Why do women sexually oppress men?

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why do men sexually oppress women?

They don't though.

The human female plays the primary role in sexual selection. You aren't oppressed, you just weren't selected

why do women and man sexually oppress me?

This. If you understand this, it all makes sense. You simply didn't make the cut. Join the club

Fake news.


Actually kind of makes sense, it seems like a lot of my friends are always trying to please both me and their girlfriends. . . . Man fuck women, they fucking suck to do actual things with. "wanna go for a hike?"
"That sounds really fun, let's do it"
>55 degrees out, wearing dumbass leggings, a t shirt, and a sweatshirt
Drive an hour plus to go walking around for 30 mins, GF sits in my truck
"Its pretty cold user, want to go back?"

Why are they like this?

>Why are they like this?
why are you boring, is a miracle that she didn't dump you yet for me

I don't get the legging thing. The whores on my college campus wore them all through winter, with several negative degree days. Are they warm? Is showing off your ass that central to your existence? I can't comprehend it

It's the only skill they have. Just think how ugly and stupid everyone would be without their picking of winners in the past. It might anger you to know that your shit genetics would have made you a 10. thousands of years ago

>Sees she should wear more layers.
>Doesn't say anything.
>Drives all the way there.
>Drives back.
>Doesn't communicate.
>Bitches online

You make men look really inferior

How do they oppress men?

I am not OP, but I would think he refers to post modernism where they think the privileged class oppresses the less privileged class.
And given (young) women have it so much better than (young) men, his conclusion is women oppres men.

They don't want to be his gf.

I've never been sexually oppressed by anyone, and I have had a rich full sex life.

In the best possible way.

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Mitochondrial DNA and regular DNA testing indicates that only half the men born during the ice age reproduced, but every female reproduced.

Read that again.

Polygamy was humanity's natural state up until we learned a new social structure involving pair bonding FROM THE WOLVES WE DOMESTICATED INTO DOGS. We are fighting our instincts with superior cultural conditioning and a mere ten thousand years of evolution. You were born with a desire for companionship and reproduction, you are entitled to none of it.

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Sure is /incel/ here today

Spotted the roastie.

Most people are getting uglier say science and more stupid.

I espoused the opposite of incel sentiment, that being that nobody deserves pussy by default, and you come back with this?

>[stupid question]

[witty answer]

Because you post bait threads on Jow Forums

Agreed ever since welfare and mass immigration we have entered de evolution. People in college are ugly as fuck and weak

because such are the directives we're given to follow. there's a bretty distinct leader-follower dynamic inherent to the two sexes/genders/whatever of our species and it's not exactly a secret which one is which. he who controls the media controls the minds. it's beyond fucked up and very disheartening to realise that essentially we *are* still simply doing what we're told