Why is online dating such an unfair game for men?

Why is online dating such an unfair game for men?
Do women not realize the average men there who they ignore are the same ones in the outside world? Or do they care this much about mere looks?

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Because men are 6000% more thirsty than women

That is all

This. If the majority of men enlisted the same standards they preach and pretend they have, thots would have no one to easily fuck, but the truth is that almost every man won't refuse even the nastiest pussy if it's easy and free. Thus, chicks have to be the ones who decide who gets laid.

Nearly 70% of tinder users are male. Guys are thirstier and less in demand.

That 7/10 definitely has a great personality and is funny, I could tell based on an online profile
Appearance is the only thing for online dating unfortunately

You can tell a lot by an online dating profile.

It's not an "unfair game", unless you are a retard who makes a shitty profile with shitty picks and opens his messages with "open bobs and show vegana".

What bothers me about online dating is that in most cases you don't even get the chance to present your personality or common interests because you didn't pass the minimal threshold of attractiveness for the other person. It just turned out so that women are the ones who get initiated with and get to choose

men should be more choosy and not want to fuck the first picture with a vag

What's terrible about it?
Do you approach girls that you find ugly? Do you hit up girls on tinder that you don't like?
It's not unfair at all.

>waaah waaah why won't they settle

Because they have better options. Go back to mom's basement.

I spent 2 years dating a chick online and met her irl several times. It was a lot of fun and I don’t regret it and still think about her.
That being said I would never recommend anyone do it and would never do it again.

>Because they have better options
Except they don't. They were fed delusions and just end up getting humped and dumped until they hit the wall

We both know it's not the reality of facts for most girls.
I broke up with my ex when I was past my prime and managed to meet a tall, handsome, rich man who married me.

Nice wishful thinking. If you actually left your basement just once, you'd know that even a fatty with 5 kids from 3 different men will find a pleasant and useful beta for herself eventually. (That describes the situation of my old neighbour by the way.)

>better options

Not that user....

But as opposed to some bitter guy who sits around whining on a site notorious for breeding terrorists, mass shooters, misogynists, and the most vile of ideologies on the entirety of the internet?

I mean... let’s be real here... comparatively you’re no great catch either....

I’m not saying this to judge you, I browse this site too and am certainly corrupted in my own ways as well, but you do need to have a little perspective from time to time if you’re going to try to whine about something like this.... because from any other perspective, even for a lot of those that use this site, those same very words you use to slam women can be applied to you and your strawman “chad” arguments and overall misogynistic propaganda.

Don’t accuse people of being delusional if you’re not willing to acknowledge your own... People in glass houses should not cast stones and all that...

The standards are fucked way beyond that. It's at a point where guys consider themselves lucky if they get some used up cumrag as their gf/wife.

I cant even get replies on dating sites. Do you have to pay or something?

>Do you have to pay or something?
What dating sites are we talking about?
What do you write? How's your profile?

pof or okcupid. I signed up to match, but its obvious you have to pay to talk at all.

doubt its my profile or pics that would turn girls away, i just think no one gets my messages on okcupid.

These. Thirsty guys have basically turned online dating into a cock smorgasbord for women.
It probably doesn't help that a lot of the women on services like Tinder are at least a little bit toxic, but if you're after a woman who's relationship material then you shouldn't be looking on there in the first place.

>doubt its my profile or pics that would turn girls away, i just think no one gets my messages on okcupid.
Why wouldn't they? It's most likely your profile and pics.

I think it is a thing where they have to like you too to even see your personalized "introduction" it isnt necessarily a message sent. I am not sure how it works? do you use the site?

>Why is online dating such an unfair game for men?
Life is unfair. Deal with it.

I used ok cupid. I ignored most people who wrote to me.


like how long ago? cause I used to use it and would get shit loads of messages. I think the site now has a paywall?


Few years back.

no u.

I dont think there are any truly "free" dating sites anymore. They all have a paywall. I had some luck on adult friend finder cause I could just use my cock as my profile pic, but it wasnt good for dating so i only paid for it a short while.

Well do you just msg them hey or hello like every other of the hundreds guys who messaged them, or do you try to start a conversation based on their bio so they know your interested in more than their tits?

not that user, but I specifically try to say something everytime to start a dialogue and read through profiles entirely before messaging. I doubt they see it. There is no way like 50/50 women are going to ignore you if it aint a paywall.

What I want to know is just a good dating site to use.

Hello or Hi only get a response if you're attractive.
OP is probably tremendously irreparably ugly

Nigga I use pof and messaging is free. Chances are you're not that good looking for them. Consider the fact all women triple their regular standards on these sites

you use it currently? maybe ill try. I have a profile there, but have been using ok cupid cause I thought it was simpler to message. I have a couple of matches on pof, but its always some real whorish looking creature.

also what do you do? do you idle online for a while so people see you are online? I typically dont have time for this shit, but I wish it would work like email where you just get back and forth conversations.

This, women are only "the selective sex xDDD" because we idiots allow it.

34 other posts and we still haven't come to a more succinct and correct conclusion than this

maybe this is why I dont use Pof?

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>Why is online dating such an unfair game for men?
Sounds like you're doing it wrong.
Write a witty profile, write funny messages that don't need to worry about the tone as women are hopping from convo to convo and doing so solely for entertainment, telling someone they are attractive or saying "hi" isn't going to get a response. If you get into a conversation and she stops responding, you fucked up and became boring.
Make sure your pictures are up to date, not group pictures and include action shots of you doing interesting things, avoid selfies at all costs.

You also need to be honest with yourself, what women are you messaging? do you really have a chance with them? could you get somewhere with them if you approached them in real life? (obviously not otherwise you would be doing that in person), what social skills do you actually have? (spergs can get long term relationships, it doesn't mean you have social skills), could you talk to someone and look them in the eye? could you chat to someone you haven't met before of the same sex? could you chat to a woman? could you chat up a fat, ugly girl?

The issue with internet dating is that it is intended for people who want to look into people before they date them rather than speed date or waste time, it was never intended for social retards to send smilies to women out of their league.

Is that why guys nowadays are all "go find a perfect woman, wife her up and have kids, go full home and hearth style!" instead of "don't have kids, don't fraternize with women at all except for ONS, be a bachelor for life" like they used to around 2010? Or is that just some instagram trend like big butts in sportswear is for girls?

My husband was very much one of those "don't have kids, don't fraternize with women at all except for ONS, be a bachelor for life" till 2014ish.

how the fuck do I even find who I have a chance with or who I am in league with?

I fucked my life up cause around 22 I started a job that was overnight and for 5 fucking years I lived mostly in solitude. Its only this year I started a normal job and have no idea where to begin. Its like as soon as I came back to the land of the living, I wanted all these normal things all at once.

Women get messages from literally hundreds of different guys. What do you have at glance value that stands out from all of them?

Yeah, definitely felt a shift in recent years. Also from hearing stuff about the co-workers of acquaintances etc, two told her how their boyfriends have been buggering for marriage for months, one even tried to persuade her to marry him within the next week while they were just looking around for an apartment to move into together. Strange.

I mean, with my husband it was very mutual. We went from dating to living together in 3 months, and got married in a year and half.
But he was definitely a bit of MGTOW when we met.

>how the fuck do I even find who I have a chance with or who I am in league with?
What women are responding who aren't bots sending sketchy links? What women message you first?

See >could you talk to someone and look them in the eye? could you chat to someone you haven't met before of the same sex? could you chat to a woman? could you chat up a fat, ugly girl?
How far can you get into what I wrote and say "I can do that"? I don't mean could you physically approach a woman and ask her for the time and tell her you like her shoes, I mean holding a conversation.

Huh, come to think of it, the comparison to online dating to Hollywood auditions works fairly well...

If both want to go fast it's not a big deal, but guys in their early to mid-20's pushing for marriage? That hasn't happened in a while around here.

No woman is responding at least on okcupid and I dont think they see my messages. I'm always looking for girls who seem like they acknowledge flaws or have admirable traits that I want or have.

And yes I can physically approach women and hold a conversation. My work is composed of almost entirely men, but I can talk to girls there, I just don't want to date where I work.