for the fabled "right person"

Almost every "used up woman" was in a relationship that failed.
80%+ of girls lose their virginity to a boyfriend.

Xkcd covered this one years ago.

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How are you going to look for a virgin? Or know she is one?

That's irrelevant she's still a slut and damaged goods and dangerous to get around. This is a fact that has been known for all time. Your mom or dad should have told you before you ruined your life

I'm happily married with children.

>OP is troubled by his bad relationships
>"lol just find the right person!"
>me: "ok how does he find the right person"
>"OMG just go out with other people!"

can we just agree that "right person" is a bullshit concept and that the OP should just hang in there and keep playing the numbers game?

Go for younger women.

What you're feeling is relationship burnout and despair. My parents' marriage has lasted 40 years but it's a loveless marriage where my mother basically stayed in the relationship to care for us while we all had to deal with dad cheating and being a general bastard of a father.

My brother fell into the same trap with an abusive harpy bitch and now he's a single dad and the only parent that actually loves his child, who is unfortunately taking after her mother anyway. I'm proud of him for defying dad's bastard behavior but feel sorry that he really just made the same mistake mom did.

It's so easy to fall into despair when the only examples around us are misery and failure. I think is a nice thought but when nobody around you is truly perfect or "succeeding" in the general sense of the word, it makes you feel safer to keep to yourself than risk getting hurt or messed up by someone else. Solitude and the loneliness that it brings are just the consequences of making that choice.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether you want to make yourself vulnerable or not. There are many benefits to relationships beyond sex, but it also has its tolls too. Especially if it's a flawed relationship. Being alone by choice is a lot more respectable than what normies make it out to be.

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My Gf just dumped me a month ago due to lack of "Emotional Intimacy" but continues to contact me daily, invite me over to her place and stills has sex with me. Wtf, how do I fix this. Did she want the feeling of a relationship without actually being in one?

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Yeah, I can have as many as I want.

Rapes u.

That's not a relationship, fagget.

We are getting married sweetie. You cunt.

Act like you actually broke up, no contact or sex, and she will realize shes being retarded

worth it for the pump n dump i guess.
ive never been in one and probably won't be for the foreseeable future so im not the best source.

I'm not signing shit. Go fuck your mother.

>That was a great interview user, we'd like to offer you a job with us. You will learn and grow as a person and surely benefit from our time together
>Nah you might fire me or I might quit. That's k.

I will fuck your ass up.

One of the biggest hurdles a person has to get over in the world of dating is that a relationship ending does not necessarily mean that it "failed." Your frame of reference puts you at a natural disadvantage in how you approach dating.

Same here dude

Not if I get my dick in yours first.

I feel alone right now. I want something more than the relationships I see around me. I want somebody to hold, somebody to hug, somebody to trust. I feel like getting into a relationship can bring advantages, even if it isn’t that deep man. It could just be for practice. Try it out, you never know.