How do you get over a fear of romantic rejection?

How do you get over a fear of romantic rejection?

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By subjecting yourself to it over and over again until you either are hardened enough or dead.

What if the fear is so strong that you physically cannot make yourself at risk of rejection?

Therapy or sudoku.

This desu. It helps to keep trying because it motivates you to improve. Can cause debilitating stress if you can't keep a lid on it though.

Bravery is recognizing that you're scared shitless and doing it anyway.

But that just doesn't make logical sense. Sometimes you can be scared so bad that you're paralyzed from doing anything.

You aren't actually paralyzed. Even though it may feel like it, you can still fucking do it. If you make yourself think you're actually "paralyzed" from doing something, well, you'll never be able to do it. It isn't rocket science.

Face the fact that women are retarded females of no particular value and there are millions who are all the same except the shell

Give zero fucks or less? Literally nobody remembers unless you make a spectacular fool of yourself. If you do then it's small talk down the line.

Care less fgt

You aren't actually paralysed. Tell yourself this and try and force yourself to do things you're afraid of, see it as a challenge. You'll probably fail a lot, and it will hurt, but you can look on that as part of the challenge. Getting back on the horse that unsaddled you, so to speak.

You can treat social fears in the exact same manner as you would deal with any other fear, like a fear of heights or whatever, with consistent exposure, a genuine desire to overcome and perhaps some external support.

>get drunk and do it
>take molly and do it in the club
>take phenibut and do it

I dont even know where to start

Alcohol didnt help. Therapy didnt help. Making friends with women first didn't help. Improving my social skills didnt help. I did all of those things and I'm still exactly as scared of asking out women as I always was. It's like a barrier preventing me from doing it

Lmao it's more weird when your eyes are spazzing to the floor when trying to chat with them than asking if they like DP.

Srs. Not even kidding. Source: me

>actually doing it didn't make me less scared of doing it
You did it though, so all's fine. Just keep doing that. The goal is to conquer fear, not be rid of it.

I can do all the social work and a bit of flirting but escalating isn't possible for me. i cant move from friendly social interaction to "physical contact, going in for the kiss, getting a number" etc

Are you really ugly or something? I'm close to being able to sympathize but most bishes just ugly dudes with tits when they wake up.

Get a grip. They're just meat and bones that'll die one day the same as you. Only difference is how much sex you have .

No i'm good looking to the point i've had actual offers from girls for sex and lots of other stupid shit happen to me where girls have made their interest in me very clear

I dont know where my fear comes from

good advice but only works if the girl is also drunk or on drugs

By not being a fucking autist, so you don't get romantically rejected.

Everyone on this board is a complete and utter dipshit who is utterly incapable of just fucking watching the actions of the person that they're interested in and reading between the lines.

Human intuition is very shitty in a lot of ways; we fucking suck at statistics, worrying about a plane crash more than eating junk food every day. But human intuition is fucking spot on for reading the motives and intentions of other people (both in a romantic sense, and a "this person makes me feel like I'm in danger" sense). So fucking learn to tune this natural ability and trust your gut a bit. Rejection hurts *most* normies, the only retards like who suggest exposure therapy for fucking rejection have watched too many PUA videos on YouTube (and they are an admittedly niche case, you can't even attempt what they try unless you truly don't give a fuck about anything).

How does a number puzzle help you get over a fear of anything?

There is no rejection; you are merely finding out if she has good taste. After all, she is looking for a guy that fits her interests and tastes. If she doesn’t like you for whatever reason, let her! And thank her for doing so!”

“Thank her?”

“Which would you prefer, a woman who collapses her own interests for the sakes of yours merely to have a boyfriend or a woman who likes you because of you!?”

Also, Rejection is better than Regret

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